Bahamut 7, 517 6:17 PM

Verve – Scampered through the city a masterful thief of feline persuasion. wonderous sleek and amazing fur, such a handsome creature was he. oh yes he was supposed to do something … what had that been… something something something oh shiny ! … he pranced off down an alley to collect the shiny thing he had spotted. Yis Yis it was deliciously good these things –

Јαζειη she had been within the forests and keeping to the roads that led into the city or away from… which ever a caravan was going. She would be at it’s side to make sure it got through… her mind still heavily ladened with the loss of her two hatchlings and the want for Oth’s head on a silver platter but she would do this first and then go kill Oth. she was in fire lizard form of indigo scales but her form was not able to be seen at this time as if she were the very air that was beign breathed. Whispering through the leaves of the tress she was ever vigilant of her surroundings.~

Verve – he paused there was a tasty shiny thing in that building … this was not acceptable! cat like jaws parted spreading impossibly wide before he began to gnaw his way into the building, after all … he was hungry, they had a shiny thing that was tasty, and he wanted it more then they did, this was obvious fact …as he was eating his way into a building. Had they not wanted it as much … they would have kept it some where safe –

Storyteller : what Verve was eating into was one of the Knowledge Temples and what he was seeing… feeling? was not only the building itself but a particular item that had been supposedly hidden away from all but Verve’s senses. A staff or rod of some kind… There was a barrier around the room that would start to shock the Verve though as he continued to try and eat his way through to get to that Staff. ~

Verve – electricity … oh yes … he gave a shake of his fur and continued to eat his way in. It was not that electricity was not harmful, it was just …well he had adapted to electrical charges and would take considerable amount of voltage to actualy get through his shell and harm the core that was beneath it. and that shiny was just … well you know it was shiny and it was tasty and …. well he wanted it more damnit –

Storyteller : the room began to get very cold and the voltage was not only increasing but it was becoming that of a black coloring while a gem upon the top of the staff began to gleam with that same black coloring. Oak that was so old it looked to be almost that of a silvery coloring and the energies off of the staff was that of necromantic energies.. an opal on the top of it. The electricity seemed to take on an acidic tinge to it and was even starting to fill the room around him as well~

Verve – It felt the change an almost acidic tange given to the shell that housed his body, he gave a shake of his body fur dropping away as the shell came into full view. his eyes looked at the staff for a moment as he ran quick calculations, jaws opened and the energy surronding the space around him began to disappear, energy was a constant base to all things. Energy that was consumed was sent some where in his creation it was sent to him, and he came into being, taking energy to continue is existance was not only right it was natural. The devouring of this energy was a bit different, it would not change a chemical reaction … yet … but it would in time adapt and use that to feed from as well –

Verve – this was …annoying .. cold darkness … it did not matter, the shell pulsed faintly as lines traced over the surface of it forming into sigils of their own as a sphere pulsed out around him and then he leapt for the staff directly it would be his and his alone, no acceptance of something or some one interfering would be tolerated. Further interference would result in destructive energies being unleashed in response –

Storyteller : Verve would ping but that ping went past where he would have first thought the staff still was at and from behind would come this form of a large figure in black robs holding the staff but to Verve he would seem as if an apperation of what was supposed to be there. The staff being pointed towards Verve and his life essence… if he had one seeemed to be draining from his very body.~

Verve – did not have a life essence was pure void beneath that shell still …since this thing was pointing the staff at him taht meant he was supposed to eat it so yes he opened his jaws and took a rather large bite from the staff. Honestly … he really did want it more then this person did, or they would not have left it contained down here … and his need was much much greater then theirs –

Storyteller : as soon as verve did that…. a blackness swept within the room that was even darker than the first and a blast of dark blue nearly blackish in coloring was sent out that would probably shove Verve backwards but instead of a wall he would end up.. .else where… still in the library. What he would see all around him were bodies… lots and lots of bodies… nothing shiny and miraculous around him but supposedly mundane weaponary and lots of… crystals. Crystals that were nearly drained of whatever energies would have been in them. far off in the distance though was something that looked like a huge bug about one story tall with eight lashing tentacles that can slice a regular soldier right in half. The Toxicrene is truly terrifying because not only can it fight well in close combat, but it also constantly spews out highly toxic fumes in it’s immediate presence. but what would be even more specific of this creature was what it had on it’s head… a helmet that had a gleaming red crystal and as it spewed it’s toxins out that crystal gleamed with high energy and also lit the toxins on fire so that those in it’s wake would not only have the toxins to deal with but flames as well.~

