The Lair 20, 517 4:30 PM

¤Ćøņşųļ¤Ćøļŗąŧħ¤ : Following the river, Colrath made his journey through the pass heading to Nightpeak.. He coudl have simply flow in of course, but given his appearance, it may cause issues. Instead, he took the ground rounte, and his form was that of a black lizardman, with a dark cloak surrounding him. Not a sight normally seen around here, but then.. he wasnt
Karima : Had finished teaching the children for the day, and had just dismissed them to the parents or guards, depending on the child. She’d sigh and begin walking from the keep towards the village itself. She’d glance around as she did, frowning slightly, as if something was off. She wasn’t quite sure what, but she would shrug one shoulder, and start heading for the tavern for her meal and drink. She’d move slowly, pausing and talking with the villagers as she walked, in a loose cotton dress, moccasins and a cloak. It was an odd outfit, but it worked for her. Before she even made it to the tavern, though, she’d take a seat on a bench nearby, taking a seat, as if enjoying the cooler weather.

¤Ćøņşųļ¤Ćøļŗąŧħ¤ : He moved into the outskirts of the town, looking around for but a moment. So far none has approached askign what he was doing here, so He would assume everything was…. OOF” He snarled as a child had slammed into him. “Hey now, watch where your going!” THe kid mumbled something about sorry and was about to run off, before Colrath reached outand grabbed the urchin by the scruff of the neck. ” Now.. where do you think your going? You think I will let you get away with…” THe urchin began to yell out for help….Great…just what he needed.. attention drawn to himself

Karima would automatically look to see where the screaming was coming from, and the fact that the city guards were already converging on the stranger. She’d sigh and stand, moving forward with a frown, her blue eyes flashing in anger. “Please unhand him, sir. That’s one of my children you have.” She’d rest her hand on her belly, grimancing as the one of the unborn kicked her. She’d watch, warily, knowing that the city guard wouldn’t suffer fools, and neither would she.

DeathsSerenity : The being had been watching through the shadows as this other came here. It seemed to use shadows as well. His miss matched blood red and mysty emerald eye opened, and he would move out of his room from the top floor of the Library and go downstairs, literally making no sound with his movements. He was nearly six and a half feet tall, his raven black hair even longer, and leaving thin slices into the floor as it waved back and forth behind him. Claw like hands were clenched together, seeing how ignorant visitors to these lands he oversaw were. Soon that insolent insect would learn. Once outside of the Library everyone within the borders of Nightpeak would feel his presence, a feeling of malice, dread, and judgement. His mysty emerald eye focused on his intended target, seeing through the buildings and other objects that would be in the way of physical eyesight. His eye sought the very soul of the being who disturbed the peace here. Looking into it, his eye would begin to read into the soul of the insect in question. As he did this he would move through the lands, going through the shadows rapidly, and turning ethereal to bypass any buildings that were in his way. Once at the urchin who was in trouble, he would stand behind the being holding him by the neck. He would speak, his voice melded of two, hollow sounding. “..Let.. him go..if you.. value.. your existence.. insect..” His raven black hair moved around behind him, and would slice a good three feet into the ground, easily penetrating it. The shadows gathered around him, mixing with another dark energy which caused even the air around it to seem to die.

¤Ćøņşųļ¤Ćøļŗąŧħ¤ : He gave a low snarl as he looked to them that converged, and roughly threw the kid to the ground. “He is a thief, attempting the oldest trick in the book.” He looked to the kid and snarled, eyes narrowed. “Think it strange, on a relatively empty street, this whelp would happen to bump into me hard enough to knock himself down?” he reached into his cloak, as if to pull something out, but it wasnt a weapon, no. he had no need to carry such… it was the strings of a purse obviously cut. “How quick you are, to attack a stranger, without ever taking note of what is happening, or WHO your dealing with!” He snarls as he stands up fully. “Ive let him go, He is your problem But I WILL be having my gold back… So stand down if you value YOUR existance!”

Karima would start to laugh, calling the boy over to her. She’d say softly, “Check to see if you have your gold, sir. You’ll see its still there. Jason here runs into anything and everything. Door frames, trees, other people. Its an ongoing recurrence for the poor boy. Besides, the one behind you?” She would smile at this point, but it wasn’t a nice smile. “Doesn’t suffer fools or thieves, even those of children. None of them have a reason to steal here.” She’d say this softly, as she checked Jason for any permanent damage.

