Lair 22, 517 12:22 PM

SeraphinaFyre -a young woman walked leisurely along the path she had found, barefoot, her worn out shoes tied and in her pack that she had across her back. Her loose skirt was stained and torn, but still serviceable in a light blue, as was her top. She’d her dark hair tied back in a bandanna to keep it out of her face as she continued to walk, basket in hand, every so often leaving the path to gather different herbs or flowers. She’d quickly get back to the path not long afterwards, never leaving sight of it. Soon she came to the view of the city, and she’d pause, taking in the view. She’d smile, the first one she’d had in a while. She’d continue on, until she reached the gates. Was there someone there to annoy her, or would she be able to pass without being accosted? She’d pause to see.

Storyteller : The Guards did not bother her as she entered, in fact, they looked agitated and preoccupied with something. It was no surprise, as both the Consuls were out of the city, and leaving no one really in charge. A dangerous position indeed. Other than the guards, no one else seemed tobe in a heigtened state, and the smell of food from the Silverflame Inn was certaintly appetizing

SeraphinaFyre She would smile a bit more wickedly, having noticed the agitation, thinking of all the fun she could get into, but the smell of the food definitely was drawing her attention. Perhaps she could trade some of the herbs for some food and a drink, or even a room if available. She’d continue on into the town towards the tavern, watching the others, as she passed, nodding and greeting those that seemed to show interest in her. She’d walk to the tavern and open the door, stepping inside and glance around, curious to see who or what was about within.

TamerlynStar -Tam would roll her shoulders, she’d spent the better part of her time this day getting her lil ‘home’ in order if one could call it that. It really wasn’t anything fancy but itscanned the area. Yes something was different. Something was off. She could scence it, she could smell it and she wondered why it seemed to her that the gaurds were on heightened alert. Had something happened, had the hunter found her… No if that were the case she’d be dead. ~but.. if not then what?~-she’d think as she pulled at the annoying callor arond her neck lost in thought… so lost in fact that she didn’t even notice the other form that had been moving toward her.. and.. unless the other shifted slightly.. directly into….-e-

SeraphinaFyre would pause when she spotted the one that was collar’ed and she’d sniff cautiously, curiously. She’d tilt her head, seeing the confused look on her face, and, just to see what she would many rumors are already flying around! I didn’t hurt you, did I? ” She’d ask as she looked the woman over curiously.

TamerlynStar -Tam felt the bump and blinked before turning her sky blue eyes to the stranger and arched a brow as the woman sniffed the air…very much the way Tam had done when she’d first arived. Tam would cock her head to the side and raise her left hand to eye square before she folded her ring and pinky finger down, leaving her middle and index out, her thumb gently tapping against her fingers, the sign meant no but for good measure she’d shake her head no in answer to the inquiry of injury. Hells the only injury she had was the damn thing round her neck forcing her alter form into submission. Tam would let out a sigh then wave her arms at the gaurds for a moment before looking back at the female using her thumb and forefinger ina ‘block’ formation she’d tap that to her forhead, calling the gaurds block heads. ~this girl is what all the fuss is about…?~-she’d think to herself and roll her eyes then rub her belly before bringing her fingers and thumb together and to her lips tapping there (hungry) then point to the girl as if asking if she were hungry-e-

SeraphinaFyre Shewould smile, watching for a moment, then automatically signing, “Good.” when she had signed about the guards, she’d laugh and sign back, “Most are.” She’d frown when she said that it was her that the fuss was about. She’d shake her head slightly, “Not what the rumors say.” She’d grin as her stomach growled about that point, and then signs, “Oh, yes. Are you deaf or mute?” She’d ask. Some could read lips rather well, so she didn’t know which one she was. “Do you think they’ll barter herbs for a bowl of stew?”

TamerlynStar -Tam would blink caught off gaurd at the other womans understanding of the signing, and answered her question simply -I can hear fine.. though I do not talk.- weather that was from a birth defect or just herself she didnt know. She did now that it was not the norm for the star warriors as she knew that her sisters could speak verbally. sighing she’d look as if she were laughing for a moment as she heard the other womans belly rumble- come I do not have much at my place but I will share what I have and perhaps you can tell me what it is you know of ..rummors.. and the rest of the lands about the city. I have not had the time to do much exploring..-she’d tug on her colar a bit as she turned and began to move back toward her lil hut-e-

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