Lair 9, 517 6:38 AM

TamerlynStar : had the collar on and she couldn’t help but run her finger tips over it a soft growl slipping fom her lips. Gods she hated the damn thing but then there was nothing to be done about it. they were all so sure that she was some mindless Katagari but she was not, she did not have the heart of the beast who could take human form! She actually was the Arcadian, a human heart that just happened to shift into an animal…~get it straight~she’d think as her bare feet moved through the bit of grass that she had been allowed to spend a bit of time on. Tipping her head up toward the moon she’d part her lips and let out a cry, or rather a soft howl as she closed her eyes and let the moon shine down on her for a moment before she opened her eyes and glanced around before she turned her eyes to her gaurds who were close enough should she try and do something stupid, which of course she would not but they did not crowd her and for that she was thankful. She had been away form the beauty of the world around her.. the sweet smell of flowers and trees, the soft grass beneith her toes. the breeze through her long white hair. the only thing that would make this better would have been of course the chance to take the beast and run her hard releasing some of that pent up animal energy but that was something she was not able to do, at least for the time but perhaps that was a good thing for at least in this form the hunters were less likely to scent her. And even if they did they’d perhaps be hard pressed in taking her out without risking exposure. Something that any true hunter did all within their power to avoid. Tam would lower herself to sit on the ground and shivered as her fingers played with a few blades of grass before she did the oddist thing a human would do. she stretched out on her back her hands and arms above her head… then she rolled the way a dog would trying to scratch its back a wide smile slid over her lips as she then rolled onto her belly and ‘crawled’ along the grass much as dog would do. All the two gaurds glanced back and forth between themselves and the strange little woman with a white hair-e

TamerlynStar -Tam had spent about an hour out in the early morning air but now her two gaurds moved with her back toward her cell. She’d let out a sigh then a whimper very much like a puppy as she moved on bare feet into the cell. She’d then move to the platter of food and the flash of water that had been brought in while she’d been out for her morning ‘walk’ how demeaning..~she’d think as she finally sat down on the cot and reached for the patter, ~at least they were not cruel by withholding a reasonable amount of food and drink. She’d close her eyes tight and wince as she heard the cell lock click. Shaking her head after a moment she’d use some of the water to clean her bare dirty feet then shift to >

TamerlynStar lean her exremely pale form against the wall as she sat on the cot not bothering to touch the food-e-

Ģøvęŗņøŗ¤Ćøļŗąŧħ There was a strange form against the wall, a creature lookign as if it was caught in the act of running. A shadowed cage was pressed tight agaisnt it, making it seem like a statue. The creature was some odd lizard looking creature. sounds of claws on the ground could be heard as olrath came to the cage, and looked in. “Well.. How is your leg?”

TamerlynStar -Tam would scan the cell her icy blue eyes trying to track down the voice, aparently the gaurds hadn’t bothered to rely the information that the girl did not speak or at least not with words. -shaking her head no she’d whimper very slightly and for only a second as she patted her right arm hoping that the stranger would understand that yes it hurt but it was much improved before she stood and tipped her head back sniffing the air as if scenting the new comer-e-

Ģøvęŗņøŗ¤Ćøļŗąŧħ As he stepped into the light, it was clear he had been there before.. It was Colrath, the one who spoke to her when she had first arrived. He of course knew she couldnt talk, but spoike to her as if she could, knowing she understood. “Good. My guards have been telling me you have been behaving yourself. THere has been.. concern… about your shifting. Can you control it, or can you not? UNtil I know the scope of your abilities, I dont know what to do with you.” He unlocked the cage and opened it, walking in. He didnt close the cell, a sign of trust

TamerlynStar -as he stepped in she actually stepped back snarling at him a flash of fangs.. ok.. so teeth in this form, her back would hit the back wall as a thin layer of water begin to seep from her pours and cover her, then it would harden into a thin sheen of ice her eyes narrowing as she glanced at the cell door,~trust~she’d think~right .. after one gaurd threatened to..what was it. bend her over and…..~she’d shake her head slightly as she remembered the threat.. and of course a second gaurd threatned to do far worse…~Why in the stars would this one think I should trust him, even he threatened to cause me harm.~ She kept her back to the wall and after a moment she’d tap right arm with he left hand then put her hands out palms down then rotate them palms up and back down agian hoping he’d understand that she was trying to tell him that by the simplist of touches her forms would…not shift. for she was not Katagari.. she was Acradian… …she would alter…-e-

Ģøvęŗņøŗ¤Ćøļŗąŧħ He shook his head as he was unsure if she understood. “We have seen you shift, change.. before.. WHen I use the term shift, i mean any change, or alteration in your form.. Do you have control over that?

