Lair 7, 517 9:32 AM

Verve – It was a day of great tidings … it was a birth that occurred in the depths of an alley, from a mongrel came a creature of stunning beauty. Singularly black fur that was covered in blood. Tracing in patterns along its wet fur were ever so faint lines of white. The tiny head lifted up giving a great yawn spreading jaws far wider then should have been possible. Still it turned and leapt away from the discarded host still being tiny it was considered to be a puppy by standards. The tail was fluffy almost like a fox’s yet it was not exactly a fox. Still it was free to fully explore this plane of existence. –

Kїtşunέ¥Blądέşíngέя -= He had left the operations of the coming rebels to their individual commanders. He carried several heads, some dragons, others well human. Granted it was a given that some would need a bit of …added incentive… now he was heading into the city to collect the bounty. a ragged cloak covered the armored body. The shroud was old, its purpose was singular. Lips pulled back from teeth in a smile. lucrative. Weapons he carried more for a show then any particular need. He personally was the weapon. He had ensured that orders where carried out before he left. The resistance was working its way into a functioning form instead of the rabble it had been before. Giveing them something to rally around had seemed to be the solution, sure there were some that would always do what they wished but they were effectively weeded out from the core group. Jalein had been left at the base camp. She had enough duties to attend to their. He was going in to get his money, and pick up a few things that he needed to further his work, well … both sides of the work. As promised the roads along his area had been kept clear of assaults. As for the rest of it … well it was coming along in at acceptable speeds-

Verve – He gave himself a rather violent shake as he cleared the alley and entered the streets, lowering his head to the ground to sniff along it, first order of business find something to feed this biological … body… yes body was the correct term twisting around things or over things depending on the option available to him. It was quite likely that if he looked pathetic enough some one would toss him some thing eat, scraps or what ever, worst came to worst he would move to eat something else –

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