The Flight 26, 517 4:00 PM

Kїtşunέ¥Blądέşíngέя : -= Given the nature of its orders it had switched into weapon mode, discarding its sense of self or humanity. It had come across several pockets of life that it had registered as being hostile, in several cases it had noted them and moved on. Its current state was resting along a road waiting it had spread out the sensory field and was currently>

Kїtşunέ¥Blądέşíngέя : tracking a merchant train moving towards its location. With this in place it would wait and see if anything would hit the wagons. Statistical barring the arrival of a full wing of riders it would be able to operate at barest power levels, in order to effect a proper defense of the wagon train. Should a Wing arrive to assist it would have to >>

Kїtşunέ¥Blądέşíngέя : increase its offensive capabilities to combat that particular threat. Data was relayed and spread as counter plans where laid out and plans made for that eventuallity =-

Storyteller : As Kitsune watched, a small band, three humanoids with one dragon land in front of the merchant train. THe dragon was a gold scaled. the one on top of the dragons head smirked at the train. “Well what do we have here… supplies for the city? Afraid we have to confiscate it, for the good of the people as it were.” THe gold could easilly destroy the merchant train if it came to it. Before Kit would react, a roar would come, as suddenly 3 red dragons dived down, not aiming at the merchant train, -c-

Storyteller : instead aiming at the bandits blocking their way… most likely a patrol from the city itself-d-

Јαζειη : with her sensories out and along the grounds she had to be sure to put a few traps and such around the area she had built up for them. She was on constant alert… for if anything was tripped and she would give the schematics to Kit so that he would not suddenly come in and be all armored to the teeth just to get to where the buildings of tree

Јαζειη : houses and grassy underground bunkers were. She glanced to her work and could see that it would need a bit of improvement here and there and while working on that she kept her thoughts open for just incase Kit would need her for anything. She would be able to get to him in a mere blink of an eye.~

Kїtşunέ¥Blądέşíngέя : -= He watched in silence … interesting … he leaned back slightly drawing out a bow fitting the bone tipped arrow into the string he drew back aiming towards the heavens above “Dragon slaying arts Full Bind” his mind split as gave silent count, once in the air the arrow would burst binding the dragons to ground, if they where in the air ….>>

Kїtşunέ¥Blądέşíngέя : they would not be for long, claws spread as he moved onto the road, dragons where easy, as he was not in the mood to kill them, but honestly … some simple courtesy… “Disappointing … ” given the spell would only last for half the time then it should have and there was the possibility that one of them would break the skill before that it was >>

Kїtşunέ¥Blądέşíngέя : still most amusing “Your in the wrong place reds … get out of here before you piss me off … ” Sure the emblem on the armor was old but it was the councils seal upon it =-

Storyteller : the gold on the ground, and two of the reds were bound, crashing hard into the ground with a snarl.. THe one red who remained airborne pulled up and snarled. “We are here under the orders of Councelor CHhiror of the Drecanis Coalition What authority do you have here, or are you simply a bounty hunter here to collect?” As he spoke, one of the humans drew a crossbow on Kitsune. THe red gave an annoyed growl and sent a blast of his fire at it, enveloping in flame. He looked to the other two and snarled.-c-

Storyteller : stand down if you value your life, the adults are speaking here -d-

Kїtşunέ¥Blądέşíngέя : -= He turned to look at the red several spells rising to the fore front “Last warning … this is my area … find your own little play ground to further your little games” he continued to walk forwards releasing something akin to fear radius. “unless you really think you can play with me … though three on one … is not fare … I would >>

Kїtşunέ¥Blądέşíngέя : suggest getting more … ” armor plating shifted against his form as he consider the others present, shielding was activated, protection fire master level, silly creature. “Surrender or die … I care not which. … and that one is useless you owe me money red … ” well … technically its head could be salvaged. “oh yessss … that remindsss>>

Kїtşunέ¥Blądέşíngέя : me … ” he smiled faintly as he spoke softly “I think we will have some of that summer ale tonight verve ?” =-

Јαζειη : she recieves a missive and opening it up she begins to read it. eyes widen and her heart speeds up.. ~Damn it! so Irfeld was telling me the truth!~ she spoke softly in her own thoughts as she looked around. She touched the pendant upon her neck only to shake her head and slip it away again. She had to go see him, right? I mean these were her