÷Amari-NightHowl÷ : ~Screaming and yelling was sure to attract the guards… as was Death’s Serenity presence. The man and two guards had made their way quickly towards the ‘commotion’. He saw the group and a sigh slipped through his lips before he came quickly to stand beside the one known as DS… but who he had now taken to calling by his true name. “Payne… ~this man is not worth your time… Please… do not make me fill out more paperwork, my friend and… future brother-in-law.” He offered with his usual disarming smile. “As far as you are concerned, nameless sir who accuses our citizen of a crime, should report it to the guards after you have proof… which does not constitute simply bumping ~into someone…” He motioned to the two guards who would soon come to take the man known as Jason and making quick work of riffling his pockets. They would, of course, find nothing as Karima stated and soon the child was shoved off towards the woman with words that quickly said “Watch where you are going, next time… foolish child.” his eyes return towards Consul. “Care who you insult, sir… and let it be known crime here is all but non-existent. Some ‘steal’ what they need to eat, and it is, more or less, tolerated, but other crimes are dealt with harshly… and there are almost always eyes on everyone, be they natural or super-natural.” His eyes roamed back to Payne,÷Amari-NightHowl÷ : ~attempting, now, to shift the topic to one that might twist the man’s lips into a smile. “So my dear sister… is she well? Have you been keeping her happy and content in that hide-away of yours?”~

BliviaTruhart : Early in the morning Blivia had worked on finishing the furniture for his home, after Dragonfly was dropped off in class. Not too much time was spent, he just finished the table he worked on the night before. Even with a lack of proper shaping, the cave was becoming more like a home already. Before he left for the day, a kiss was pressed to the top of his mate’s head, and Blivia moved toward the opening of his cave. In a flash of light Blivia stood nine foot tall from paw to shoulder, standing upon four legs as a sky blue dragon. Wings spanned far, no less than 30 feet wide, and with a single beat of those wings he took to the skies. He had been on his way toward his duties as Captain, a dragon cub riding upon his back, between his shoulders. This afternoon he favored speed rather than a slow glide. He knew soon as his rout across the skies was done, that he would need to meet Dragonfly half way with one of the city guard he entrusted her with. Then his icy blue eyes spotted a commotion, heightened hearing picked up what was said. Deaths Serenity, Karima, and two guards surrounded a lizard man. For now Blivia simply watched, observing his guard, and how-Even if they’d work with Deaths Serenity in a way that wouldn’t cause problems. This would be interesting, but Blivia would interfere if he saw fit. Hopefully they wouldn’t keep him too long. A breath, each one frosted, rolling down his face, and neck in white huffs with winters bite, he was slow as he watched overhead, the occasional wing beat audible to anyone on the ground, spite the height Blivia had.

DeathsSerenity : The being looked at the insolent creature before him, both miss matched eyes settled onto his form, narrowed into slits. “..As.. Karima said… We.. do not.. have thieves here… We.. would not.. tolerate it.. Nor would the.. actual.. guard.. or military.. We.. are always watching.. The.. mortals.. here.. know this by now..” As the insolent person spoke to him, a low snarl escaped from his form. “..Attack..? ..Well if.. you insist.. we can actually do so..” Oh the fool did not know what he was getting into. The dark, corrosive energy of oblivion itself would move to form a solid dome around the idiot, the air within it being ate up rapidly. When Amari showed up, his blood red eye looked to to him, while his mysty emerald eye stayed on the fool before him. “..It.. will not.. take any time.. to deal with this.. wretch… He comes to.. our lands.. causing trouble… This.. insect.. should be.. judged..” He smiled his creepy, sadistic smile as he looked upon the being who he had oblivion energy surrounding, his sharp white “..Destiny.. is well.. she has been taking care of the.. pets.. we have given her.. a while back.. She.. and them.. seem to be.. getting along.. nicely..”

¤Ćøņşųļ¤Ćøļŗąŧħ¤ : His eyes narrowed as he looked to them.. but slowly.. his face broke into a grin as he began to laugh. “Good Good! So the rumors Iive heard have not been exaggerated! He glanced down at the boy. “He is innocent of any crime agaisnt me..” He looked up to Karima. “Though you probably would say that’s the only thing he is innocent of. I am not here to cause trouble.. ” THe form that was the attention of them , and was being enveloped in the dome faded, shadows given solid form. He had been expecting a confrontation after all, and his intelligence about this place had told him about some having.. short tempers. His true form stepped out from the shadow of a nearby building. I am Consul Colrath, co-ruler over the City of Drecanis. Now, if I have come at a bad time to talk, I certainly can take my leave.” He gave a bit of a smirk as he watched them.

Karima narrows her eyes when the stranger said that Jason was innocent of any crime against him, but that was the only thing..”Not the smartest move, to try to pin a child like that. In another society, he would have lost his hand without anyone speaking up for him.” Once she made sure Jason was fine, she’d send him home to his parents, then look to the stranger, “What exactly does that mean? He’s just a boy!” She’d blink when she saw Amari, and then the shadow of Blivia above. She’d glance up above to make sure, before looking to where the man appeared from the shadows, turning slightly to see him. “That wasn’t the best way for introductions, Consul Colrath.” She’d admonish. She’d once again take a seat on the bench. She’d been too long on her feet today anyway.

