The Flight 26, 517 5:10 PM

Chiror : He had been out in the gardens most of the morning as he wondered how Blazeth was doing with the rebels along his roads. He was still thinking of castrating the dumb ass for now he would have to try and find a way to free his son. His legacy… his heir. Growling undereneath his breath while taking in the sun’s light upon his flesh even though he

Chiror : was in human form. He actually kinda liked the elven form but well he was not all that picky… not really. he was dressed in a white open robe and underneath that would be black pants with a golden tunic of silken make. he was out pruning as this was something to keep him…. calmed. He should not have gone half cocked on Blazeth yesterday as he

Chiror : knew he was being watched but he was pretty pissed.~

TamerlynStar : The white and gret wolf moved slowly, silently through the treess its right front paw was turned in toward its left paw and it kept from putting any pressure on it which made progression slow and clumsy for the animal but progress it did. pausing once in a while to tip its muzzle to the sky and sniff the air. was it tracking something? That would >

TamerlynStar : make sense as it hadn’t eaten anything in quite some time, but its skittish nature did not lend to that theory. Hells even its own paw snapping a twig or crunching leaves made it jump but it knew that it had to keep going had to find somewhere dark and safe for the night and it didn’t have much time before the other found it and so on it went on>

TamerlynStar : searching for any place that would sheild it and give it just a few hours of rest.-e-

TamerlynStar : -the little lost wolf had made her way to the ege of the forest, she knew the dangers of slipping into the city that lay just a short distance away. humans…and other creatures didn’t care for her kind.. something about wolves decemating flocks and killing mindlessly, if only they knew the truth, but no on bothered to find it. They just did what>

TamerlynStar : they normally did.. which was of course, kill her kind. Tam would shake her her head then take a deep breathe, she didnt have a choice. If she wanted to live another night she needed to go somewhere she knew that the stalkers would likely not wish to go-so be it the wolf thought a moment before she slowly made her way into the city, using the >

TamerlynStar : shadows to sheild her slender form from prying eyes. Or at least that was her thought…-e-

Storyteller : as Tam entered the city, it seemed there was not many paying her any attention. Wild dogs did exist round, and for now she was just mistaken as one. As she walked through, a young boy threw a roll of bread at her, landing it near her feet-d-

TamerlynStar : -as Tam made her way through the area she knew that at lest some should have taken notice of her yet the only ‘reaction’ she got was that of the small boy who had tossed the bread to her. Stopping she’d lower her muzzle and sniff the thing for a moment. After all anything could be poisoned easily enough. Determining that it was not such she’d take a bite of the bread and ‘wolf’ it down before she picked the rest of it up in her mouth and slowly, carefully limped toward the boy tilting her head to the side as she drew close but not too close after all she was hunted better not to get close. If the boy was stationary she’d drop what was left of the bread to the ground and nudge it wit her nose toward the boy… she hated to think that the little one would go hungry for his odd kindness.-e-

Storyteller : The boy grinned and gave tam a petting on the head before picking up the bread and offering it to her again. THey boy apparently was quite happy to offer the food to the wolf. From nearby a woman yelled out. “Get away from that mangey mutt, boy! are you an idiot, get back inside.” the boy jumped and looked sheepish. “Yes mum”-d-

TamerlynStar : -would watch the boy as he moved closer to her, this kid seemed gentle enough, and she was so tired every bone every muscle was throbbing. She’d close her eyes lowering her head. She knew she should back away but her body spasmed at the exact moment that his he extended his hand to pet her and though she tried to spring back away from him her muscles protested ~No!~ she’d scream mentally, but it was to late and as his fingers slid through her fur it hut, the change, the shift and she’d colapse to the ground pain seering through her body and she’d tilt her head back and howl, not being able to hear the females words as her bones popped and altererd, her fur retracting as her ‘alter’?