Јαζειη : hatchlings, after all. But Kit had said that the council could not be trusted… no she trusted Draink. He was the only one she did or other wise she would not have given him the guardianship of her whelps. Damn it… she must stay.. what if Kit was in need of her? she began to pace in the tree house where she was just about to do some more

Јαζειη : maintenance on this area.~

Storyteller : Bounty hunters then.” He gave a grrowl and nods. “Release the others of my wing, we will retreat. We dont care for the bounty, but if you can ensure Chiror knows of our.. cooperation and assistance here, we will cover the bounty on that one if the capitol does not. OUr goals are the same, removal of these bandits, though our rewards would be different. Next time we meet, it should be on mutual terms to discuss cooperation.” -c-

Storyteller : on the ground the gold was struggling against the bounds before letting a roar. “THe City is corrupt! its leadership is corrupt! the shadows, they will devour us all if hwe do not destroy them! they will take our best warriors and convert them, and destroy the rest! kill them now, and let us go!-d-

Kїtşunέ¥Blądέşíngέя : -= It gave a snort moving forward as he severed the ties on the pair of reds. A Gauntleted fist rose up slamming down against the golds head “shut it …or your mouth will be bound as well” he lifted up a hand carressing something for a moment… “verve is hungry … would you be willing to feed him … ” he looked at the reds “take them and go >>

Kїtşunέ¥Blądέşíngέя : allegiances will be discussed by the one who commands …” ~If you do not shut up … I will be forced to kill you … ~ this was tight linked to the gold dragon. There were other plans at work besides the surface of the ones that where being played in plain sight =-

Storyteller : The reds growled, but did not ttack, leaving the scene and leave the gold to Kitsune. On the round, the gold hissed and glared ahis captor. “Do what you will, those loyal to the raconrouge will continue to fight, and there are not enough of you hunters to do anything about it-d-

Kїtşunέ¥Blądέşíngέя : -= He watched them fly off. ~your an idiot … If i was going to kill you I would have done so already … learn your history gold ~ he continued to watch the retreating reds ~so the question is …do you listen or do you die ?~ honestly in its current state it would have no cares “kill then verve … painlessly … ” its clawed hand moved that>>

Kїtşunέ¥Blądέşíngέя : strange orb detaching from the armor and towards the humans on the ground. ~It really is a simple choice… ~ =-

Storyteller : the golds eyes widened as the verve went to his rider. he hissed, he hd to protect his own rider at all cost. “Stop! do not harm them.. I … will listen.” He gave a low snarl, it was clear he wasnt happy, but none of them were in a position to test their luck. at elast if they listen, it may buy some time-d-

Kїtşunέ¥Blądέşíngέя : -= It gave a smile as verve came back and settled to his armor once more “It is simple, your going to fall into ranks … and hopefully we will make your little resistance …slightly better, fail and well … I am afraid your head will be used to attain the funds needed to ensure a proper fight … honestly grandfather would be quite disapointed in this … ”

Јαζειη : damn it… damn it… her thoughts were in turmoil as she continued to pace back and forth. She touched the necklace again but then took her had away. She cant.. no if she does she will disappoint her clan… but her hatchlings… ~Draink…. Draink! Answer me! damn it ole man answer me or so help me Io I will skin your hide off!~ she growled softly while hoping this would work. She had never tried to get a hold of him this way and if Kit or any of her clan knew…

Kїtşunέ¥Blądέşíngέя : ~go Jalein your no use inyour current state anyway~ =-

Јαζειη : she blinked as she heard his words and without any thought at all she would swiftly touch the necklace and rise up to the plane where Draink was with her hatchlings. Glancing around and calling out to him ~

Storyteller : the gold narrowed his eyes. “You are reinforements then? He hesitated as he looked to his rider, who nodded. “Those reds saw us, they be reporting to expect you to collect the bounty on us. You have no choice if you are to keep yourself secret. but our group, we are located 4 miles to the north, in the old caves of arixinweyr. find Vaeros…..” the other humans eyes widened as he understood what the gold was saying, he suddenly turned to run, but didnttt make far as the rider show a single crossbow right into the back of the runner. THe gold snarled and looked back to Kit. “Do what you need to, make it quick,”-d-