÷Amari-NightHowl÷ : ~She looked at the man who stepped out, a sigh slipping from his lips before he motioned to the guards. “I care not who you are… but you are… a damned fool…” A whistle soon slipped from his lips and in short order some two dozen guards converged on the spot, all armed, and none of them simply human. “Take him into custody and question him… his crimes are as follows – threats to a citizen and friend of NightPeak, and false accusations of thievery.” His eyes roamed to Payne before he spoke. “let them do their job, please… murder is a crime and I would hate to die trying to arrest you. My sister would be quite… upset… and I’d have to do it, you know… you’d kill me my sister would cry and cry and my mother too… uhhh… maybe let the guards do their job?” He was obviously being… jokingly serious. The fact was he WOULD have to do it… and while he MIGHT somehow MAYBE manage to survive the encounter, it was not an experience he wanted to endure. “I am sorry for the accusations against your son.” He said, his eyes turning to Karima for a moment before he looked up at the sky, calling out to the creature above. “Are you going to come down and do your job or?” his eyes returned to the ‘atrestee’ as he spoke. “most curious that you would have gold on your clone… most curious indeed….”~

DeathsSerenity : The being would growl, listening to all of this as the oblivion energy would move to enclose around what was the clone of shadows before, mysty emerald eye on the real creature. “..You.. are lucky.. that Amari.. is family.. and technically.. outranks my.. authority here… They.. will figure out your.. purpose.. If they can not.. we.. shall.. You.. do not.. wish us.. to be the one.. questioning.. you.. We promise you that..” His blood red eye looked to Amari, the being not happy still, but respecting his wishes. “..Are you.. happy now.. Amari..? ..Your.. sister.. nor.. woman.. will have to.. mourn.. your loss.. dying doing your.. duty.. to this place.. To try and.. go against.. our wishes..” His mysty emerald eye would then move over to Karima, checking on her soul, as well as those within her body. The being slowly paced around, his hair slicing fine lines into the streets as he did so. The being did not care for fools at all.

¤Ćøņşųļ¤Ćøļŗąŧħ¤ : He looked.. Bemused at the situation, as he looked over to DS. He was sorely tempted to say.. “good boy” to him, as if he was some kind of pet, but then, that would be a quick way of getting all their wrath. “Weapons are unnecissary, I will comply with your wishes.. Though If you really wish to ensure there is no trouble, I reccoemnd sending a missive addressted to Consul Chiror… informing him of the situation. Be sure to make it clear he is not to retaliate for this… misunderstanding, and he is in charge until I return. I reccomend as well that you allow me to sign it as well. After all, we woudlnt want an incident to occur before our Diplomats can come to an agreement.” He smirked as he looked to DS.. Yes… that one would come in handy in his plans.. He was certain of that. This trip proved to be quite educational, and he managed to succeed in each of his goals. He turned to look at the guards. “Well, shall I follow, or is my true form needed for making such an arrest hmm?”

BliviaTruhart : The dragon watched, listened to the situation as it unfolded. He knew Deaths Serenity wasn’t the only one who saw it, Blivia had seen the exact copy of the lizard hiding behind an alley of two buildings. Oh this would be an arrest, but the charges would be fairly minor if he cooperated. Not a long time would be spent in a cell. Amari called out, it brought a grin to his face, then a huffed sigh escaped him. “I am working..” He mumbled to himself before taking a nose dive toward the ground. In a dim glow the large, scaly creature began to shrink, and landing there crouched was a blue hair boy, snow kicking up like dust around him. A dark gray cloak worn about his person, and a sword that looked bigger than he could wield properly, was strapped to his back. “Just a moment.” He went over to Karima, handing the sleeping cub to her; “Watch Blue for me.” The man was already surrounded, he had time to let her take the little scaly, sleeping beast. “I was doing my job, I was watching, and reporting on the performance of the guards. It’s far easier to see from up there, while they’re actually in the field.” Blivia replied, smiling toward Amari, his walk in a long stride as he approached. “As for you..” A quiet sigh left him as he spoke toward the stranger; “What part of Cause no trouble do people not understand? The guards that would’ve greeted you must have told you this, it’s in their best interest to make that point aware.. And you chose a child to pull your stunt.” He spoke, life would be easier if people never caused trouble, but then he’d be out of a job. “It’s good that you’re cooperating, it will be far less of a punishment, be it just time in acell, at the most a fine.” The boy glanced to Deaths Serenity, offering a nod, and a smile; “Old friend.” He said simply, the greeting he had taken to when speaking with Deaths Serenity before his attention was turned back; “Amari, will you handle the papers being sent out, or will that be my task?” He asked.

