Bahamut 7, 517 10:57 PM

TamerlynStar after time though she didn’t know how long she’d finally stop pounding against the bar her hands in so much pain she was sure she broke them. Turning she’d move back to the little bed she’d first woken on and sit. Could she use her frost to escape.. freeze the bars maybe? She knew that her frost was strong but she’d never tried to use such agianst bars as tick as these. heck she’d never used it on bars. she’d usually been put in crates , and wood well that was easy enough…Sighing she’d tilt her head as she looked at each bar specifically, was there a weak spot in the metal, if there was she could perhaps use that spot to begin freezing the bars… but she’d have to find it first.-e-

Trest The guards were still posted just a bit down from her cell and they were seemingly ignoring her little outbursts. When she was done one of the guards went to her cell door to glance towards her.. Trest.”What are you trying to do? get us killed? We are to make sure you are safe and sound till the Govenor comes to see you again. You keep this up and when he comes to see you… we will get in a lot of shit.” he grumbled and glared towards her… not only speaking the words but signing them as well~

TamerlynStar tam would tilt her head to the left growlling softly as she stood and moved toward the bars once as she pointed to the corner up and up then shook her head, yes this one understood her language, or at least for the most part she wasn’t going to critasize a slightly misplaced finger or if they were quite straight in the letter I or something instead she’d let out a breathe and sign-I .. cannot stay here… I must.. get out please-…of course their were two reasons first was she wasn’t the sort to take being locked up easily. She was a start child and being pinned up like this drained her. The other reason was much more personal and right this moment was not a threat… not until the body count in this town began to rise..but then.. maybe the ones stalking her would not find her here and if they did.. would the people in town blame her for the death toll?-e-

Trest Trest only shook his head and sighed softly… “I do that and again that would get us killed. we would be branded a traitor… I am sorry Tamerlyn but I can not let you out.” He had kept from her as soon as she stood up to the bars and leaned against the wall while still signing to her.”Where did you get your arm broken or I should ask…by whom?”~

TamerlynStar -Tam would sigh, of course he’d not.. but you don’t understand! to leave me in here will also garentee your heads detachment!-she’d say or rather sign agressively and fast for the truth was she had to be outside.. had to draw from the sun/moon before she became to weak from lack of such…as he asked about her broken limb she’d lower her head for a moment to aproach this..?-I got my paw caught in a trap…-it was not the whole truth but it was true, the hunters had had her on the run for nearly two weeks she’d gotten so weak and when they left some of the cooked rabit behind she couldn’t resist-e-

Trest Trest narrowed his eyes as if he were thinking about her answer… “You are leaving something out… how would your being in here cause my head to be detached other than you keep hurting yourself?” he growled even more as his hands seemed to be flying out in his own anger and frustration. He really did wish to help this woman but to go against the Govenor… well that was suicide to say the least.~

TamerlynStar -she’d turn away from him shaking her head. if she told him what she was in truth it was likely at best never let her leave this damn coffin, at worst they torchure rape and or kill her as was the fate of her people. She’d go to move back to her bunk only to get two or three steps before she colapsed to the floor her form trembling. Slowly she’d take a breathe and try and raise to her feet, which she managed to do.. one step.. two steps and down once more she went-~…vendrin!~ she’d think and sign at the same time, talking to herself having forgotten that the gaurd was present-..this.. shouldn’t have…-she’d then pause and look down at her injured arm-cosmos venom….-e-

Trest Trest so wanted to go in there and take her out of the cell but he just could not do that… then again they were told that she was to be kept safe… “Tamerlyn! I need you to tell me everything.. no one else knows how to sign down here… they will not understand what you tell me. You trusted me once already… trust me again, please! it is not only your life but ours as well!” this time he would yell out her name but he would sign out the rest of his words once she would look back to him~

TamerlynStar -slowly she’d raise her head and turn a bit to look at him her eyes no longer icy blue but a strange swirlin violet, Now she knew why she was so weakened unable to control her form when a mere child went to touch her. But could she truly trust this man, -have you not said that you were worse than the man who wanted to have his way with me.. why sh..ould I?-she’d sign though she struggled now to get her fingers to move in the proper formations her body trembling so hard that even her fingers shook and her teeth chattered-e-