Storyteller : the boys eyes widen as he backed up and stumbled o n the ground, looking at the creature changing form. From around, shouts of guards went up as a bell tolled, alertng guards to an incident in the city. Tam has gotten attention now, whether she wanted it or not-d-

TamerlynStar : or human form took shap fingers where claws had been, bare flesh where fur hand been, long white hair falling down over her form covering her more ..rpersonal areas. As she lay on the ground now in human form, she’d hear the bells and the shouts but none of it registered as she looked down at her broken arm for a moment befor she looked back at the boy and blinked several times before she let out a breathe her eyes rollijng back in her head and it hit the ground-e-

Storyteller : When Tam awakens, she would find herself in a cell, with 2 guards near the entrance. She had a robe around her, apparently placed by someone who respected her decency. It sitll didnt change the fact she was in a cage, and being watched as if she was a prisoner. From the look of the cell, it was a dungeon cell, not a jail cell at a town surface. Whoever chose to put her here wanted to make sure she remained-d-

✠λnĭsἕᴌ✠ : – ah … a ruckus, he was in the shop for furnishings, getting a house situated with the common accouterments was difficult enough. The fact that such things where going on was even more annoying “Such a ruckus … ” he moved his way down the street, making his way towards the house, such things would have to be done as well as getting a cart sent out to pick up the items for the bastard … ah governer … he smiled to himself. Well such things where the name of the game. He stopped at one of the merchant stalls and arranged for the cart to be taken to were Kaze was. paying the man in gold was always a deal sealer a smile crossed his features as he watched him leave shaking his head .. money … it made the world go round and shifted alliances far quicker then any other action –

TamerlynStar : did regain her awareness slowly, and though she was in human form she’d sniff the air her other nature seeming not to completely slip away…~but then why would it~ She’d think..~It never did before..~ slowy she’d shift and feel the robe around her. Letting out a sigh at that she’d look to the gaurds and tilt her head as her wolf self would do shifting she’d come to her feet and move on unsteady bare feet toward the bars her eyes never leaving the gaurds. ~Great Tam.. just great.. they’re gonna string you up and burn ya for a being a witch.. or wait till the shift takes ya and skin ya for your pelt~ she’d think a moment before she raised her good hand and ‘knock’ at the bar to get their attention-e-

Ģøvęŗņøŗ¤Ćøļŗąŧħ : THe guards glanced at Tam, but suddenly came to attention as the sound of claws clickign the ground could be heard. To the cell, a black lizardman stopped, his eyes burning yellow as shadows seemed to surround him almost as if it ws alive. “WHen I was told a shifter was caught i didnt believe them. but here you are… what are you doing here in my city, -d-

Chiror : still in his gardens as he would await any reports from Blazeth or that of his own scouts… though he had a feeling the scouts were more in the govenor’s pockets then his own. In due time… in due time. He smiled to himself while plucking and pruning his beautiful roses. Oh this was a wonderous day… last night he had to explain to his mate what had happened during the public rituals of listening to the citizens and she glared at him with only a shaking of her head. Yes he should have tried less harder to keep the Govenor alive but well he was sure that his family would have been killed directly afterwards and then he… too would have probably been joining them soon after. No.. he could not allow that to happen as he had too many plans as it was.~

TamerlynStar : -She’d watch the new comer move to her and Tam would swollow hard as she cradled her broken arm against her chest, ~Shifter?~-she’d think as she looked down at her her arm then to the lizard mantilting her head. Though no words were spoken ~how can he call me such.. do not shifters actually heal wounds during the shift~was her thought. She’d shake her head softly as she stepped back from the bars a bit, this creature made her nervous. What would they do to her if she did not answer but how could she answer when she did not know how to speak. Oh.. she’d tried many times..and she guessed she should try now.. opening her mouth as if she was about to speak but when the sound came out all that any one hear was a strange feral growl. She’d slap both her hands over her mouth and then whimper, like a puppy as pain onc more shot through her arm-e-

Ģøvęŗņøŗ¤Ćøļŗąŧħ : He frowned and looked to the guard and gave a snarl. “SHe is injured! SHe should have been taken straaight to the healing hall first, not here!” His eyes flared dangerously. for all of what they had ulterior motives, he took his job seriously. the city was HIS and he would defend it as such, including those who came here. the guard opened a mouth to speak, but didnt get far as the lizard slammed the back of his claw aginst the guards jaw. “Did i give you permission to speak!” He hisses as he snarls. WWHat good does it do to present ourselves as a legitiamate government when you do things like THIS to turn them against us! get her out of here, and take her to the healers! THEN ill deal with her, you got me?” THe guard kept his mouth shot but notted, eues widened in fear of what the lizard might do-d-

