The Flight 20, 517 8:00 PM

✠λnĭsἕᴌ✠ : – He smiled as he found a suitable building oh yes … this would do nicely… he stepped passed the thresh hold of the house. thinking for a moment fire ignited into a sphere over his shoulder before he closed the door, empty but suitable he would have suitable furniture brought in soon enough the door was closed as he lifted a finger up a claw shifting from the finger tip as he traced a single etching upon the door. Some places should have privacy from intrusions. It was not his fault that it was a suitable binding to prevent certain things from entering into his home. He snapped his fingers triggering the silver flames to ignite around it. Time to get to work … –

✠λnĭsἕᴌ✠ : – he moved around the house for a time before he was completely satisfied with the wards that were in place he let out a breath and a shake of his shoulders, removing the cloak around his shoulders stretching out the wings behind him. With that done he linked to his horde and pulled out the basics he would need, table chairs, some minor dishes, enough to begin the basics of a plan. Paper was placed down as he began to script the list of items he was going to need.-

✠λnĭsἕᴌ✠ : – he moved his hand over the table drawing out a map of the land, watching as the tables surface adjusted itself to reflect the lands now. He looked it over in silence it would be a start he could move the pair in along the edge and hunt the groups till he could find those who did not agree with him. They would be the ones to get sacrificed up, it would show a impact in the rebel forces. but it would also ensure that new leadership would step up and adjust their thinking to be more successful in their raids. –

✠λnĭsἕᴌ✠ : – time enough indeed. He smiled as he moved his hand clearing the map from the table. Time indeed, now to ensure certain things where put in place for their arrival. He considered before he draped the cloak around him and left the house once more. Far enough away of enough that such things would be thrown into confusion, he approached the edge of the city taking a moment before utlizing a flash step and shifting in the same motion. Silver and red scales rippling along his hide as he took flight, ensuring the need to keep hidden he dropped the shroud around him heading towards the edge of the lands. –

✠λnĭsἕᴌ✠ : – Claws flexed against the air as he began to circle higher and higher, it was time to hunt, and this … would be fun… oh ever so much fun, adjusting the patterns he began to circle upwards, watching the ground below he would keep what he was looking for in mind, but there was no reason not to test the mettle of anything else while he was here. the person claiming to be in charge assumed he was human, the shadowling could follow as much as it wanted to. He knew their weaknesses, and how to … avoid them … if he needed to. –

Kїtşunέ¥Blądέşíngέя : -= He moved across the boundery lifting his armored muzzle up to scent the air around him twin whip like tails caressing the air behind him a hiss escaping before he moved towards a clearing. Claws dug into the earth beneath him ah it was good to have work again. Upon his armored hide where markings rippling and pulsing with their own internal energy. Oh how fun this would be … He settled into place seeming to freeze as he waited. That one would know. He had arrived … =-

✠λnĭsἕᴌ✠ : – There he was he banked and circled lower before coming to land in the clearing to speak to the one who had arrived ~Good time … Orders are as follows, you are to find the ones harassing travelers, You are to give them two options, swear allegiance to me, or Die.~ there was only one way that he was going to do this and that was the only way this battle would be fought. ~If they ask … they are swearing fealty to …well .. you get the idea … ~ he purred silently ~When will the others arrive ?~ –

Kїtşunέ¥Blądέşíngέя : -= “PRocessing … order accepted … execution of insurgence, fealty to be sworn to the draconrouge lineage, arrival time of support forces are estimated at a week. The faster ones will arrive within a day … They take the time to awaken the sleeper… ” he shifted up into a standing form sylver flames leaping around his body as he grinned “So what exactly pulls us out into the world in such force hmmm ?” he stretched claws flexing against the air “You know our clan isss sssuposed to remain hidden… or well … ah hell with it we are marching in force so lets have a bit of fun …. pleasssse?” =-

✠λnĭsἕᴌ✠ : – He shook his head ~No fun … just do as your told.~ he looked towards the sky ~is the Deszelds ikka going to show up as well ?~ for all in the world it was going to be most amusing once this one would get its starting orders, he would retreat to the city and ensure that things there were handled in a proper fashion ~Remember this …we have no room for mistakes. You do your job. Ensure the roads stay safe, train them and then proceed … We owe grandfather and the quicksylvers always pay back what is owed~ –

Kїtşunέ¥Blądέşíngέя : -= “Ah … that one … he was recently married and … well I am sure he will come soon enough …. you know how he hates the council.” he gave a shrug of his shoulders “Go teach your grandmother to suck eggs … I destroy and I follow my orders, and besides its been a while since I was allowed to run free … So you keep your end up and we will ensure our end of the deal.” his eyes narrowed “Do not forget … if you unleash that one … he will not discriminate … he hates the council and any associated with them” =-

