Lair 22, 517 7:00 AM

Lair 20, 517 6:00 PM

Guard_Johnson : One of the guards, looking rather agitated, comes up to CHiror. “Consul… Our scouts have reported that Consul Colrath had left the city and headed north. He hasnt told anyone where he is going… And several are getting agitated.

Ćøņşųļ*Ćħįŗøŗ he glanced over to the guard as he had been speaking with a few other guards about those abusing their authority but he would dismiss them and upon the words from the guard did he furrow his brows. “Come with me and direct me to which way he went with a few others as well…” he may have gone on off to speak with the Darkroses but on his own? damn

Ćøņşųļ*Ćħįŗøŗ him and his secrecy.~

Guard_Johnson : He took CHiror to the outer walls and pointed north.. it ws the wrong direction for goign to Kytaf, or even Olath. “He went that way. One guard did managed to ask where he was goign and he said he was going to test the defences of a future ally… We have no idea who he would mean, most around here are fragments from the old kingdom

Ćøņşųļ*Ćħįŗøŗ “I may need a few guards with me… can you spare say eight of them?” he looked to the guard and grimaced slightly… he could not for the life of him remember what was to the north of thier kingdom. Transing up to his own draconic form he would even take riders if that was all Johnson could spare but he would have prefered other dragons and especially going into the unknown.~

Storyteller : It would be around this time, that a large bird, summoned and used for carrying messages, would fly around and land on Chirors shoulder.. On its leg was a a scroll, addressed to Chiror and stamped by the Sigil of Nightpeak… In it was written the following

Most Esteemed Consul Chiror of the City of Drecanis,

An unfortunate set of circumstances has resulted in the capture and imprisonment of an individual who gives his name as Consul Colrath. I am writing to verify the identity of the man, an apparent shadow dragon of some sort, and to keep you appraised of the situation.

I can assure you he is unharmed and kept in decent enough condition. He was polite and compliant in his interaction with my men and, for that, I thank him and yourself.

His charges are as follows:

Making Falsely Accusations
Threats Against the Life of a Citizen of NightPeak

I assure you there are plenty of witnesses and he is being held and questioned until a trial can be held.

If you or any of your agents wish to see him to verify his condition, please seek me out.

Any further inquiries can be address to the keep.

Amari NightHowl
Second in Command of NightPeaks Armed Forces

Ćøņşųļ*Ćħįŗøŗ glances to the missive and growls loudly…” for the love of IO! I shall skin that infernal stupid dragon myself!! Get me two others that you know will be fucking diplomatic and do it NOW!” oh he was one pissed off red dragon. He would wait for the two others and then head on off to Nightpeak himself to see what the hell was going on.~


Lair 22, 517 7:00 AM

Ćøņşųļ*Ćħįŗøŗ : The red flew with speed while he was entering colder and colder climate with those of his two entorage… one Copper, Grinrust and a Silver, Swornsan… both behind him and either side of his wings. His own eyes that of black orbs as he shook his body from the coldness he was now feeling. ~I am so going to rip that little bitty heart out of his … damn it of all the insolant things to go and do! I mean damn him to Io for all eternity! what was he thinking… HA !! he wasnt and now… now this?!~ course the other two were not quite privvy to his but they could understand the way the consul would be at this time for to get the city guards agitated over the other Consul leaving the city at all and by himself of all things… Growling with his upper lip showing off a few fangs. he needed to get his anger down or he would not be of any use to the stupid… dumb ass in the least.~

Karima continues to read, humming softly, before getting up and slowly walking and forth, one hand pressed against her lower back, leaving her tea where it was. She’d sigh as one of the youngsters within finally moved, and she’d set the book down, and picked up her tea, walking towards the door slowly and opening it, slipping out for a moment, and looking upward. She’d blink, then blink a second time at the sight of three new dragons. She’d keep in the shadows of the library, just watching, to see what they would do.

÷Amari-NightHowl÷ : ~As soon as Chiror entered the lands of NightPeak, the rangers would have eyes on him. It would not take long for word to reach Amari of Chiror’s arrival… So quick word passed… Amari had commandeered an office at the keep and was presently there awaiting what he was sure would soon hapen… an audience with Chiror… The guards at the gate, friendly and professional, would point Chiror to the keep once he arrived, and from there, other guards would provide him with an escort to the man, who sat behind the desk thinking about something entirely different… in fact, he was trying to sketch the very thing… a tiger and lioness, somehow crafted into a ring.