TamerlynStar : -Tam watched the by-play between the gaurd and the lizard man and though she nearly wet herself doing it she’d actually charge the bars a snarl on her lips and a growl torn from her throat as the shift once more began, this time she’d being to retake her ‘star’ form fure startin to spring up as bones popped and mucles stretched, fangs exploding in her mouth, or muzzle in this case. As the wolf took her over she’d reach the bars, her front good paw would dart out between the bars (unless its enchanted or something) and swipe at the lizard man… was it in defense of herself or in defense of the gaurd? She didn’t know in her altered form but in this form well the gaurd only did what made sense. after all the poor man didn’t know weather she was athreat or not..easier to assume the worst and iron it all out later….right?-e-

Ģøvęŗņøŗ¤Ćøļŗąŧħ : Her attack did indeed hit, slashing into his arm. For his part, it only bled for a short time, before the shadows envelop the wound and began to knit it together, time it woudl take of course but it was an impressive feat, the bleeding stopped simply by the useing the shadows. He gave a snarl as he turned his eyes back to the shifter. “Better yet, bring a healer here, then once her arm been tken care of, summon me..lets see if she is more receptive when not in pain, and if she isnt, well, then i can supply my own brand of pain.-d-

TamerlynStar : -she smirked..if a wolf could do such a thing, that was of course until she heard him speak of supplying pain. Hearing those words she’d spring back trying to put distance between she and the others. alas she had forgotten about the robe and thus she did not get very far, tripping over the damn thing. She’d stumbe and try and regain her blance, to no avail. She’d hit the ground on her side with a thud, her bad paw slamming into the hard stone/concrete and again she’d howl out as pain raced along the arm, this time reaching the wolf’s shoulder.~..just stay down…~-she’d think to herself as she turned her eyes blue eyes to the men after a moment and growled silently.-e-

Ģøvęŗņøŗ¤Ćøļŗąŧħ : he smirks and looks to Tam. “So you undertand words then… Listen well. A healer will be sent. behave yourself and you will be released if you are not a threat. If you do not then I will be… most unhappy….” He tunred and left the dungeon, heading back upstairs to find CHiror. “Concelor.. there is a shifter in the dungeons, with a broken arm. see if our healers can do anything about it, and find out why she was in our town. Also.. where is your eldest? The weyrling master has reported he has not shown up for his lessons. Just because he is no longer at risk of paying for your mistakes doesnt mean he wont have to pay for his own. I expect him to show up to his training, is that understood?-d-

TamerlynStar : -would arch a brow… if she had a brow to arch that is. How was going to explain that yes she understood the words but could not speak them. would then intarogate her and find her lacking and take her life? Slowly she’d raise once more and limp back into a corner of the cell and circle once twice then a third time before she sat in said corner staring at the two gaurds a deep coldness slowly taking her she’d think a she pushed back her ‘star frost’ ability. ~not yet… not yet…~-e-

Chiror : glanced on over to Colrath and narrowed his eyes with a hissing tone to come forth… “He will not be joining us for a few days. I sent him to a relatives to take it easy for a bit. I thought he deserved the break after all he had been working very, very hard the past few months since your arrival.” he shrugged and the look on his face went back to

Chiror : normal once more. “A shifter? not many of those left. I shall send a healer to go see to her. I am sure the gentle touch would be more.. beneficial then your brute force with this one.” smiled slightly towards Colrath as he plucked at the deep purple, almost black rose only to hand it over to Colrath and started to walk wtihin to make arrangements He smirks. “Indeed it most likely will… but that is why we will work so well together, if i could gain your trust of course.” WIth that he headed off to take care of other business.