Kїtşunέ¥Blądέşíngέя : -= There no was hesitation and no mercy in the strike. it was quick the dragon bone blade entered beneath the jaw and punctured the brain. “kill leave the heads” the orb left his armor. in a dark blur puncturing the other humans in quick succession. “may your essence bring your clan pride in its sacrifice” he gave a wince as the brand burned against his flesh once more. He looked at the wagons in silence “Options … speak of nothing and proceed … or die and your supplies make it to town anyway … ” It did not care either way, orders where to ensure the supplies made it, not necesarily the people travelling with the supplies =-

Storyteller : There was a murmer from them. they were just merchants, and cared not who was in control as long as they were left alone to do their trade, agreement to keep silent was quickly reached, as the train continued its path to the city, leaving kit with the remains of the dragon, and 3 humans.-d-

Draink : As Jalein arrived, finding Draink was easy enough. The council grounds was between planes, not in one exact one, but an extra space, to ensure there was not only no inturruption, but certain entities would be blind to what was happening. THe feel of holy protection magiv was easy to detect, as Jalein would see each of her hachlings with cuts in their neck, and draink with a slice in his own claw. He was forcing the taint from the yong ones, taking it into himself. A second spell, necromatic in feel was around draink, but for now unknown to Jalein on its intent. all she could tell, is he was absorbing the tint from her hatchlings-d-

Јαζειη : she rushed on over to them with wide eyes and suddenly her thoughts of what to do went right out the window. She was so scared for her hatchlings but for Draink as well. “No.. no no… you ole fool.. what have you done?!” shaking her head back and forth only to remember her training and taking in a few deep breaths she began to try and assimilate her own energies into what he was using. She would cleans him directly afterwards… just as her own powers she hoped gained access to join his.. she increased it’s level of power by only one but she hoped it would have been enough. ~

Draink : seemed to be unaware of what was going on around, compeltly enveloped into the spells he was casting. THe bit that jalein had offered was strengtehning the spell, and specifically the energies in him. FInally he activated the necromatic spell.. Undead to death, designed to destroy undead. around him, the 9 hatchlings stayed dhly still, but the spell activated in two who had not been fully clensed.. their breaaaaaathing stopped, passing painlessly away though their soul, which would have gone to oth, instead enters into a gem for each… draink was making sure oth didnt benefit if they happend to die. He roared in pain as what he took into himself was destroyed, and if it wasnt for jaleins assistance, he would have died as well, instead he fell to the ground, breathing hard and shallow as pain wracked his very system-d-

Јαζειη : she continued to try and keep her energies down and low key but with this… damn it… she had to use quite a bit. She could feel her hatchlings being lost and with a sudden surge of energy did she let out a roar of loss of her two hatchlings. The surge on the other hand would be surged through Draink and that of the hatchlings that were recovering from what had just happened to them. She on the other hand… she was looking as if she were about to pass out from such a surge.~

Kїtşunέ¥Blądέşíngέя : -= He was in the process of butchering the Gold its head was placed in a bag along with the rest of the heads. A soft whistling sound as he harvested every bit of the gold. Everything had a use, the bones would make lovely weapons. once suitably crafted. Bloody work but necessary. after all … the head was all that was needed, and the rest was his. every piece had a function or purpose on some market. =-

Storyteller : THe surge of power and the recoil from the spell would indeed hit jalein. after all, it would have killed draink, but beign split between the two only made them both out of it for a time. THere, where none would be able to check on them, Jalien, Draink, and 7 out of the 9 hatchligns reamined unconcious, and woudl reamin for a while-d-

Јαζειη : she begins to stir with a huge amount of pain in her head. Putting a claw to it as it took her a bit to realize what happened and where she should be. It was then that she opened her eyes widely to glance towards Draink and her hatchlings. she went to them swiftly to check on each one… she would only see five though and two huge blackish looking puddles… oh and Draink as well. She glanced to him and hissed under her breath. With a few whispering words did she take up the black puddles into an orb only to have it thrown into a portal hole that led to the Lava pits just underneath the island. There would be no way for it to regenerate there… growling under her breath as she then kissed each of her hatchlings.. that were left with tears slipping down her cheek. ~Draink.. you were too close to being killed. Do that again and I will end you… myself.~ growling and after making damned sure they were alright she then would have herself swiftly head back down to the ground where she would let Kit know that she was back.

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