Ćøņşųļ*Ćħįŗøŗ : Seeing the city after a bit, in the far off distance he began to bring his red scaley form down in a soft gliding towards the grounds. Eventually to back flap his wings before he would land at least thirty so feet or more away but he did not stop… oh no in a fluid motion as the other two behind him had done as well… they walked towards the very gates but transing down into a human male (copper) and a female elf (silver)… he on the other hand would not have transed down till they were within ten feet range of his huge red scaled had and down to that of a human male in red robes… his main a firey gold and braided up while his feet would be of crimson coloring boots. No weaponary as he had no need for any on such a trip as this and well… he is a fucking dragon. As he told his name to the guards it would seem they were indeed expecting them and being escorted to this… office of Second in Command Amari NightHowl. Once within the office of this Commander he would lower his head slightly in respect to his station… “I am Consul Chiror from the lands of Drecanis. I am joint ruler of the lands and I have been informed that you have within your cells a prisoner, Shadow dragon, Consul Colrath. I am here to find out exactly what had happened and to either leave him in your good hands and or speak of some arrangements to have him… released?”~ he smiled lightly as the other two were still just behind thier charge.~

÷Amari-NightHowl÷ : ~He would rise as the door opened offering his own bow, perhaps more full and deeper than Chiror’s, more respectful. Amari found that respect and a good laugh came along way in smoothing ruffled feathers. “It is a pleasure to meet you, or would be if the circumstances were better. please… sit.” He motioned to the chair across the desk waiting for the man to sit before he took his own seat. “Apparently… Consul Colrath came in to NightPeak. He had a clone of some sort, perhaps a shadow clone that he was controlling. This clone collided with a child. This… child… was accused of stealing gold from the clone that was quickly destroyed, after a search of the boy. Some time in all of this, he threatened the life, or… rather… existence of my future brother-in-law, who is a well respected member of NightPeak and who has, more or less, carte blanche authority when not in the presence of one of half a dozen some-odd people who out rank him. As a result of his… behavior he is in a cell deep below us awaiting trial for his actions. We treat making false accusations as a serious crime. The boy would have been severely punished had his innocence not been proven so quickly… and to threaten the life of someone with ties to the royal family of NightPeak….” He shook his head as he leaned back. “I… am sorry for the inconvenience it has caused you and your people who had to make this trip, Consul, but laws were broken and he did not come here openly as a diplomatic emissary. The punishment of his crimes are his to bare and are not directed at Drecanis.”

Ćøņşųļ*Ćħįŗøŗ : he listened to the words and the silver stepped forth to whisper into his ear… which had him nodding his head. The copper one just stayed where he was and seemed to await orders from the Consul. “What will he be facing if the trials find him… guilty? Not death I would think… a sever enough punishment would suffice… would it not?” he seemed supposedly worried for to suddenly have this dumb ass in another lands’ jail cell and for the crimes that he had done. Ah yeah he would have to make a cover story for this or there will be those of the shadows themselves wishing to come and get him out and then this would eventually lead to something he had not wished for his lands in the least. ~

÷Amari-NightHowl÷ : ~Amari quirked his brows at his words before he spoke. “Threatening the life of a citizen… it is… a serious crime, but not warranting death. Nor is the other crime punishable by death. However, I am not the judge or jury in this case. I do not even have the title of executioner in cases when death is warranted. There are beings here that can kill without remorse.” His shoulders rose and fell in a shrug before he spoke again. “I honestly suspect that there will be a thorough investigation before he is tried or released. There are… some questions that I want answered and, unfortunately, they may take time to answer. You see… He had no gold coins on the clone. He was setting this child up… an innocent boy who could have lost his hands had it not been so quickly proven he was innocent. I am at a loss… for why a man such as him… a prince in his own right… would come here and cause such a scene. I would be remiss if the possibilities were not explored… So… you can expect him to be here for a time. Nor can I negotiate for his release at present, so that thought may be put far from your mind… until the truth is known… he remains ours. A prince of your lands coming and doing that here… raises far too many questions, Consul. Surely you understand?”

