The Flight 21, 517 10:00 AM

Ģøvęŗņøŗ¤Ćøļŗąŧħ : at the balcony, Colrath quietly waited, still in the lizard type form, the sahdows around him almost seemed alive. Chiror was late… as usual, but he woudlnt dare keep him waiting too long. He knew full well this was Chiror’s way of rebelling, and Col would allow that, provided he towed the line with everything else.-d-

Chiror : yeah eventually he would show up… his crimson robes with the golden runics all over them, flapping a bit as he was in a so called rush to get to the Govenor. A bit of heavy breathing as he had reaped the rewards over the years of being the only one in the councilors positioning… well till the damned Shadows came that is. He was now the ONLY councilor that remained. finally arriving to his destination he waited at the door with a bit of paninting breath.. “Govenor… you have…. summoned me?” they were supposed to be of equal partners but well… yeah that was not really the case here.~

Ģøvęŗņøŗ¤Ćøļŗąŧħ : “Councelor, good of you to arrive. You know these meetings with the people is to show them we have a unified front.” He wrapped his arm around the shoulders of the other, as if they were close friends, before whispering closer to his ear. “Hows that mate of yours doing? Hands full I hear. Suhc a wonderfull dragon to support you in every way she can. and that eldest.. Why if his training keeps up, I may have to reccoemnd him for training in our elite squad.” He gives a toothly, predatory smile. Now let us see what the people want from us for today-d-

Chiror : his eyes widened slightly and he licked his lips with a bit of nervousness. He never did like the closeness of this fucking Shadow but he would keep his head up high and with pride… “Oh.. she is fine. Not a handful at all and yes… Hursul has become… such a good warrior indeed. Nearly top of his class… actually.” he smiled with a bit of that nervousness showing through for he knew why Colrath was talking in this manner. Body guards around his family were not his own and not to be trusted in the least. “Oh yes… yes… let’s go see what the people wish for this day. I am sure it will just be that mundane… sameness. You know you … really do not need to be there everyday, Govenor…I mean you must be… so busy with other things.. yes?” he smiled and chuckled a bit~

Ģøvęŗņøŗ¤Ćøļŗąŧħ : Busy as I am, I wouldnt want you to feel that I am shirking my duties. But if you really think you can handle this all by yourself, there is certainly other matters i can attend to in the castle. Like that mate of yours, lovely creature, I should really drop in and see if she needs anything from me.” He gives a grin and a bit of a hiss, knowing he was pressing the councilors buttons. “Are you sure you can handle this alone then?-d-

Chiror : he growled under his own breath and even stiffened up slightly but he knew to strike out at the Govenor would be to strike out at his family as well. The bastard had him dead to rights… “No.. I guess I would need a bit of your wisdom there, my good man. I mean it would not be a traditional thing without you there to see that I make the right choices for the kingdom and the people, My Govenor.” by this time they would make the main hall chambers where they conducted their daily routine by talking to the citizens and he would smile brightly as if there was nothing wrong in the least.~

Ģøvęŗņøŗ¤Ćøļŗąŧħ : good, remember your place and all will be fine. Ill let you handle these, while I observe. ”

James_Walker : One man approached, elderly in appearance He. was hesitant before speaking. ” Honored ones…. I am a simple merchant, but I cant get my goods into the city, everytime i try, i am attacked, and my goods stolen. how will you protect us?”

Chiror : he looked to the old man and tilted his head as he then looked on over to Colrath.. “There is supposed to be troops along the trails to be sure that supplies get through… ” he looked back to the old man… “What do these bandits look like? I mean do you have anything to show something to us like a body.. arrows… weapons and the likes? where on the trails is this happening?” he needed details if he were going to protect his people~

James_Walker  : “There are several, one of them dropped this, but I am afraid of what it means. THey attacked, some out of the woods, others on back of dragons, and they attack at the very edge of the land boundaries, where the guardsa re not.” He hands over a crest, which would have a famliar lok, it was the old draconrouge clan crest, before it was modified to show the shadow dragons influence by haing the crest enclosed by a claw

Chiror : he arched a brow slowly and looked on over to Colrath only to look back to the ole man again. “What you have given me is the ole crest of these lands. this proves only that those of these lands are either stealing from you or that of bandits that wish to discredit the good natures of the Shadow dragons and the kindness they have shown these lands.” deep down he hoped that this was not just a small band but a growing army that would eventually over throw the bastards and he would be able to regain his prestige once more.~

James_Walker  : hesitated. “THere have been rumors, taht old members of the Draconrouge clan have seperated, and attacking beause of the alliance with the shadows. How do we even know what is safe anymore?”

Ģøvęŗņøŗ¤Ćøļŗąŧħ : spoke up at this time. “I have offered a 1000 gold bounty on the head of any verified member of this spinter group. rest assured, they are acting as criminals in this land, and will be treated as such.”

James_Walker  : bowed his head and headed off.

Blazith : SOon another approached, speaking to Chiror directly. from what Chiror woudl be able to detect, it was another red. “Chiror, decendant of the great dragon Valareos I assume or are the stories false in their telling?”

