Lair 15, 517 7:15 PM

Chiror he was within his gardens once more and plucking… pruning things that needed to be done. A place to think and plot of what to do next and how to gain his boy back to himself. He was beginning to think that maybe Blizeth? was the one that had his son… it was obviously not Colrath himself. This was something that was a bit upsetting to him. Sighing softly he put his shears down as it was about that time to actually go and speak with or have audiance with the citizens. With a brief touch to Colrath’s thoughts he would tell the shadow that he was heading to the audiance chamber.~

Ģøvęŗņøŗ¤Ćøļŗąŧħ It was a quick response.. “THe meeting with the citizens has been delayed an hour.. meet in the main hall.” As for Blazeth, it was a possiblity, after all, besides Chiror and Colrath, he was the only one that woudl have heard the shadows wouldnt be watching the young one.. And Blazeth had been mentioning getting some Draconrouge blood into his clan. As Chiror moved ot the main hall, Colrath called him over. “Come, Come, Councillor. I need to speek with you before we meet with the others.” He motions for him to lay down beside him, and almost immediatly some of his servants began to buff and clean Chirors scales

Chiror he glanced on over to him and though he was in elven form he would begin to walk over to Colrath while his body swiftly thrusted up to being that of the red he was. murring softly as his scales were being taken care of by the servants. “What is it that you wish to speak to me about , Colrath?” loving the attention he was getting from the servants even though it was not as if his scales were all that dirty to begin with… having a mate helped greatly with that.~

Ģøvęŗņøŗ¤Ćøļŗąŧħ Colrath was being generous, oddly enough, meaning he probably was after something. Neverth less, 5 servants were on him with cloths and oil, workign every inch of his scales. “I had been thinking about our previous discussion, and it occurred to me, that We should be running tis city as equals. Myst be my old blood that has me holding onto ideas that age means authority” He looked to CHiror “And there is a matter of trust.. How can you trust me if you feel like im breathing down your neck all the time. You are better suited ineither case to get a feel of the people, and what they after.. I dont need our citizens joining the rebels because they dissatisfied. WHat do you propose should be done?”

Chiror he looked to Colrath with a tilting of his head as he seemed to be deep in thought… “How about a festival of sorts? something to bring the city together as one instead as a million and one individuals. A gift to each one of the citizens… like a few golds or so to show that we do appreciate them for them and not as lowly usable subjects?” Shrugging slightly while he was very much enjoying this messaging so very…very much~

Ģøvęŗņøŗ¤Ćøļŗąŧħ He murrs and things.. “Spending a few hundred thousand gold now to save trouble later on? Not a bad idea at all” ON Chiror, two of them were working on his hind legs adn tail, and from the smell, using high quality oil, letting chirors scales shine as if for presentation. “I think you should be the one to announce it.. I want you to handle the Audiance yourself today.. ANd your job is to make the choices YOU feel is best.. not to appease me. I want to see how you would handle such.” An elf made it up to his snout and was using the cloth to buf the top of the snout carefully. “I think we need to show them that you are not just hiding behind my tail, and can stand on your own Claws.. More imporatnly, I dont think the title of Chancellor is appropriate either, not for someone of your high standings” He watched to see CHirors reaction

Chiror he was beginning to think he was in some kind of master plan to sabotage him. He was after all his own worst enemy. He nodded his head though and smiled slightly… “Very well.. and what title would I be having if not Chanellor or that of Councilor?” he would arch a red eye ridge as he was pretty damn curious to hear that answer.~

Ģøvęŗņøŗ¤Ćøļŗąŧħ If there was a master plan, it wasnt being shown yet, only that the servants wre doign a good job on every inch of his scales. “The Term Governor, and Councellor… they are not fitting for either of us.. it gives hint we are here because the people wish us to be here, that we were, in some way, chosen by the people.. You and I both know that is not true. And without any real support from our own clans, Drecanis and the surrounding lands are a power unto themselves.. ANd We, ruling it together, should share the same title, that of Consul.. to show our power and solidarity

Chiror he narrowed his eyes a bit and thought about this for a moment or more… “Are you sure that is wise, Colrath? I mean I was here the last time one of the higher ups of the Shadows started to take things into his own claws and he did not last too much longer afterwards. I do not wish that to be us in the least… I mean perhaps we should ask the Elders first if we could do such a thing for the… City.” course he would be thinking of his own hide at this sort of decision.~

Ģøvęŗņøŗ¤Ćøļŗąŧħ Is it your Elder you concerned of, or mine? Were we not told to rule this land as equals? Do not hte people expect us to? If you fear for such we can certainly keep our titles, but we would have to run the city accordingly… the peopel would know wihtout any doubt I am in charge.