Trest Trest looked to his companions… “Get the Councilor… NOW! Hurry up!” one of them nodded thier head and swiftly did he leave from the dungeons.. “What are you needing for regular food obviously is not the issue here. we just fed you an hour ago. And the only reason why I said that was so that you would give us some answers. Right now I am trying to save you and those here.. again if you die… so too do we and who ever else was supposed to keep you safe. So you better start talking now…” again he would sign it to only her and not speak it out loud~

TamerlynStar -Tam thinking better not to stand would litterally craw to her litl corner and lean her back against it for she knew at the moment it was the only thing keeping her sitting up. as she ‘listening’ to his words she realized that he was truly concerned, hells she could smell it on him and so her hand would form fists thumbs sticking up in the air,she’d then rotate her hands so that both her thumbs were pointing to her right, the sign for death or dying. she’d then press her left palm against her chest (myself) she’d then wrap the fingers and thumb of her RH around her left them the pull said thumb ‘out’ of the fingers. she was trying hard to tell him that she’d die if she did not get out of this box.-e-

Trest looked around in the hopes that he would see the councilor coming down the stairs but it would seem he was not… yet but damn he hoped soon. He was not sure how much longer she was going to last and stay concious before the damned councilor would show up~

TamerlynStar Tam would tilt her head looking at him-you said your leader wants me alive.. you said you wanted to help me..I Have to Get Out Of Here.. -she’d sigh- Please. I will not run.. look at me.. Im barely strong enough to hol my head up…-she’d add.-e-

Chiror it was then that the councilor came down the stairs in a flurry of robes and wide eyes filled with worry for he too may be killed if this woman died. “What the hell is going on?!” he would raise his tone of voice and it was Jarralt that took the Councilor aside to talk with him… it was not till a few moments later that the Councilor’s eyes went even wider and glanced on over to Tamerlyn.. “Get her out of there, now! I shall take her to my place and she can be tended to by my mate.” he handed something to Trest as it was he that she trusted the most. Trest looked down and saw a collar only to look to his Capt and the Councilor… “She either puts that on or she will not be coming out and with all of you as witnesses it would be only her that dies not all of us as well.” this from the Councilor but Trest looked at them both skeptically only to nod his head. He walked up to the bars and opened the door to walk in and to where she was. He crouched down to be eye level with her or as best he could and showed her the collar. “this will prevent you from using your magics outside of this Cell but you will be able to allow you to regain your strength as the wish from these cells is granted and you will be a guest at the Councilor’s home. His mate is a lovely red dragoness and she is one that will treat you right as long as you treat her with the respect due to her. Alright?” he spoke and signed this to her as he then picked the collar up from his lap to put around her neck.~

TamerlynStar -she’d turn and look to the gaurd, sighing- it will not make me slave.. or property?-she’d sign as she snifffed the air, using her wolven awarenesses to ‘scent’ out the truth.-e-

Trest from Trest she would not know by scent if he were lying or not but she would still see the worry for his own and her hides. “No… it is a precaution that is it. The Councilor needs to see he can trust you with taking you out of your cell and taking him to his home.” sighing as he just hoped she would do this one thing~

TamerlynStar -she’d look between the couselor and trest then at the colar, should she trust them the last time someone of her kind trusted her pack was wiped out. She’d bite her lip-I.. will not run I give you my oath…-she’d sign -please do not put that on me I am not an animal to be leashed and dragged around. I am a star child…-e-

Trest Trest shook his head and looked directly into her gaze… “If I do not put this on you… you will die and so will others. The Councilor will not budge on this part of taking you out of the Cell. He does not know you and so.. will not trust you till you put this on but I will be with you as I will ask to be your personal guard till you are better or till the Govenor takes you from the Councilor. All it will do is keep you from using any of your magics… nothing else. It is not a slave collar for I would sense it if it were.” he then smiled lightly to her and brought the collar forth once more if she refused this time around he would then back up from her to where the door is and lock her within~

TamerlynStar -she’d let out a sigh and glance between the two men, had they any idea how demeaning it was? Had they ever worn such a thing and then been expected to behave as if it were no big deal, -do you have any idea how demening this is?-she’d sign but she’d not refuse the colar.-.. have you ever had to run about with such a thing? I’ve not done anything that would deserve such when I could have.-e-

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