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Lair 22, 517 12:22 PM

SeraphinaFyre -a young woman walked leisurely along the path she had found, barefoot, her worn out shoes tied and in her pack that she had across her back. Her loose skirt was stained and torn, but still serviceable in a light blue, as was her top. She’d her dark hair tied back in a bandanna to keep it out of her face as she continued to walk, basket in hand, every so often leaving the path to gather different herbs or flowers. She’d quickly get back to the path not long afterwards, never leaving sight of it. Soon she came to the view of the city, and she’d pause, taking in the view. She’d smile, the first one she’d had in a while. She’d continue on, until she reached the gates. Was there someone there to annoy her, or would she be able to pass without being accosted? She’d pause to see.

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Lair 22, 517 7:00 AM

Lair 20, 517 6:00 PM

Guard_Johnson : One of the guards, looking rather agitated, comes up to CHiror. “Consul… Our scouts have reported that Consul Colrath had left the city and headed north. He hasnt told anyone where he is going… And several are getting agitated.

Ćøņşųļ*Ćħįŗøŗ he glanced over to the guard as he had been speaking with a few other guards about those abusing their authority but he would dismiss them and upon the words from the guard did he furrow his brows. “Come with me and direct me to which way he went with a few others as well…” he may have gone on off to speak with the Darkroses but on his own? damn

Ćøņşųļ*Ćħįŗøŗ him and his secrecy.~

Guard_Johnson : He took CHiror to the outer walls and pointed north....

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Lair 15, 517 7:15 PM

Chiror he was within his gardens once more and plucking… pruning things that needed to be done. A place to think and plot of what to do next and how to gain his boy back to himself. He was beginning to think that maybe Blizeth? was the one that had his son… it was obviously not Colrath himself. This was something that was a bit upsetting to him. Sighing softly he put his shears down as it was about that time to actually go and speak with or have audiance with the citizens. With a brief touch to Colrath’s thoughts he would tell the shadow that he was heading to the audiance chamber.~

Ģøvęŗņøŗ¤Ćøļŗąŧħ It was a quick response.. “THe meeting with the citizens has been delayed an hour.. meet in the main hall...

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Bahamut 7, 517 6:17 PM

Verve – Scampered through the city a masterful thief of feline persuasion. wonderous sleek and amazing fur, such a handsome creature was he. oh yes he was supposed to do something … what had that been… something something something oh shiny ! … he pranced off down an alley to collect the shiny thing he had spotted. Yis Yis it was deliciously good these things –

Јαζειη she had been within the forests and keeping to the roads that led into the city or away from… which ever a caravan was going. She would be at it’s side to make sure it got through… her mind still heavily ladened with the loss of her two hatchlings and the want for Oth’s head on a silver platter but she would do this first and then go kill Oth...

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The Flight 26, 517 5:10 PM

Chiror : He had been out in the gardens most of the morning as he wondered how Blazeth was doing with the rebels along his roads. He was still thinking of castrating the dumb ass for now he would have to try and find a way to free his son. His legacy… his heir. Growling undereneath his breath while taking in the sun’s light upon his flesh even though he

Chiror : was in human form. He actually kinda liked the elven form but well he was not all that picky… not really. he was dressed in a white open robe and underneath that would be black pants with a golden tunic of silken make. he was out pruning as this was something to keep him…. calmed. He should not have gone half cocked on Blazeth yesterday as he

Chiror : knew he was being watched but he was pretty pissed.~

TamerlynStar : The...

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The Flight 26, 517 4:00 PM

Kїtşunέ¥Blądέşíngέя : -= Given the nature of its orders it had switched into weapon mode, discarding its sense of self or humanity. It had come across several pockets of life that it had registered as being hostile, in several cases it had noted them and moved on. Its current state was resting along a road waiting it had spread out the sensory field and was currently

Kїtşunέ¥Blądέşíngέя : tracking a merchant train moving towards its location. With this in place it would wait and see if anything would hit the wagons. Statistical barring the arrival of a full wing of riders it would be able to operate at barest power levels, in order to effect a proper defense of the wagon train. Should a Wing arrive to assist it would have to

Kїtşunέ¥Blądέşíngέя : increase its of...

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The Flight 21, 517 10:00 AM

Ģøvęŗņøŗ¤Ćøļŗąŧħ : at the balcony, Colrath quietly waited, still in the lizard type form, the sahdows around him almost seemed alive. Chiror was late… as usual, but he woudlnt dare keep him waiting too long. He knew full well this was Chiror’s way of rebelling, and Col would allow that, provided he towed the line with everything else.-d-

Chiror : yeah eventually he would show up… his crimson robes with the golden runics all over them, flapping a bit as he was in a so called rush to get to the Govenor. A bit of heavy breathing as he had reaped the rewards over the years of being the only one in the councilors positioning… well till the damned Shadows came that is. He was now the ONLY councilor that remained...

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Hatching 18, 511

Kron : Bloodtide docked at Vallunar harbor after the lovely encounter with the female dragoness and head of the guards here. Kron’s men kept to the ship tending to repairs and to Vallunar it’s self. Leave time as Kron called it, as they were all given the opertunity to do as they wished for as long as he would be on land. His men weren’t some run of the mill rable, they all had skills in one are or another, and they all looked to help the city as much as they could. Kron on the other hand..had picked up a scent he had not sampled in ages. An old friend, if he was remembered or not, well…that was to be determined by the old head of the Darkblade family meeting the other, old head of the Darkblade family who retired just a bit earlier than he...

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Hatching 1, 511

Viktor_Von_Mortis : flying up above the land where he had transported with Tress. Weather she was capable of viewing with him or not. His wraith form looked over the small island. That looked to be untouched at all by anything even civilization. Though the floes of geography was showing that the volcanic core of the island was definately active. Though the short squat feel of the island showed that it had to be a fissure rather then a main point of volcanic activity. The view of the much much larger volcano likely a main part of the chain that created the Islands out this way. It seems new but there was the stink of old death here of great tragedy long burried under the fiery ash and soot of ancient times long ago...

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