Ģøvęŗņøŗ¤Ćøļŗąŧħ : leaned down to speak to Chiror softly. “This one is known as Blazith the red… from a smaller clan, he has been known to increase his own prestige by raising that of his clan”-d-

Chiror : he smiled slightly only to lean over and nodded his head… the old man dealt with only to have a flippant red come to him and insult him right off the bat? he would narrow his gaze slightly … “That I am Blazith of the Clan Baleful Flames… what is it that I can do for you this day?” oh he would rather get up and actually tare his heart out for such a slight as what the other had just done but he would keep his cool. He did not even glance over to Colrath for he wished to keep a sharp eye on this one.~

Blazith : gave a smile as he bowed, though it was quite clear he was simply acting due to wanting something. “THen if stories about you are true then so must those of the bloodline itself. Ive heard it said that the Draconrouge clan is weak, that it has been watered down by incompentance. I however do not believe such stories, and am in a osition to help you, provided of course you do something for me in return! See, I have influence over a few other clans, and their support of you and this city will go a long way into securing the pease. I am willing to offer that support, but our clan has always been seen as outsiders. As such, I beleive blood familiarity would strengthen our ties to your clan, and what better way than able to claim the great Valareos as an ancestor! I have a few daughters from a clutch coming to age, and our clan has always proven to give strong first clutches. YOu win both way the way I see it-d-

Chiror : he tilted his head and contemplated this… he could.. no he could not for if he were found out. He thought of his family and what would happen to them. He glanced on over to Colrath and spoke up… “What say you Govenor? I mean this may be a good way to help capture the good natured will you and yours bring to these lands. To let Blazith and his patrol the routes of trades and such. We do wish to keep the citizens safe… do we not? as for prestige I will have to talk that over with the Govenor but I am sure that the bounties should be more than enough to gain you such of what you seek… maybe not from my grandfather’s blood line but prestige enough.” why would he wish to even share in such a title of Draconrouge with such a lowly clan?~

Ģøvęŗņøŗ¤Ćøļŗąŧħ : gave a approving nod at what Chiror was saying. “I can not speak for the Draconrouge clan, that is what Chiror here is for. But it seems to me, Blazith, you should first prove your clan is worthy enough to ask such an honor. you clain you hear that the Draconrouge bloodline is weak, then you should understand the need to wait. Go, patrol the skies with yoru forces, and if you can prove your prowness there, then come back and ask again. I personally have nothing against the draconrouge bbloodline extended. but as I said that is not my call.” He turned to face CHiror with a smil. “Good… see, it isnt that hard to maintain solidarity and individuality. ITs all I ask is we put a unified front, we can always argue other poitns behind closed doors.” As he spoke, a glint of steel CHiror would see from behind Colrath, and a sense of magic, deadly magic to dragons, as someone drew a dagger and pulled it back, as if to aim to stab Colrath in the back with the dagger-d-

Chiror : He was watching Colrath as he spoke but the last bit of his words nearly had him hesitate in his attempt to swiftly fling a narrowed beamed fire bolt directly as if it were a dagger at the one that was weilding the dagger towards the Govenor’s very back. Anything happened to the bastard and there went his family… instantly. He let out a roar of anger and worry at the sametime as that dagger like flame left from his hand and towards the main body of the one weilding the dagger.~

Ģøvęŗņøŗ¤Ćøļŗąŧħ : The blast of falme went over the shoulder of COlrath, who at this point began to duck, as the flame slamed squarely into the chest of the one with the dgger. a scream of pain as the bolt of flame exploded on the mans chest, knocking him backwards on the floor. Colrath snarled. “Get him out of here!” suddenly the man was covered in shadows, screaming as they drug him through the floor to.. wherever they took their prisoners. He stood and galred around. “Todays session is over! return to your homes!” He looked to chiror with a snarl, eyes narrowed. “A bloddy dragon slaying dagger.. .how that get in here.” He looks to Chiror. “Name one of them… your mate or any of your children… give me any one of their names…. now..-d-

Chiror : when everyone was gone from the chambers and Colrath spoke his words his eyes widened and he shook his head… “What.. no.. I will not… this was not of my doing?! I have nothing to do with this!! You think I would risk my family and mate?! you are out of your mind, Colrath!” oh he was furious with this outrage just as much Colrath seemed to be… “I protected you just now you ass!….” oh shit… he back stepped and his face went white… “No Colrath… I had nothing… nothing to do with this…” he kept shaking his head.~

Ģøvęŗņøŗ¤Ćøļŗąŧħ : He snarls as he moves foward. I am not blind Chiror!! I know who is to blame for this! But if you will not name one, I will!” A shadow appeared beside them. “Hursul… is to be removed from the watch list. if any of you harm a scale n him, it will be me you answer to, understood!” THe guard vanished as he turned back to CHiror. “A life for a life. you saved mine, i saved one of yours. Be glad you did that outburst without any watching, for if there had been… well, I woudl ahve had no choice but to do what is needed.” He leans foward. “I happen to like you CHiror… and life can go so much easier for you if you embrase waht is offered. What is it you truly want out of this position, Why did you take it in the first place, and why did y ou refuse to leave like your other councelors did?-d-

