OOC Rules fo Drecanis RP System

For sake of ensuring the best RP experiance for everyone, rules pertaining to OOC behavior must be made. This can be concidered a code of conduct for all our players.

  1. No player may reveal knowledge of Alts held by any other player. The trick to good rp is the autonomy of having a character not tied into the preconceptions of the typist. The ONLY one who has any right to reveal the name of an alt is the owner of that character.
  2. All Characters are to be treated independantly, regardless if the same typist controls different characters. What this means is if someone brings in a different character, do not assume your interaction with them will be the same as it is with another character they own. Each character has the right to be judged and played on its own merit. If a player wishes to link their characters together for story, it is their perogative
  3. Any and all OOC disagreements are taken to whisper.
  4. Whispers and private messages from other systems are not allowed to be reposted without the consent of ALL members of that conversation. However if it is in reference to a disagreement that arose from RP, it is expected that a breif summary is given in the room for Gold to know it has been resolved.
  5. Whisper and Private RPs are not concidered canon unless there is a reasonable reason it could not be concluded in the chat room. This reason coud be due to the adult nature of the rp, amount of rp that was going on in room at the time, or inability for one party to enter into the room. The rp should be posted on the Drecanis site in an approved location for adding to records.
  6. Any Pornographic material should be censored out using [FTB] (fade to black). This includes where chat room scenes enter into private adult whispers
  7. Chat room is rated PG-15. Any adult material that would not be appropriate to show to a 15 year old should use [FTB] and taken to whisper
  8. When a gold or brown makes a decision within the room, it is not to be argued with. If you feel the decision was made incorrectly, then you may submit your griviance with proof to the appropriate place on the website. It will be reviewed by an independant and anonymous tribunal, and all decisions by the tribunal are final. All tribunal decisions will be posted on the website.
  9. If you are in another room, and are presenting yourself as a member of Drecanis whether in word, or by profile, you represent us. As such we expect all our members to respect the rules and decisions of golds of those other rooms as if they were a gold of our room. If you feel a decision was made unfairly in another room with your character, then you can submit a request for Tribunal review.
  10. Griefing is not allowed. Administration takes griefing very seriously, and anyone caught doing such to any other character will be dealt with severly. If you feel you are a victim of griefing, please take a screenshot of the issue and send it in a trouble ticket.
  11. When a gold or brown is dealing with an issue, no others may deal with it. This keeps there from being any issue of mixed messages. Furthermore, this alows both proper oversight and keeps one from getting overwhelmed with issues.

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