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Bahamut 7, 517 10:57 PM

TamerlynStar after time though she didn’t know how long she’d finally stop pounding against the bar her hands in so much pain she was sure she broke them. Turning she’d move back to the little bed she’d first woken on and sit. Could she use her frost to escape.. freeze the bars maybe? She knew that her frost was strong but she’d never tried to use such agianst bars as tick as these. heck she’d never used it on bars. she’d usually been put in crates , and wood well that was easy enough…Sighing she’d tilt her head as she looked at each bar specifically, was there a weak spot in the metal, if there was she could perhaps use that spot to begin freezing the bars… but she’d have to find it first.-e-

Trest The guards were still posted just a bit down from her cell and they were seemingly ignor...

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