÷Amari-NightHowl÷ : ~It would have looked like Amari was mocking Payne… if Amari ever ‘mocked’ anyone. The fact was the bow that he gave, low and with both hands out wide had a humorous air to it, but somehow mocked himself more than the man who he bowed to. “Malika and myself, as well as the rest of our family, thanks you for sparing us both the trouble of what would have been a sad affair.” He stood up looking at Colrath for a long moment before he spoke. “I will write the only communication that this man gets… it will not be sent from your hands while you sit in a jail… though…” His eyes returned to Blivia, once he landed and to Payne before he spoke. “A man… uses a clone to frame a child for theft. It tastes like a test and a prelude to something else… something more… like… a play meant to learn something… have the gates shut and sealed… immediately… no one in or out who we don’t know. Stop and search anyone, even our citizens before they leave to ensure that they are not carrying anything to… what did he say? Drecanis? on accident. Put up notices for a rewards about any information regarding that place or this man, and I will discuss with the powers that be about a fitting response in writing to them. In the mean time… if you…” His eyes fixed on Death’s Serenity then. “Feel the need, want, or desire, to inflict a bit of pain on this man to extract the information from him, give the guards… oh… twenty four hours… and if something hasn’t turned up and you’ve heard nothing, you will find us waiting for you in the dungeon to do just that…” A hand was soon placed on Blivia’s shoulder the amusement clear. “Your men… acted perfectly, my friend… I merely… joke…” his eyes fixed then on the ‘prisionor’ “blindfold this one… disorientate him… then lead him to the cells… You will find that this form is better for the trip… there are larger cells if you wish to shift before you are sealed inside.” With that the guards would lead him off following Amari’s orders.~

Karima would first nod slightly, replying first to Amari, “He’s a student of mine, but I’ll send the apologies to his parents and himself this evening.” She’d nod in greeting to DS when she felt his shadows examine her before he left. “I’m fine. We’re fine.” She’d smile slightly. She’d listen to what Colrath stated, tilting her head, “City of Draconis, I’ve been through there, but it was a shell of a city.” She’d blink at Blivia with a smile when suddenly she had Blivia in her non-lap. She’d laugh and love up Blue. If it was one thing other than teaching she loved, it was getting Blue time.

DeathsSerenity : The beings blood red eye was on Amari while he spoke. “..If.. we need to.. we shall.. do just that… We.. shall be going back.. to our.. Library..” His eye scanned over each of the ones he knew, since he did not wish to be bothered with this anymore. The being did not like being used as a test for some insect, a game. Not in the least. Oh if anything happened with him, or another, next time he did not plan to just go after the diversion to make a point. Points had to be made other ways, it would seem. He spoke again. “..Good.. that you are… fine..Karima…. In.. our Library.. you shall not.. be bothered.. if you.. do not.. desire it.. That.. is where.. we.. shall be.. We.. will know.. if we are needed..” The last bit he spoke more towards the others who lived here, not just Karima. The being would start to head away, ignoring the fool for now, verbally anyways. His minds were at work now, considering things he could do for the future. There was an item he had been working on, and meaning to distribute, as well as other things that were better.. but more permanent and had a cost that would not be agreeable to everyone. The shadows would write in the eyes of Amari and Blivia. “We will speak later. We have something we could do to potentially help if there are individuals that will accept the cost of it..” With that his claw like hands clenched together tightly, black liquid coming from his hands and dripping onto the ground, the liquid eating away into it easily for a short time. Mortals were such annoying creatures at times.

¤Ćøņşųļ¤Ćøļŗąŧħ¤ : He allowed them to lead him, not resisting in the least, and he did not need to. He was fully aware that once he did get tot he cells, ost likely none of his powers would work.. but here, they still did.. It was simple, calling on a messenger shadow, and as DS had been moving towards the library, a whisper from the shadows, quiet enough for justhim to hear. “When the time comes, speak with me.. I wish to make a trade for your services…”

¤Ćøņşųļ¤Ćøļŗąŧħ¤ : The cell they had taken him to was one of the larger ones, more to the size he spoke of. He moved in and to the center of the cage, and turned aroundas it was shut and sealed, the magics of the place now activating upon him.. WIht a grunt, he winced as he was forced out of his boiped form back to the size of a wyrm shadow dragon, filling the cell quite well. A low rumbling roar could be heard from him before he lowered his head near the cage door, watching out, and observing what he could see from here. He knew there was a sort of laberyht he was put iin, but these areas were good for their ehcos. He closed his eyes and simply meditated on the silence, listening for any interesting information the echos will bring his way

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