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Bahamut 24, 517 7:18 AM

Fłąmęţőųčħ Flametouch moved through the city, frowning as one seemed a bit lost. Seeing Chiror he grinned. it smelled freindly at least, and appeared to be in charge. Flametouch grinned and poked at Chiror, getting a raised eye for ones effort. “Hello! This one Flametouch! Master Tarquinne sent me to see what happening in city!

Chiror I have never heard of this Tarquinne before…

Fłąmęţőųčħ Thinks and gives a puff of pride. “Tarquinne Elderberry.. born to Fferyllt Elderberry and… umm.. keep forgetting father. Tarquinne not speak much, he raised mostly by mother.. but he raise self now

Chiror I see and why does this…. Master of yours wish to know about the city? why does he not just come himself?

Fłąmęţőųčħ tilts ones head curiously...

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