TamerlynStar -Tam woud bite her lip lowering her head. The trust she didn’t not really even after all this time the curse had not even given her the slightest respet. Finally she would raise her eyes to look at the man, the answer clear in the disperation within them. She’d press herself even more against the wall the best she could. It was clear she was ready to fight for her life if he tried to end it here and now, though she had to admit to herself it was ironic, the last of her kind a freak of nature being killed by another strange creature. ~At least he’s not like to wish….~-she’d think as another shudder tore her as she thought of the rest of her pack and what hunters did to them when they caught them. Again she’d silently snarl as she kept her eyes locked on him-e-

Ģøvęŗņøŗ¤Ćøļŗąŧħ He looked to her and gave a sigh. “As much as I am quite open to keeping you here until you learn to speak, I do not have that uxury, and my guards have said you have behaved yourself.. SO I will give you a chance to prove yourself.” He moved foward adn reached hsi claw out towards her neck, aiming more for the collar but she would have no idea what he was doing

TamerlynStar -as he reached out toward her neck instincts kicked in,and she’d raise her good hand up as if to rake his flesh with her claws, claws that were jagged and thrashed nails, long but no where near the threat her claws would be.. if she had her claws in the first place.-e-

Ģøvęŗņøŗ¤Ćøļŗąŧħ He snarls as she slashed across his face, no damage to the scales were there, but a flash of anger in his eyes as he raised his own hand up to slap her, He held it.. hissing, but lowered it down once more. “Very well.. That collar stays on. For THAT little act of defiance, you will keep that collar on until such time you show Proper respect, and that will start with you bowing at my feet! I will NOT have ungrateful whelps thinking htey can take ME on!”

TamerlynStar bow at his feet, was this man toasted, he had to be, perhaps she had over re-acted but she would be sent to the hunters before she bowed to him~Maybe If ya’d have told me what in starlight you wanted I wouldn’t have striked out~-she’d think no.. more than think she’d send it out into the dark cell. She had no idea if he could understand her or not but at the moment she didn’t care! for all she knew the man had meant to chooke the life out of her… or.. worse… she’d shiver as the image of his make true the vile acts the gaurds had hinted at flooded her mind and perhaps even his. Shifting she’d pull her hand over her chet as she faught the urge to panic-e-

Ģøvęŗņøŗ¤Ćøļŗąŧħ He gave a low growl. “Do what you will, your free to leave this cell, but until you come to me and bow, that collar will remain on!” He narroed his eyes as he looked at it.. Chirors magic hmm..what the devil had he planned.. He stood there and reached a hand out agian, this time using his shadows to wrap around her, engulfing her slowly as he reached it up her body. “But strike at me again, and I do to you what I did to this kobold spy over here!” THe shaodws continued to travel

TamerlynStar -this time when he reacghed for Tam she did not lash out though she was very leery of the man and as sh felt the shadows move around her she began to tremble and if they consumed her, well that would be even worse, for if they covered her she would damn near colapse, reaching out to him, grabbing his arm lest he stopped her-e-

Ģøvęŗņøŗ¤Ćøļŗąŧħ He kept his eyes narrowed on her, as the shadows reached to collar, and infused them with his own magic.. Adding a second layer to what was on the first. it was nothing major, a simple location, but he was overriding whatever magics was there, dispelling it to put on his own. He gurnted as he released her, letting her drop if thats what she did, before turning to head out. He didnt say a word, but he left the door open. SHe.. apparently, was free to go.

TamerlynStar -she would in fact fall, after all what was to happen to a star that had been obscured? But then after a moment she’d slowly stand and begin to make her way from the cell and out into the town. Where was she to go what was she to do it wasn’t like she could shift and bolt into the woods, besides by now it was likely that the hunters had caught her scent and would be searching the thicets and woods around the town. Slolwy and silently she’d begin to follow his scent though she tried to keep her distance so as he’d not catch on that he was being stalked-e-

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