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Lair 22, 517 7:00 AM

Lair 20, 517 6:00 PM

Guard_Johnson : One of the guards, looking rather agitated, comes up to CHiror. “Consul… Our scouts have reported that Consul Colrath had left the city and headed north. He hasnt told anyone where he is going… And several are getting agitated.

Ćøņşųļ*Ćħįŗøŗ he glanced over to the guard as he had been speaking with a few other guards about those abusing their authority but he would dismiss them and upon the words from the guard did he furrow his brows. “Come with me and direct me to which way he went with a few others as well…” he may have gone on off to speak with the Darkroses but on his own? damn

Ćøņşųļ*Ćħįŗøŗ him and his secrecy.~

Guard_Johnson : He took CHiror to the outer walls and pointed north....

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The Lair 20, 517 4:30 PM

¤Ćøņşųļ¤Ćøļŗąŧħ¤ : Following the river, Colrath made his journey through the pass heading to Nightpeak.. He coudl have simply flow in of course, but given his appearance, it may cause issues. Instead, he took the ground rounte, and his form was that of a black lizardman, with a dark cloak surrounding him. Not a sight normally seen around here, but then.. he wasnt
Karima : Had finished teaching the children for the day, and had just dismissed them to the parents or guards, depending on the child. She’d sigh and begin walking from the keep towards the village itself. She’d glance around as she did, frowning slightly, as if something was off. She wasn’t quite sure what, but she would shrug one shoulder, and start heading for the tavern for her meal and drink...

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