Јαζειη : silence that is what she was at this time… somethng along the winds that was there but not. she kept her essence very minimal while she ghostly glided through the winds and to the spot she would feel the others within. A bit of an opening up but not too much as the form slipped down in a spiralling motion. an act that she had learned so long ago was to hide her presence from all.. even the clan though it was hard to do from.. her being what… the youngest or very nearly so? other than her brother but he was not like the rest and she wondered if he would even feel the call as well or not. Slowly her form glided till finaly she was there pretty damn close to the other two.~

✠λnĭsἕᴌ✠ : – ~Just ensure the rules are laid out for the rest when the arrive .. ~ he leaped skyward twisting around himself as flash step was applied and he took on the shape of man once more returning to the town. One did not fail through the simple means that most would assume. He had ensure that certain meetings where kept and keeping to them was a important task in its own right still even with that he had warned the governer he had a few coming … time to return to his house and prepare other things –

Kїtşunέ¥Blądέşíngέя : -= “Your presence is registered step forward or actions will be taken to ensure your immediate subjection.” it was silly to try an hide from clan. “Ah sister … well thats … oh goody…. ” he smiled as he continued to ramble on about random details of absolutely nothing but they sounded really important “want to see something really cool dear sssssister …. ” he turned holding a small sphere in his hand and released it into the air “Devour…. ” the orb whipped off on its own a smile crossing his lips as a pair dull wet whumps where heard followed by a crunching noise he looked back Jalein “IF you are not here to help … I Would leave …” the orb returned cleaning teeth off as it settled onto his shoulder “Such a good little verve … ” a claw scratched the ball lightly. Staring at Jalein. “Time to step up dear little sisssster …” –

Јαζειη : she stepped forth and glanced on over to Kit with just an arching of a blackish indigo brow. He would probably sense that she had just been newly reborn and that what was in her was much… much more than just the Ancient spirtual essence of their kind. “I heard the summons… brother and wish to help where I can. As for me to… step up give me a task and it shall be done. I am here to listen to the summons and gain instructions of why and what is to be done within Great Grandfather’s lands.” she spoke softly as that ghostly form slowly started to solidify before his gaze. Yes she was young but she had a great amount of power within herself more than any of her age should actually have ~

✠λnĭsἕᴌ✠ : – He moved along the street lips curling into a smile before he entered his house. Effective, the weapon had arrived the roads would be safe enough… well the primary road. He moved into the primary room moving to drop the cloak onto the back of the chair, moving to the ktichen he had made some tea for himself. time to process the requirements needed to effect the proper tactics in breaking the insurgents first. He had not lied to the councils representive .. that did not mean that there were not other plans going on beneath those tactics. ah yes … he would organize a party, and entertain some of the upper class a flash of wealth… Time to play a game he was well trained for. –

Kїtşunέ¥Blądέşíngέя : -= “They go back to him or who ever he named their heir. We do not care about that … how ever for the moment our primary goal is to secure the roads leading into these lands and to the city. We are to apprehend those who are praying upon them, any skulking are to be considered enemies and either captured or killed. ” lips twitched for a moment in a smile. “We will set up a position to fortify and then proceed with infiltration. In order to ensure that the proper steps are taken to ensure our success. If Anisel called us then its a given that we need to do something to even or fix what ever problem is here ” =-

Јαζειη : she looked to him and the… thing on his shoulder but then nodded her head slightly… “I can do that.. .easily enough. Infiltration as in the groups that are going after those of these lands and gain thier alligiance or as infiltrate and kill outright?” she almost seemed to like the latter part but then there was that other part That kit mentioned as well.. “hhhmm I see fun will have to wait for those whom may.. surrender?” she smiled lightly~

Kїtşunέ¥Blądέşíngέя : – “Correct … those that surrender are brought to me for questioning. You know the rules when it comes to council … gather all information before passing judgement.” he lifted claws up brushing it through his hair lightly, Consideration was given “It will be hard enough and long drawn out in order to complete this in a successful manner. I Fairly sure father would agree that we cannot mess up here. Stupid old lizard loved Val … ” he gave a shrug of his shoulders “We need to keep Tempest from this for as long as we can understood ?” =-

Јαζειη : “I have not seen Tempest in so very, very long brother… I have seen Rabbit but not Tempest.” she nodded her head “I shall not be telling him but if I could hear the summons from Kytaf… would he not be able to hear it from where ever he is?” she asked softly. She had only heard stories of Tempest and that was about it and knew why he was not to be told about this. “And the base for bringing the prisoners will be? or you have not gotten that far yet… ” She smiled with a quirky smile~