Ćøņşųļ*Ćħįŗøŗ : Furrowing his brows as he nodded in agreement… Colrath was not as stupid as all this and he then smiled lightly… “If it is alright… may I speak with him? My two guards will stay put till my return or wonder the city but I would like to see him. speak to him and hopefully get him to think rationally after this… stupid move of his.” Course he was not going tell Amari what this would mean within his own lands but he already had an idea of how to cover that up… for the now. He would bring himself to the edge of his chair that he had been sitting with his back straight in and hands upon his lap while thinking of what to do or how to handle this… messed up situation.~

Karima once the dragons had landed, and a few minutes later, she’d turn and slipped inside the library once more, tea still in hand. She’d take a seat, relaxing once more, yawning.

÷Amari-NightHowl÷ : ~Amari considered the worse that were spoke by Chiror, and a frown soon played at his lips. “You may see him, but you are not to try to communicate with him in any way. It is simple, Consul. One of the two rulers of your land has come into ours, roused our guards and caused us quite a bit of problems. Now, the second leader of that same land is before me… am I to let the two of you plot and scheme? Am I to let him tell you exactly what the response to his actions were? How many guards? Where they were stationed. How long it took them to come running to the scream? No… I feel that would be folly, and I suspect that only the queen should authorize something that poses such risk to NightPeak. Nor can I be sure that there is not some hidden code in your words. So you, and you alone, can follow me… you will keep your hands behind your back, you will look at him inside his cell to prove to yourself he has not been abused, then you will turn and leave. The entire time your fingers will be laced so you cannot give hand signals… and if you try to communicate with him in any way, then I will simply cut off all diplomatic ties with you and yours until the Queen decides to reopen them personally or makes a final decision about your man. I think, considering the position we are in, I am being as reasonable as I dare for the safety of me and all of of my friends and family here… certainly you can understand that, especially after the problems we’ve had recently.” With that he stood motioning to the door. “The other two can have a meal, drinks, and settle into lodgings if they plan on staying for the time being…” He scrunched his brows before he spoke again. “Lodgings… will you and your guards need lodgings until this is resolved or will you be departing for your home after your visit with your other Consul?”~

Ćøņşųļ*Ćħįŗøŗ : He lifted from his seat and looked to the two of them that had the copper frowning but then he nodded his head as well as did the silver as well. “I shall meet you at the tavern?” He glanced over to Amari for confirmation of this only to then see the two off with but a look and a nod of his head. He glanced again to Amari “Shall we then?” was all would ask and then follow to where his stupid counter part was located… he would do all that was asked of himself for he definately did not wish to start anything more than what was already presented to him.~

÷Amari-NightHowl÷ : ~Amari would make his way out of the room speaking to one of the guards who nodded and quickly began to run ahead. His mission was to inform Col that he would be receiving a guest, Chiror, and was not to speak. Amari walked at a slow pace to give this guard time to do what he had been asked to and soon the pair was into the labyrinth of the dungeon. It was full of winding passage ways, twists, turns, dead ins, and places that looked entirely similar, without an escort and with his superior senses, Amari himself would have gotten lost. Soon though they were approaching the cell. The door was all bars, but sturdy enough to withstand a dragon. After all, that was what this cell was designed for, was it not? Amari came to stand to one side of the door watching the two men carefully, along with the half a dozen guard escort that they had picked up along the way.~

¤Ćøņşųļ¤Ćøļŗąŧħ¤ : As They approached, Colrath had just enough time to go over a plan.. If he said anything, drew anything, it would get him in trouble, yet he had to inform Chiror on what he discovered. Of course, anything he tried to say means they weould think it was against him, regardless of the fact it had to do with thier own lands Deciding better to stay silent, he locked eyes with CHiror and gave a light nod to acknolwedge him, then winced as a claw went up to his neck, scratching at where the neck connected at the body, right on top of the spine. It was there for only long enough to scratch before lowering back to the ground

Ćøņşųļ*Ćħįŗøŗ : He would still have his fingers laced within each other and the fact that the hands were behind his back he made no attempt to even seem to care about the sudden hands moving to the back of Colrath’s neck… he would only look to the male and seeing that he was indeed alright he then started to turn away from the male once more. Not even a split few moments to supposedly register anything at all from the other. He looked to Amari and nodded his head to say he was satisfied and would have the Commander lead him back out once more. not even a looky back to gaze at Colrath once more.~