Verve – SEe … now … now he was …upset … yes this correlated to the emotional sensations he was feeling, he looked around him, something akin to panic flooding through his mind, bodies … bodies every where, cracks occured along the shell more and more seeping free from what it kept confined within. death death … solid tentacles of void reached out grabbing crystals and pulling them back towards the host bodies shell binding them to the surface as energies where amassed and dumped into the stones, a purge of these would be needed, if it could contain the energy it would survive … if not … nothing would survive -\

Storyteller : The The huge looking bug glanced back and its entourage would begin to go towards this creature for it seemed to be the major threat at this time.. the others there on the battle front were only peons of Elves, Dwarves and the likes. Above however there were dragons and flying bugs a plenty fighting it out as well.~

Verve – Void energy, destructive on a level that it was often called world ending magics… crystals charged as parts of its mind began to shut down it was in defense of something that it could not process on a level that tore so deeply into him that it had no chance …except to exist. The shell broke shattering and falling down around the creature that was inside, jaws parted as a mental scream ripped out, the physical effect tossing the bodies around it up and away around it, the ground would began to change, opening pathways and calling to those that lived within that place to this world. –

Storyteller : the energies that started to go up and out from the Verve would smash across the lands for a great deal of distance but it was the calling of those that lived within this place that would suddenly become a force onto itself and actually would spike just a hair more than what Verve had put out. When they would clash it is then that a blacklash of these two energies would go both ways… demolishing ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that had to do with the Thrakkian and that of all the crystalized powered up items to not only burst… die or just suddenly go dormant but that of the magics in the very area of the island Kytaf would be put down by a third of it’s original energies that it was to begin Swith… Verve on the other hand though would be flung backwards… yet again and he would see that he was outside of the same huge white temple like structure with a huge hole in the side of it and a blackness of a room before him. No energies signature… no bugs… only the city itself was round him once more.~

Verve – It stood there looking at the building before it before a hand lifted up towards it a single point of light forming at its center before it reached out and imploded into itself begining the process of devouring the building. the arm fell and it turned and began to walk towards the town center. ACquisition of required objects, that had been its original purpose. other creatures of this plane where to be considerd expendable. –

Storyteller the building linked to all the other buildings of the same type and swiftly as it was feeling itself not only being devoured but suddenly the remnants of what used to be the building itself imploded upon itself. It would not be gone for long though as it was still a linking to that of a very powerful God… A god of Knowledge and even though Valareos was stuck in the heavans each and everyone of his Temples were still linked to him. Sure he would feel the drain from that one being destroyed but it would not last forever and in a weeks time the building would be back to where it was… two weeks time it would be semi back to the power it was … by the end of a month the Temple would be able to actually take the books, tomes, items and the likes back within it’s very walls and reopen it’s doors once more.. .a few glitches here and there but after two months even those would be gone.~

Rąbbít‡Bḷḁckşun -= This was … upsetting… one hunting a … well yeah he was not going into that, two he was not getting paid for it, three this as a complete pain in the ass. He sighed and reached tapping against he metal collar before he moved forwards letting the armor devour his body. “All right verve … lets get this over with … ” first to draw its> attention from the city, That was accomplished by releasing the dampeners on the weapons along his armored body flooding the area around him with magic and simple undilluted power. Quite literally becoming a beacon of power. =-

Verve – He turned his head towards the beacon of power a tendril of void lashing down along a building as its body shifted and adjusted in this particular space time. It lacked anything that made it appear as a life from, there was no eyes, nor ears or nose, what it did have was a series of points that seemed to devour what ever came close enough to sucked into them. Slowly it began to turn towards that source it would have that then it would continue with the other sources present in this congregation of life forms –

Storyteller by this there would be guards already heading into that direction of the Temple to see what was happening in that area. Then there were other things and other beings? being devoured? Guards rushed into that area or line of walking this being seemed to be going into and tried to get others either out of the way or a few… maybe ten actually would try and keep an eye on Verve and lead those that were evacuating the area Verve was going into and again try to get others out of the way~

