Bahamut 24, 517 7:18 AM

Fłąmęţőųčħ Flametouch moved through the city, frowning as one seemed a bit lost. Seeing Chiror he grinned. it smelled freindly at least, and appeared to be in charge. Flametouch grinned and poked at Chiror, getting a raised eye for ones effort. “Hello! This one Flametouch! Master Tarquinne sent me to see what happening in city!

Chiror I have never heard of this Tarquinne before…

Fłąmęţőųčħ Thinks and gives a puff of pride. “Tarquinne Elderberry.. born to Fferyllt Elderberry and… umm.. keep forgetting father. Tarquinne not speak much, he raised mostly by mother.. but he raise self now

Chiror I see and why does this…. Master of yours wish to know about the city? why does he not just come himself?

Fłąmęţőųčħ tilts ones head curiously. “Because Master ask Flametouch to… Why he come when Flametouch able to look just as good?”

Chiror alright… but why does this Master of yours want to know what is going on in the city or more precisely what does he wish to know?

Fłąmęţőųčħ Cause Drecanis home of his.. umm.. not sure how many great… grandfather. and umm.. step father? ~frowns as it was hard keepign it on track from dragons. “Not been here since one came from Olath seeking him as heir.”

Chiror So… he considers this place his home…. do you know what he wishes to know about the city?

Fłąmęţőųčħ Well.. he find it interesting that there so many shadows… He thought maybe his grandfather.. err.. mother father.. here.. Dragon named Irfeldezeld?

Chiror “No he is not here but we have an alliance with the Shadow Dragons. Thier Elder or Alpha is one named Grand Elder Sjach’akko. A very strong leader… I share ruling over the city with one named Govenor Colrath… I am Councilor Chiror Draconrouge.”~

Fłąmęţőųčħ THe one blinks. Was interesting to note, this one could not be described as male, or female, odd for a race, meaning this creature wasnt from around here “Draconrouge name of old dragon Tarquinne mother once was with! So this friendly place, safe for Tarquinne and flametouch?

Chiror He would see if he could slip gently into this things thoughts and if so he would speak ~I do not believe it is safe for him to come to the city lest he is in a disguise~ but outwards he would speak normally as he knew that he was being watched by the shadows… “I do not see why not… I mean if this is his home city an all.”~

Fłąmęţőųčħ Flametouch tilted ones head as one heard the words. But nodded. “I speak to Tarquinne, tell him it safe, and give him what view on my mind. But he not expecting this one to return for day or so. Plenty fo time for this one to explore!” Flametocuh grinned as ones tail swayed back and forth. THough one might wonder how much an exotic creature like flametouch, especially as without clothes or strong speech may be seen as a beast, could get in trouble within the city

Chiror He thought about this for a moment and then with a nodding of his head he would suggest something. “I am thinking that I should give you a guide so that you may explore the city with that guide.. much has changed through out the years and I am sure there are many, many mysteries you would wish to explore. With the guide they will be able to help guide you a bit better and keep you away from what may be harmful to you. I am sure your Master would not wish to hear that you have been hurt over a foolishness on my part of letting roam freely where nearly anyone may think you a prize to be taken from your Master.. aye?” he clapped his hands and swiftly did a male come forth from the shadows. “He is to be kept safe and guided through out the city for the entertainment and such that he may wish to see.” the male nodded his head while bended on one knew and head lowered.~

Fłąmęţőųčħ Flametouch thought and nodded with a grin. “Yes yes of course, good guide to assist flametouch, keep flametouch safe.” One looked to the male and bowed his head. “Yes yes, Flametouch think good idea for guide. THis one able to make sure One stays safe, and enjoy stay in town yes?”

Chiror He looked to the male that was still lowered upon one knee.. “Yes he will do so. His name is Brenton and he will be your guide and your security as well.” the male stood up then and bowed at the waist to Chiror only to then look over to Flametouch with ruby eyes, black mane in a top ponytail and braided down to nearly his feet. He wore clothing that suggested he was more egyptian then that of most in the employ of Chiror. “Shall we sir, Flametouch?” he asked and put his hand out to show him the way out from his own Master’s study hall.~

Fłąmęţőųčħ One nods and takes the hand to be lead out, looking around at the decorations and such. “Flametouch not get chance to be in city like this much, where flametouch come from, it mostly swamp.” One walked at the pace set by Brenton keepign an eye on what was around. “What you think best part of city is, Master Brenton?”

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