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Lair 7, 517 9:32 AM

Verve – It was a day of great tidings … it was a birth that occurred in the depths of an alley, from a mongrel came a creature of stunning beauty. Singularly black fur that was covered in blood. Tracing in patterns along its wet fur were ever so faint lines of white. The tiny head lifted up giving a great yawn spreading jaws far wider then should have been possible. Still it turned and leapt away from the discarded host still being tiny it was considered to be a puppy by standards. The tail was fluffy almost like a fox’s yet it was not exactly a fox. Still it was free to fully explore this plane of existence. –

Kїtşunέ¥Blądέşíngέя -= He had left the operations of the coming rebels to their individual commanders. He carried several heads, some dragons, others well human...

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The Flight 26, 517 4:00 PM

Kїtşunέ¥Blądέşíngέя : -= Given the nature of its orders it had switched into weapon mode, discarding its sense of self or humanity. It had come across several pockets of life that it had registered as being hostile, in several cases it had noted them and moved on. Its current state was resting along a road waiting it had spread out the sensory field and was currently

Kїtşunέ¥Blądέşíngέя : tracking a merchant train moving towards its location. With this in place it would wait and see if anything would hit the wagons. Statistical barring the arrival of a full wing of riders it would be able to operate at barest power levels, in order to effect a proper defense of the wagon train. Should a Wing arrive to assist it would have to

Kїtşunέ¥Blądέşíngέя : increase its of...

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The Flight 20, 517 8:00 PM

✠λnĭsἕᴌ✠ : – He smiled as he found a suitable building oh yes … this would do nicely… he stepped passed the thresh hold of the house. thinking for a moment fire ignited into a sphere over his shoulder before he closed the door, empty but suitable he would have suitable furniture brought in soon enough the door was closed as he lifted a finger up a claw shifting from the finger tip as he traced a single etching upon the door. Some places should have privacy from intrusions. It was not his fault that it was a suitable binding to prevent certain things from entering into his home. He snapped his fingers triggering the silver flames to ignite around it. Time to get to work … –

✠λnĭsἕᴌ✠ : – he moved around the house for a time before he was completely satisfied with the wards that we...

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