÷Amari-NightHowl÷ : ~Communication… plain as day… Amari shook his head before he began to walk side by side with Chi once more. Bloody hell that one was just asking for trouble. Onward they went and when they were out of sight of Col Amari began to speak. “Now… he has done something that can possibly receive the death penalty. He has disobeyed an order from a guard… I do not suggest he will receive it… but he was told not to communicate with you… and did so.” of course there was a small problem with what he said, but one he was not about to tell to the Consul he was with, or the one who could likely hear him from the echos… “I have a question for you, Consul… and I want a direct answer… What are Drecanis’s designs towards NightPeak? Why… did he come test our defenses? You are here, in our dungeon… with no way out spare by my leave…” They had again been joined by the escort of guards that knew the place best. “I ask once and only once… why do you think your co-consul did what he did?”~

Ćøņşųļ*Ćħįŗøŗ : He glances over to Amari and arched a golden/red brow slightly… “Excuse me? I am not sure I understand what you are implying here, Commander. All he did was scratch his neck… as for the other things that you are accusing him of… again I have no clue why he would do what he has done in this city of yours. If you do kill him just for scratching his neck and giving me acknowledgement you will be sure to hear from me once more and I am sure you shall not like it in the least. I am flabber ghasted that you would even think of such a thing and I hope that your Queen does not think the same as you just did now. I am hoping or had hoped to actually have an alliance with these lands but as for this fool and his damned fool errand.. .I am at a loss as much as you are.” he would be speaking the thruth of his words for he had not a clue why the bastard would go on in this city as he had.~

÷Amari-NightHowl÷ : ~He would blink once or twice before e looked at the man. “I never said he’d die… I simply said that now we could lawfully kill him. He nodded… he was instructed not to communicate… he communicated… The neck scratching that I am more confused about than anything put aside…” Amari shook his head before he spoke again. “We have a way of extracting information, and we shall do so… and soon… In the mean time…” He had kept walking as he spoke and soon they were at the exit to the dungeons. “I can only say this… and will say nothing more… we do not appreciate tests… We will find out what his intent was and act accordingly, and the queen shall receive a full report of this come tomorrow…” the door opened a short time later and the pair could exit the dungeon. “Fare well and enjoy your stay… I shall see that your food and accommodations at the tavern and inn are taken care of… Tell Leston I said that you were to have free room, and free food, and drink within reason… I will… have her nformed at the earliest chance and you can expect an audience with her soon enough.”~

Ćøņşųļ*Ćħįŗøŗ : he would grmace slightly and shook his own head… “I shall be sure that we have a bit of respit here but I must return to my lands. As soon as you are able to allow my seeing of her I shall return at utmost haste. you do understand this… for you see there are those in amoungst the ranks already squirming and upset that the Consul is gone and out on his own. Me coming here was only to find out why and what happened in the process. As for the… tests… I am sure after seeing me… all you need do is but ask him and he will probably tell you the truth.” he nodded and then he would glance around… “To which way is the tavern my good, Commander?” he was almost at a loss after walking through all of those tunnel ways. ~

÷Amari-NightHowl÷ : ~Amari would offer a shrug of his shoulders before he spoke “We will see what we are told… and then we will find out the truth…” His let his gaze shift to one of the guards before the spoke. “lead him to the tavern, see to it they have rooms and that Leston is aware that they are to be given free food and drink…” He would then let his return to the Consul. “I care not about your problems an the problems in your lands, he did bring them on himself and caused us many problems. Had I not spoken to Death’s Serenity and calmed him, there would have been blood and death and he caused that. I might be his.” His hand came up in a quote as he spoke the next word. ” ‘Superior’ but I do not have any illusions about who would win a fight between payne and I. My lover would have been crying over my dead broken body if it came to blows between us… and his lover, my sister, would have been just as heartbroken. Now if you will excuse me, I do still need to write that report…” He began to walk away before he paused, and changed directions… dinner… he was… late for dinner with Malika… the report could be written at the manor as easily as not.~

Ćøņşųļ*Ćħįŗøŗ : he lowers his head towards Amari and this time he would definately have a bit more respect for not just the station but for the man as well. “I thank you greatly for your time, Commander Nighthowl and I hope that we can speak once again but under… better circumstances. ” he turned then to follow up after the guard to go meet up with the copper and silver dragons that should be, also… at the tavern, awaiting for himself to join them just after he was to see that of Colrath.~

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