Chiror : he blinked and looked a bit confused with a furrowing of his brows as he was not sure what to think… “Wait… you were not… going to hurt them?” he asked while glancing around and then to Colrath again. “I… stayed for the people and eventually what all the reds of my blood line wish for. The power that comes with such a positioning… fame… that sort of thing but I know that I shall never gain such for I will always have to share with our… companions… your lot.” he smiled slightly as he was not sure what to think of this~

Ģøvęŗņøŗ¤Ćøļŗąŧħ : As do I.. You think my Elder will allow me to enjoy unlimited power and prestige here? such is the way of dragons is it not? SO you do what i do… take what you can when you can get away with it. Both your elder and my elder are far from here. we are the authority here. so live up the life of one who answers to no one but himself. As long as you are not crossing me, or what our long term objectives are, I care not what benefits and job perks you gain from your position. And as you prove your loyalty less will I need to rely on pressure to ensure such would you rather bethreatened with pain to you or your family, or rewarded with benefits to the same? Many will come to you, offer you money and services simply for the promise of power and prestige, a promise you do not have to fufil, or.. not to where it causes you any great concern. You are a red, almost in euqual to power as us shadows. in a position to tke whatever you want, and disavow any responsibility, because you can claim your not in any true power-d-

Chiror : he heard the twisting of the words and yet even his ears was listening and nodding his head to nearly every word that Colrath was speaking. He could gain his fame.. .power and monetary value. Get his family to safety and then… he wuold be able to take back what had been taken from him and his. Oh yes give me all that you wish for in the end it will only be your downfall you pompous ass of flesh dunged shadow. He smiled and just kept listening… “I am listening and I like what I am hearing…”~

Ģøvęŗņøŗ¤Ćøļŗąŧħ : Good. remember in the end, we are all tools of someone else.. those who survive are those who prove to be more useful tools. Your eldest will be safe from harm if you are to do something stupid, but remember I wont always offer such. so do not think that sending an assasain so you could “rescue” me will be a sound strategy. Now, tell me, knowing what you do now, what power, what perk are you planning to take for yourself?-d-

Chiror : he raised his head slightly with pride and smiled towards Colrath… “To take Anthro down from his seat as Clan Elder… eventually.” but his eyes were gleaming with a firey glazed look as the hunger of his red was slowly shining through… finally. It had been since the shadows arrived that he had to hide that pridefulness from all around himself but after this day he thought he could gain a bit of… reward after what he had done for Colrath this evening~

Ģøvęŗņøŗ¤Ćøļŗąŧħ : Good.. good.. keep that fire, that is what I want to see… Yu want control of your clan, free and clear, and inherit the benefits he enjoys… then I think I can work things to ensure this happens.. It is however, much of a work for both our gain Continue to work for our goals, and you will see yourself as the Elder of the Draconrouge clan, with everything that goes with it. And I suspect the first step is to act like a leader. Here, you ARE the senior representative of the Draconrouge clan. HEre you ARE their leader, and some have tunred away to fight you in that. THe clan is yours, in this place. show them that it is, and take what you deserve.” He turned and headed out to leave him with his thoguhts.

Blazith : when Colrath was gone, the dragon Blazith seemed to appear, having kept himself quite well hidden. “Seems Ive overheard some interesting tidbits. You want to rule yoru clan, you need support… and I would prefer to throw my support to the next future leader… especially, if it means my decendants are heirs… Can you risk fighting not only those inside, and outside your clan without allies?-d-

Chiror : he waited and then glanced on over to Blazith only to narrow his eyes. He charged at the other male and held him by the throat if he was fast enough to do such and snarled… “Let me guess… you sent that assassin against the Govenor… didnt you? now because of it I have my eldest out there… someplace and in the fucking clutches of these Shadow dwelling fucks… I should kill you where you stand unless… you prove yourself to me. Get rid of these rebells along the roads and as soon as you do… I WILL fuck your daughters myself… got me?” all of this spoken from the mind to mind but he was looking so determined to kill the bastard~

Blazith : yelped as his eyes widened, picked up by the irate dragon. he gulped but nodded, speaking back in his mind. “Y… yes of course. it will be done! Ill get my supporters on it immediatly!” WHen finally released he left quickly. Chiror’s eldest was not in any danger, nor was he goign to be sent awqay from teh palace. simply put, if Chiror did something that warrented punishment, the eldest wouldnt be targete THough there was no way Blazith would know that-d-

Chiror : smiling and chuckling loudly he then turned to head for his and his mate’s chambers. those firey reds gleaming only to slip back into dormancy once more before he got to his rooms and his mate as well as his younger two hatchlings. his beloved had lost nearly three quarters of their last eggs due to the stress she had been under after the Shadows had arrived to the lands and that right there he would love to kill Colrath for.~

Isen : hissed a bit as she saw him enter, but relaxed when she realized who it was. SHehad been in an agitated state and recent developments has her worried. “What has happened? the guards.. always present… I felt them, and their numbers lessened. Has something happened to require them to go elsewhere?” For how concerned she was about having the hidden guards around, having them suddenly not there felt even wor “Even now.. they have left the lair unguarded!”

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