Kїtşunέ¥Blądέşíngέя : -= “Eh … any where I dont really care about that bit … Tempest was … not informed … ” he rubbed at the back of his head “This clearing should serve well enough for a base of operations, we can managed well enough … I have a feeling prisoners will be few and some what far between … remember though … our goal is to ensure these roads are kept clear and under our control … no questions asked” =-

Јαζειη : she was about to say something when that totally sunk into her thoughts and her eyes widened slightly with a shaking of her head and her hand going to her face… “Brother… that will not end well if he finds out.” she slowly looked over to him again with her eyes gleaming and ready for what she would need to do in order to carry out her orders. “Do you have a… contingency plan if he does find out?” she hissed softly and a bit worried for she had just gone through a death and was not wishing to go through another one. Her body shivering but also he would see a bit of a glinting upon her frame as if something ever so similar to that of the ancient armor started to slip from within her flesh and outwards for it seemed she was getting ready to go start her duties.~

Kїtşunέ¥Blądέşíngέя : -= “Yeah …so lets hope he does not find out eh ?” dear god, unleashing upon these people the councils last “Example” would not be wise, “Um yeah …. run … run far and run fast… You know damn well … oh no actually you dont … well the council made an example of him … ” he looked and considered for a time “trust me dont fight … just run … he is first born and knew grandfather, wife or not, he finds out about this and he will come … so we are letting him have his peace.” he was pacing the clearing getting proper count for its size. “we have always been small clan wise … how ever we have ties to many of the old houses, most of which owe us favors… we call they come. it is that simple … ” =-

Јαζειη : she listened and watched him intently… as if she were a predator watching it’s prey. It was as if the calling of the clan had awoken something… within herself that had been asleep since her rebirth. “I shall do as you say… Brother. What of Rhulil my twin brother he is not of us but he is still QuickSylver.. will he hear the summons? i am not sure I would wish him here for this.” she spoke softly and glanced down to the ground ~

Kїtşunέ¥Blądέşíngέя : -= “if he wishes to he will … if he does not … ” he shrugged his shoulders “It has never been our way to force our clan to do anything … Remember slade ensured that all had free will ” it had been his will that had ended him in the spot he was in “remember sssister … we only ensure that a balance is kept here. It is not our place to rule this place … that is grandfathers choice and not ours” he gave her a smile before he dropped down into that four legged form once more “I shall scout. … I leave building up to you … I work best alone … ” and he did, he had tactics to train, but his … abilities… where best left to working in a solo manner “we will help those here… and right now … that means ensuring that their roads are clear… ” =-

Јαζειη : she sighed softly and only nodded her head a bit “What of the Dragon council.. the very seats of the dragon Council… high dracong council… what of those positions, brother? what about ruling at the side of a mate that you had been bonded to during your very rebirthing? What of them? ” she looked around the area as she slowly began to picture the way this area would be for their set up. She smiled slightly and sort of… nervously as well for she knew about only being a balance for where they were at for to become something more would only call down the wrath that they have so tried to keep from themselves.~

Kїtşunέ¥Blądέşíngέя : – he turned to look at her “Then pray to what ever gods you hold dear … that they do not cross us … of all the clans …you should know how the council and their precious rules has treated our clan …” and then he turned and headed into the depths of the forests. ~do not ever forget … we are killers of our own kind~ this was delivered to her mind and her mind alone ~We were the ones trained to kill our people when they went rogue. The council betrayed us because it suited their whims. You would do well to remember that you will find no love on the council for our kind ~ =-

Јαζειη : yeah she already had that feeling from all but one… Draink… he was taking care of her hatchlings at this time. Her hatchlings she froze and a tear slipped down her cheek only to growl and wipe it away. She may end up killing her own hatchlings due to the point of their taint. ~I know… brother… I know~ she was keeping her eyes peeled on one particular Leading Council member ~Sjach a black Elder shadow dragon is the one that is ahead of the council now and has already shown his.. interests in me. I wish only for his head though in return.~ she hissed as she slowly walked around the open field and started to bring forth just a slight trailing of her energies around the very area that kit had already walked. She did not use the conventional energies as the others but that of what she has been known to call as… dust or crystal. she was so infused with them that her whole body was one huge mine of them. using the green and a manipulation of energies she began to bring forth a growth of not only trees but grasses and shrubs to start in the making of what would be needed here for shelters. She did it in such a way that the very area still looked as if it were the forests.~

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