Chiror “Actually both… but I think perhaps your words are with wisdom as well… So.. Consul our titles should be?” He asked a bit hesitant but to show the people that they were actually trying to work as a team effort to have the same titles would show exactly that.~

Ģøvęŗņøŗ¤Ćøļŗąŧħ Yes they would and in fact, I want you to meet wiht the audiences today byyourself, to announce such to them.. DOing so without my presence will show you speak for yourself, not a sa puppet. The 4 finish their cleaning of CHiror and move to bow in fornt of im. “Anything else you need, sir?” COlrath looked bemused. “Loyal things they are. arnt they?\

Chiror nods and slowly begins to stand up with a slight shaking of his head out to his tail. Growling and licking the side of his own muzzle. “Yes they are as I feel even better now than whence my own mate cleaned me this morn. it would seem I have many announcements to give out this day. I shall be sure to let you know how things go this day within the audiance chamber, Consul Colrath.” he smiled and winks only to begin to step out of the room… not changing his shape in the least.~

Ģøvęŗņøŗ¤Ćøļŗąŧħ Colrath nodded and allowed the srcants to go back to their other business as he waited, eyes clsoed as he used a shadow to observe what happens.

Storyteller : As Chiror comes out,t here seemed to be a bit of a crowd there waiting, including Blazeth as well. They all turn to face him, but seeing that Colrath wasnt there, went back to talking, not expecting the session tos tart yet

Ćøņşųļ*Ćħįŗøŗ : stepping in full red dragon form into the audiance chambers and seeing those already there and waiting for himself and that of Colrath to enter. He situated himself around the chairs there… the ones that the two dragons would have sat in if they were in thier human forms. “Citizens of Drecanis!” his voice booming with authority as he started to address those there. He looked directly to Blazeth and then out to those there… “This is a great day to be here… for upon this day have myself and that of Colrath taken both the title of Consul instead of staying Govenor and Councilor… No longer will we be ruling as ruler and second but as equals as it has been spoken by the Elders of both our clans. Also upon this day I am making an announcement that in two to three weeks time there will be a festival held for the entire city. Gifts shall be given to each and everyone of you as a token of our appreciation for allowing us to be your leaders… your confidants and protectors. Now… let this meeting begin. Let the first come forth and ask what they shall from us.” ~

Storyteller : There was a general murmer of surprise and whispering. Apparently this was completly unespected, and a few words could be heard that maybe Colrath was actually working on their best interest. Chiror may realize that this was the plot, get the people to see you as a leader.. and if it meant both of them.. it would strengthen the ties.. But in the end, isnt that was a leader is supposed to do? First spoke up was the old man from the other day. “Consul! I wish to thank you and Consul Colrath for your work on the bandits! We had a shipment come in and they spoke highly of the forces sent to dispatch the bandits!” One of the guards spoke up. “Aye, bounty hunters came with the heads of 4 of them recently, one was a gold dragon if you would believe it.. but the merchants confirmed it was who attacked. Seemed they also mentioned the help that 3 reds gave as well.

Ćøņşųļ*Ćħįŗøŗ : Chiror looked over to Blazeth with an arching of a red eye ridge and then looked to the guards and the ole merchant… “It was a collaborated effort and that right there is good news for we the Consuls’ of these lands will not allow such… trecherous incidents to continue on and make it a living nightmare for you the people.” he smiled slightly for it would seem he would now have to keep his promise to Blazeth about mating one of his own daughters due to the help his reds were givng to keep the roads clear… “What is on the next agenda?” he would let out with just the same authoritive tone.~

Grinrust : A Copper dragon, though looking a bit distraught at the hearing that a metallic had been attacking shipments, cleared his head and approached. “Consul.. I have a matter of grave importance.. I am the Weyrlingmaster for our small weyr, and several have gone missing. Our scouts have not foudn them, it as if they vanish. We have checked to a few smaller clans as well, they report similar isuses.. Hatchlings, and young dragons vanishing suddenly, with no trace. We ask the city to investiage this.. it would help regain the trust of our kind.