TamerlynStar : -continued to watch the gaurds tilting her head slightly to the side as she rested. She was going to need all her stregnth and witts about her if she was going to get out of this one with her skin intact.-e-

Chiror : when the other left he narrowed his eyes as it would seem he would need Blazeth to indeed find out where his son was and bring him back… alive and hopefully unharmed as well. If not.. there would be hell to pay onto Blazeth and his entire clan. When he got into his mansion he would have a guard go see to the Shape shifter in the dungeons as it was the will of the Govenor to see that she is taken care of right but also to get as much information out of her as they can. The guard nodded his head and swiflty left to do such…

Sarah : it was not long after that, that a healer was brougth to see to the prisoner. A young lady of about twenty or so with a healers bag in her hands. Black mane, deep green eyes and white robes over a semi small frame ~

TamerlynStar : -would sniff they air around her ~the healer comes..~-she thought to herself as she pushed up to stand on her paws.. well three of them anyway. She’d shake her whole fury form as she took in the healer, the smirk that slid over her mind turning into a strange snarl on her muzzle ~they bring a child to tend me… interesting…~-she’d slowly move toward the door to the cell though she made certain that she did not get to close if the plan that she was hatching was to succeed she’d need to let the healer do her job first. Tam only hoped that she’d be able to keep her form if the h ealer touched her. And of course.. she had to keep her defences tucked away until the last moment… it was all aquestion of timing.. moves and counter moves…. a game she had yet to master but it was the only way she saw to get out of here. Tilting her head she’d lower to sit on her haunches and tried to keep the energy swirling around her calm and inviting.-e-

Storyteller : the guards lowered thier spears towards the door while another opened it for the healer.

Sarah : Course she too had an air about her that was vey soothing and calmed as well. She looked on over to Tam and smiled with her emeralds turning to a golden coloring.. that of a felines but her back was to the guards so they would not see her eyes changing. She slowly approached up to the wolf while watching her intently and as she drew closer that calming affect would increase. “I will not harm you… I just wish to look at your leg… if you will allow me to… ~sister of the forests. Stay calmed and you shall not be harmed. I shall help you get out of here but you need to trust me.~ her thoughts going outwards but not to Tam’s thoughts.. oh no… they were of the shadows instead and along the ears to brush the tones there and for her own ears to hear the words being spoken.~

TamerlynStar : -shifted as she watched the other… ~Vandrin!-she’d think the curse word. she hadn’t expected another with her own secrets..but why did everyone keep calling her shifter, she was a star child granted it was likely she was the last of her line..but she was no shifter.. it was in fact the shifters that betrayed her and her clan…Calm.. oh she’d show it alright ..but when the time came she’d rip this ones throat out or die trying-~do what you must and be done with it..~-she’d actually project the thoughts laced with more anger than she meant to reveal but what was done was done. Now she waited for the healer to begin her work..-e-

Sarah : she tilted her head and arched a brow slowly only to sigh and shake her head. She saw AND definately heard that this was not one to try and trifle with. Her hands beginning to gleam slightly with a greenish tinge of power… ~I am not here to fight with you but if you try to escape this place on your own you will be killed. You may not trust me and I do not blame you for such but I CAN help you.~ she knew she was asking for a lot from this one but she did not know the history that this one had with supposedly her kind. she was after all only a… Were Cougar.~

TamerlynStar : would blink, her ice blue eyes never leaing the female in front of her. ~your right I don’t trust you.. or your kind.. so its clear we’re not a love match… get on with your work or get out… Shifter.~-the word shiter came out with a sneer and then the heler would feel Tam withdraw, and if the shifter tried to reach out to her the only thing she’d sense was the natural instincts of a wolf and nothing more. It was clear that Tam had locked down any pathway to keep the other from ‘stealing’ information for the lizard or whomever the shifter was indentured to.-e-

Sarah : she shook her head as she had been able to examine the break. She then would have to set it with the numbing of her limb first.. then a firey heat… not burning though just a soft soothing heat to go through it. As the heat is there she would put a binding spell upon it as she bandaged it up. “You will need to stay off of it for a few days but it will heal in time.” if there was any broken flesh upon the leg she would put salve upon it as well. She then looked to the wolf’s eyes directly and her goldens went back to the emeralds but then she started to fade out of the cell instead of the guards opening the door for her. She reappeared just outside of the bars and one of the guards hissed…

Storyteller : the guards : “You are wishing for punishment again, healer? Get out of here… now!!” spears lowered towards her and she lowered her head as she began to leave~