Rąbbít‡Bḷḁckşun -= he would continue to act as a beacon, letting the power pulse upwards, within that beacon he was already working on the components he would need to seal verve, annoying and some what dangerous it would make some sense … calculations would put the damage at around thirty percent from just the capture and seal of the devourer, unchecked it would result in a much larger number. He sighed working the sigils glyphs needed for the containment portion =-

Verve – IT continued to move towards that source of power, honestly the creatures below did not disturb it, nor phase it, they could have stabbed or poked or shot and it would not have mattered in this form, it would devour, it would leave nothing behind, the power would fuel the masters and it would continue to grow adapt and become a perfect creation> the thought process involved was limited. –

Storyteller Those with the energies to do so, would be called for to repair buildings with thier energies but they would not do so lest they were told to do such for it seemed that the tenticles would go after that which had a great amount of energy only to be devoured by this creature. So until they knew that thing was gone… nothing was done but to just look after those that may have been injured and those killed… if anything left would be taken away.~

Rąbbít‡Bḷḁckşun -= A little bit longer should have enough in place to release the containment ward. He considered dropping back into a split mind as one hand continued to scribe the sigils. The other hand working the mathematic and runescripting to literally condense time around verve. Given the nature of such things the amount of power would be considerable, the draw was already causing a serious issue with heat, Expenditure would be twice that amount. Still its what he did. “allright hurry up ya great bastard and get out of the town …” =-

Verve – It looked it felt some interference a structure had impeded its travel for a moment anyway and then it was free of the clustering of solid structures and there was the source of power delicious and tantalizing, such a tasty morself for its own consuption. oh and a life form …that would provide it some amusement some tasty treat to give it an edge on breaking down the power it had –

Storyteller the building went that way and this as few had actually not been taken out in time and with a growling under the captain’s breath did he at least try and seek out if those within the last building were actually still alive or not… barely but he would be able to teleport them to safety and be looked at and treated~

Јαζειη raising her head and then tilting it from what she was reading… eyes narrowing but still she had her own energies lowered to only a humanoid elven maidens. she sniffed the winds and could tell from where this energy was coming from but the way it also registered to her… something did not feel quite right. No she would not go to where the energy was nor would she bring hers up more but she stayed alerted ~

Rąbbít‡Bḷḁckşun -= There … Verve had cleared the city…. A whistle left the armor as its claws slammed together completing the multiple circles. The sound of anvil strikes ringing out around him and then washing over the landscape. Armor boiled and then shattered as energy washed out creating the barrier around the creature. Wings spread drawing into the armor even more energy pulling aether directly into his body and feeding it into the multi faceted structure that was coming into existence around verve. His body moved, lacking even the basic grace that came with its usual operation one strike would be all that was needed and it would be complete assuming that nothing else interfered of course =-

Verve – It came to a stop tentacles lashing against the barrier drawing on the power from them but more was found beneath those levels and more beyond those. Yes this was every so delicious more and more power was devoured, tasted rejected or kept, those that where rejected where broken down and reflected back towards the thing that was daring to try and contain it. Where its head would have been a crack formed and opened into something almost resembled a mouth. From that would come a beam of condensced energy, vanishing into a portal and reappearing from multiple points along the outer edge of the seal aimed towards the thing that was keeping it confined from its rightful feast –

Rąbbít‡Bḷḁckşun -= There were impacts, this was a given, but in the end it was done him literally stumbling in and using the teeth of hte armor to bite down against verve. taking that beings form and data for his own it actually was simple on how to condense it once more … stupidly easy actually … he simply told it to stop and revert … and it did. It was more the combination of energies that he had amased that had allowed him to manage that “Well …that was easier then I had thoght … course it took way more then I had planned too … and its probably time to go … ” he picked up the small egg like shell in his hand and literally vanished away, he needed to recoup and verve would need a new form …something cuddly he thought … like a chicken … or a turtle … or something like that =-

Јαζειη with the sudden swiftness that the energy was gone she shivered slightly for she did feel as if it was from one of her own and something she would not wish to have faced for anything. That feeling of over whelming… not sensations but… something she could not put her finger onto and she would touch the necklace around her neck to lead her up to the council’s temple to go see her hatchlings instead of trying to resolve this feeling within her at this time~

Storyteller when things seemed to be more calmed it was then that those buildings that were damaged were slowly being repaired.. if they were too badly damaged though then they were taken down to be rebuilt once more.~

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