Ćøņşųļ*Ćħįŗøŗ : he narrowed his eyes for though he could be an evil bastard… most times he always felt that the hatchlings to any one’s clan were the most important things in any clans survival. “What is your name Weyrling Master? I shall have our very finest looking into this as swiftly as possible. When or where was the last hatchlings taken?” this concerned him greatly for when the shadows first arrived it had been rumored they took out the finest of warriros and replaced them with thier own… just as fine or a bit better… and now.. this? this was unacceptable.~

Grinrust : “Grinrust is the name… And it started sometime last week.” It was around the same time that Chirors own eldest went missing. It couldnt be a coincidence, and If the shadows were taking htem, It stil was unlickely Colrath knew anything about it. “Thank you for your attention to this.” He bowed. The rest that came were simple greiviences, Issues with other members, adn accusations of guard brutality

Ćøņşųļ*Ćħįŗøŗ : “Grinrust… it shall be looked into asap.” He lowered his head towards the copper as he did not believe in coincidences in the least. He looked over to Blazeth.. ~find those children at all costs.~ slipping his thoughts into the male’s mind as he then listened to to the rest of things that others were bringing forth to him…” the guards being brutal… you are to come and give my servants a missive of those that had did this to you and they shall be disciplined for what they had done to you…. that goes for anyone else that has such a greivance. Captain Talorns… do be sure that you and your men and the rest of the city guards are told this announcement as well… I am sure that it will pass siwflty into not being such or after a few heads have been taken off of shoulders would be more of a incentive not to do such. Either way… this is going to stop.” When things were done and they began to slip out of the audiance room he would lower his head to relax.~

Ģøvęŗņøŗ¤Ćøļŗąŧħ : As they all left, Colrath came in. “So.. How did it feeel, Chiror, having all of them lookign to you.. looking up to you, and your woirds determined the direction of their fate.” He looks a bit bemused. “And it seems you have that Blazeth eating out of your hand too.. Good.”

Ćøņşųļ*Ćħįŗøŗ : “no… not really… Blazeth has another agenda and I have a feeling that it is more than just getting his clan into the Draconrouge blood line. but as for the rest.. it actually felt good to be in charge and to do as I was meant to do all along.” he smirked as he glanced on over to Colrath.~

Ģøvęŗņøŗ¤Ćøļŗąŧħ : He nods.. “ANy decisions you make, I will not override them.. However, any tht I make, you cant override either.. We keep this working relationship and we should be fine. “He frowns as he seemed to think of something. ” And if you end up NOT wanting to fufil your promise to that red for his assistance, let me know, I can make sure he.. disappears if you wish

Ćøņşųļ*Ćħįŗøŗ : he nodded his head… “I understand but as for Blazeth… I am not sure he would be the one doing this… stealing of the hatchlings. I wish the Darkroses to get to Grinrust asap to get to the bottom of this. I am on the understanding that you… may have someone to… contact the Darkroses?” he smiled as Colrath was not the only one with eyes in the city. “as for Blazeth disappearing… if that is needed… I shall do so talk to you.”~

Ģøvęŗņøŗ¤Ćøļŗąŧħ : He gives a nod,a nd looks midly impressed with Chiror. “My friend< I think you just may actually make it here. Ill contact my friends in the Darkroses, they would want to know about something like this happening under their nose. I will deal with that part of it, and You.. going to give a visit to Blazeths clan? or take your mate out for a fly around the city?
Ćøņşųļ*Ćħįŗøŗ : he tilted his head and shrugged his shoulders a bit… “I am not sure yet what I wish to do or where I wish to go. I am sure you will know though whence I do go do something.” oh yes he knew that Colrath still was watching him and watching him like a hawk most of the times. ~

Ģøvęŗņøŗ¤Ćøļŗąŧħ : Im sure I will, just as you seem to know where I go. Be safe Chiror.. And remember, there is plenty of power and wealth to be had by each of us…

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