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Lair 22, 517 12:22 PM

SeraphinaFyre -a young woman walked leisurely along the path she had found, barefoot, her worn out shoes tied and in her pack that she had across her back. Her loose skirt was stained and torn, but still serviceable in a light blue, as was her top. She’d her dark hair tied back in a bandanna to keep it out of her face as she continued to walk, basket in hand, every so often leaving the path to gather different herbs or flowers. She’d quickly get back to the path not long afterwards, never leaving sight of it. Soon she came to the view of the city, and she’d pause, taking in the view. She’d smile, the first one she’d had in a while. She’d continue on, until she reached the gates. Was there someone there to annoy her, or would she be able to pass without being accosted? She’d pause to see.

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Lair 9, 517 6:38 AM

TamerlynStar : had the collar on and she couldn’t help but run her finger tips over it a soft growl slipping fom her lips. Gods she hated the damn thing but then there was nothing to be done about it. they were all so sure that she was some mindless Katagari but she was not, she did not have the heart of the beast who could take human form! She actually was the Arcadian, a human heart that just happened to shift into an animal…~get it straight~she’d think as her bare feet moved through the bit of grass that she had been allowed to spend a bit of time on...

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Bahamut 7, 517 10:57 PM

TamerlynStar after time though she didn’t know how long she’d finally stop pounding against the bar her hands in so much pain she was sure she broke them. Turning she’d move back to the little bed she’d first woken on and sit. Could she use her frost to escape.. freeze the bars maybe? She knew that her frost was strong but she’d never tried to use such agianst bars as tick as these. heck she’d never used it on bars. she’d usually been put in crates , and wood well that was easy enough…Sighing she’d tilt her head as she looked at each bar specifically, was there a weak spot in the metal, if there was she could perhaps use that spot to begin freezing the bars… but she’d have to find it first.-e-

Trest The guards were still posted just a bit down from her cell and they were seemingly ignor...

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The Flight 26, 517 5:10 PM

Chiror : He had been out in the gardens most of the morning as he wondered how Blazeth was doing with the rebels along his roads. He was still thinking of castrating the dumb ass for now he would have to try and find a way to free his son. His legacy… his heir. Growling undereneath his breath while taking in the sun’s light upon his flesh even though he

Chiror : was in human form. He actually kinda liked the elven form but well he was not all that picky… not really. he was dressed in a white open robe and underneath that would be black pants with a golden tunic of silken make. he was out pruning as this was something to keep him…. calmed. He should not have gone half cocked on Blazeth yesterday as he

Chiror : knew he was being watched but he was pretty pissed.~

TamerlynStar : The...

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