TamerlynStar : Tam would feel the healer work and fight to stay in her wolven form alas at the last moment the change would hit her hard and a moment or two later the girl, would be ‘human’ again. Tilting her head and arch a brow as she watched the by-play between the healer and the gaurds. So she had been right, the other was in fact a slave. Something she’d >

TamerlynStar : never allow to happen to herself. Letting out a sigh she’d watch the healer leave the way she came in. ~I’d feel sorry for her if her people hadn’t …~-she’d close her eyes as she pushed back the memories that flooded-…~she got what she deserved..~Tam would think as she moved to pick the robe up from he floor and cover her form. Granted her>

TamerlynStar : nudity didn’t bother her..but it did have a tendency to offend others…-e-

TamerlynStar : -once the healer was gone and he door was once more locked, Tam slowly made her way to the bars and once more ‘wrapped’ on them with her knuckles hoping to get a gaurds attention. If she succeeded she’d bring her hand to her lips, the four fingers pressing aginst her thunb. She’d then tap her lips three times, she’d then form a C with her fingers >

TamerlynStar : and bring that to her lips tipping her hand back as if she were drinking. She’d then drop her good hand to her chest, over her heart her palm pressing to her chest she’d rotate it counter clockwise three times then drop her hand completely and wait, hoping that they’d understand.-e

Storyteller : the guards would get the jist but they were not too happy with the way she was relaying what she wanted.. glaring at the woman the one guard glared at the other guard there with him… “You really wish our heads off of our shoulders? the govenor wishes to keep this one from being harmed. Dumb ass.” he then turned to Tam and smiled to her… “Hey

Storyteller : just ignore his ass… I am Jarralt and you are?” asking lightly as he would hand her a water skin to have a bit of water.~

TamerlynStar : -Tam would tilt her head, she understood the words but had no way to truly relay the message so she reverted back to the simpe hand gestures first bringing her good hand in a fist to her throat she’d slide it slowly up over her child then she’d open her fingers facing toward the ceiling as they slid over and away from her lips. She’d then shake >

TamerlynStar : her head no her eyes never leaving the mans eyes. she’d then put her palm out toward him hoping he’d wait for the rest. If he did she’d then point up to the ceiling (or out a window if there was one, and wiggle her fingers as if to say glitter or sparkle she’d then press her palm to her chest hoping he’d figure out that she was trying to tell him>

TamerlynStar : who exactly she was.-e-

Storyteller : the second guard only growled slightly… “The only thing I see is a female that needs to be bent over and fucked” the first glared and growled towards the other as he then looked back to Tam again… “Oh I think I get it… star… your name is Star?” he was looking very proud of himself by figuring that out and just smiled to her a bit more.~

TamerlynStar : Tam would smirk and growl herself turning her attention to the second gaurd as she allows her defenses to flair, in her altered form it wasnt much to look at she knew but the frost slid over her body then began to harder to an icy sheen.. she then reached for the water skin careful not to touch the gaurd who had offered it. When her fingers >

TamerlynStar : the skin the gaurd holding it would begin to feel the water grow colder and cloder. Finally assuming he’d not object she’d take the water skin, turning it upside down and uncork it and shake it, only a few drops of water would come out. She’d then toss it to the the ground. It was totally frozen. She’d then glance at the man who had figured out >

TamerlynStar : her name then nodded slightly before turning her attention back to the foul one she’d extend her first two fingers in a ‘v’ then bring her thunbs to rest between their respective fingers (like K) she’d then tap her wrists together three times (the symbol for Fuck) then pointed tothe mans crotch and then to the water skin with a smirk. She’d then >

TamerlynStar : extend her left hand up palm facing her her index finger bending as if saying “bring it…”-e-

Storyteller : Sanders growled darkly towards the female and if it were not for Jarralt he would have gone into the cell to not only do just what he said but damage her royally. “Out… now Sgt!” course it was obvious that Jarralt was higher in ranking for the other actually obeyed his order. “Have Trest come take your place.” growling again he left from the

Storyteller : cell area and Jarralt would stay away from the bars and Tam’s hands especially after what he just saw. “You just made my job a lot harder Star… thanks.” sighing and shaking his head while while folding his arms over his chest~

