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Lair 22, 517 12:22 PM

SeraphinaFyre -a young woman walked leisurely along the path she had found, barefoot, her worn out shoes tied and in her pack that she had across her back. Her loose skirt was stained and torn, but still serviceable in a light blue, as was her top. She’d her dark hair tied back in a bandanna to keep it out of her face as she continued to walk, basket in hand, every so often leaving the path to gather different herbs or flowers. She’d quickly get back to the path not long afterwards, never leaving sight of it. Soon she came to the view of the city, and she’d pause, taking in the view. She’d smile, the first one she’d had in a while. She’d continue on, until she reached the gates. Was there someone there to annoy her, or would she be able to pass without being accosted? She’d pause to see.

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