Bahamut 8, 517 2:28 PM

৸Yoase৸ < =Tearing a rift between her plane and this new realm she slipped through the jagged edges of the portal one ebony paw at a time. Rolling eyes the palest shade of grey round this new and unusual location. ~Most curious, many minions to be had here. Oh yes~ Chuckling to herself the dark furred feline planted her bottom to the stone of the city Street. A strange conflagration of curious energy drawing her attention away from the buildings she'd been inspecting. Assuming her location, and the decor surrounding her to be in some form of central location within this strange place. Most curious, perhaps there was fighting to be had? Wriggling her tail in delight at her find she hopped up From her seated position, trotting toward the unusual flow. Ho ho, perhaps there was even a minion to be gained from this. Now, she was nearly glad she'd gone scrambling about through the planes. ~Glad indeed~. Thought the being within the small, glossy creature. ~Onward we go!~=>

Ŧäεńţħ -= He sighed quietly the magical placement of rings extending till they where enough to allow him an exit to this place, disgusting tainted place, not even worth an appearance other then the simplest of facts that he was interested in studying the power struggle, which was why he had even bothered to make an appearance. He gave a sigh as he settled into place on the structure of a building, probably a brothel of some kind well what ever these clans where slightly above useless and considerably below intelligent. He closed his hands together and then spread them out twisting and gathering on the requesite scrolls in order to prepare for what was to come. A master scribe recorded all things whether good or bad. It was just interesing this time he would actually intervene for something =-

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