TamerlynStar : -She kept her eyes on the crude man then her eyes would narrow as she scented his desire and feat hit her hard but she held it togethe until he was out of sigh, then her form began to tremble slightly, her ice started to faade then retrun the fad once more, as if she struggled with control. but when she heard Jarralt she’d lower her head, her left>

TamerlynStar : hand forming a fist once more and she’d press it to her heart circling clockwise, (Sorry) she’d then turn and move back to the corner pulling her robe over her form once more as she slid down the wall closing her eyes. She really hadn’t meant to make things more difficult for the one gaurd who didn’t want to take advantage of her.-e-

Storyteller : Jarralt : “You are not a shape shiter are you.” it was more a statement then an actual question while he watched her only to then have the other male, Trest to head on down and stayed by but not too close either. Jarralt nodded to him then looked back to her… “You cant talk but you do something with your hands. Can you telepathically speak?”

Storyteller : asking as he was nearly out of options here.~

TamerlynStar : -just before the new gaurd appeared Tam would raise her head and snif the air she then looked to Jarrelt and shook her head about being a shifter, ~thank the elders.. someone finally gets it!~she’d think as the new gaurd enters she’d glance at him then look back at Jar and tap her temple and tilt her head…how to address this? She’d bring her >

TamerlynStar : left palm up and ‘wiggle’ it and wrinkled her nose. Yes she could link mentally with others.. but it was always a risky prospect and the had to also have a simular skill. Slowly she’d once more stand and make her way toward the bards again. Taking a deep breathe she’d pull back her ‘frost’ so that her left hand was extremely cold but not >

TamerlynStar : frozen she’d bring it to her lips in the “eat /food” symbol then agian the please symbol over the heart palm clockwise circle. she’d then do somthing she swore she’d not do.. she’d lower herself to her knees and extend her left hand through the bars-e

Storyteller : Trest had been watching a couple of cells down and arched a brow… he then stepped forth and began to sign back to her…~ “I will get you food and more water if you answer our questions.” Jarralt looked from Star and on over to Trest…”You know what the hell she is doing?” Trest just smirked and nodded his head.” ah yeah… she is signing her

Storyteller : words with hand jesters. ” he shrugged and Jarralt looked back to Star… ” okay let’s do this right… what is your full name and where are you from.. what is your purpose in the city? Tell me a tale about yourself in other words.”~

TamerlynStar : -Tam would glance at Jarr and tilt her head pointing to Trest then toward the still frozen water skin then down the hall then wait for his answer though she had no idea why the hells she should trust Jarr to tell her if the new gaurd was or was not like the one that had been sent away.. but.. oddly enough, she did so she would wait-e-

Storyteller : Trest laughed and shook his head… “Nah.. .I am nothing like Sanders but I can be worse if you do not start answering the Capt.’s questions… they are simple and they will be sure to not get you hurt and probably a lot more swiftly out of that cage.” Jarralt looked back and forth as he was getting frustrated… “Remember I do not do this.. stuff

Storyteller : Trest… ” the other laughed again… “She only wanted to know if I was like Sanders, Sir.. told her no I am worse.” winks at her then looks back and forth ~

TamerlynStar : Tam would stand up and step toward Jarr, as if he’d protect her..~-hell they’re probably trying to play good gaurd bad gaurd..~-she’d think to herself but as Jar spoke of not knowing this ‘stuff’ Tam would offer him a gentle smile, something she rarely if ever did. she’d then turn to look at Trest and begin to sign-… my name is Tamerlyn. and>

TamerlynStar : your captian is right, I am not a shifter but a star child-she’d say-as for my reasons for bein here…-she’d look down at her injured arm and shrug- it is hard to stay healthy….-the truth was she was hiding from the hunters sent out to track down her and any like her and either ensalve them or kill them but she thought that perhaps if she >

TamerlynStar : mentioned she had a price on her head they’d probbaly hand her over to the hunter the first night he made his way into town-e-

Storyteller : Trest would relay this to Jarralt… who in turn shoved himself from the wall and headed on out…” Get her something to eat and drink, Trest. I am sure that the Councilor or the Govenor will be pleased to hear this bit of information.” Trest nodded his head and smiled towards Tam… “Now… I shall be right back” he would sign to her and started to leave from the cells area to go get her food and the likes~

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