Hatching 19, 511

Væłvé*Ðåŕҝßåņé : He had not told a single thing about his time in a different place so long ago… Even before he came back to be with his so called father Ilharn for a bit. Sighing softly he hoped that Solan had not minded he and that of Kron had spoken in the wee hours of the morning over things that needed to be discussed. Clan of Darkblade for them had been disbanned and would continue to be such. A few things would have to be done but that would be for later times. He had at least two of his ole clan family still around and the rest… he was not sure he even wanted to see them again or not. It was dawn by the time that he had reached his and Solan’s bed and with a soft groaning he would slip in to try and get at least something of sleep before his little girl would wish him to fix her breakfast or have Solan do it instead. Either way he knew he was going to be woken up very shortly.~

ȿό₤ǻɳ : hadn’t been sleeping well of late and with out Vael in his bed, the young half breed could brood until his hair turned gray and the other would not be aware of such a fate that had been fallen him. There was so much damage and he could not but help to wonder why? Why had things gone so wrong. Maybe it was that he missed a piece of himself, his father, or just knowing … that… things could have been better at some point but they had just missed the leap that would have taken them in that direction. So as Vael crept up the stairs, Solan slipped out of the bed, dressed for the day as if he had not been up all night, running things over in his mind. Smiling faintly towards the elder male, Solan breathed, “Good sleep to you,” And headed out of the room to make himself some tea and continue to brood in the privacy of the kitchen.<>

Væłvé*Ðåŕҝßåņé : he watched his lover and though he was not able to read Solan as well as he could others with his empathy… the signs of not sleeping were showing on Solan’s young beautiful face. he sighed softly and instead of going to bed and sleep he followed Solan out of thier room and to the kitchen where he would see Solan making some tea. He folded his huge arms over his chest and watched Solan while leaning up against the door frame. He was such a beautiful male to behold but then he grimaced and let out a soft breath. “Why have you nae spoken to me about your not sleeping and please… do not lie to me, Solan or try to cover it up as saying I was not in our bed last nigh. Your face shows this as being going on for a bit now. Talk to me, my love… please?” he then stepped forth to go and walk to where Solan was… stop him from what he was doing and turning Solan around gently to look up and to himself.~

ȿό₤ǻɳ : Small, almost delicate in stature and nature, he moved with an airy grace, though he was only have present as he worked on filling the kettle with water to boil, it still looked as if it was a practiced art form. Catching his long, bell like sleeves to keep the spray from soaking them as he worked and further, to keep it back from the flames as he placed the tea upon the fire. He didn’t need to hear Vael to know that the other followed him down the steps instead of going to sleep. Shaking his head ever so slight, Solan whispered, “Should you not rest before the sun greets the day? You know that Shar will be very demanding upon you, considering she only has you to love her.” Turning on his bare feet, staring at the much larger male as he came towards him, lifting his head back as he had no reason to lie or cover up the truth of the matter, “Sleep eludes us all from time to time, it is nothing to worry much over as I worry enough for the world to stop fretting about the small things.” Gently, his lips tugged upwards into a breathy, half smile, “Still, what would you have me say to you? There is not much to tell as it is my own problem and a problem I do not need to burden upon you as you already carry too much weight for your own shoulders to bare.”<>

Væłvé*Ðåŕҝßåņé : arching a brow he tilted his head while his huge hands start to run up and down Solan’s arms. He looked intensly into those beautiful eyes and wondered… “Am I losing you as well? ” He shook at the very thought of losing another that he had put his heart out towards. running his left hand up and to the back of Solan’s head to hold onto it ever so gently and licking his lips. he then leaned down to kiss Solan’s lips while there is worry in his blackest of black orbs. “I… I want to help you as much as I can Solan. The worry I have is mostly for my daughter and you to keep you both safe and sound from those that would wish to get to me through you two. Knowing that Lucifer is still probably wanting to take the only thing I have of Son’s left… my daughter… my very flesh and blood. I think I can take on a bit more… if you would only allow me to.” He smiled lightly down to Solan with almost a pleading look. He was feeling lost once more… just as he had started to do with Son and he DID NOT wish to go through that again only to lose yet another.~

ȿό₤ǻɳ : frowned hard at Vael, rolled his eyes and set his hands to the man’s chest, allowing for the kiss before he pushed himself out of the life squeezing hold, “I told you I would never be yours when we came together as a couple, Vaelve. I am not…. I am not my father, please do not think I am leaving because I can not sleep. It has little to do with you…” Turning his head ever so slightly to peer at the man before him from his right eye before turning his face back to full view. “I have not been called away, so will you still yourself and your need to grasp upon me as if I am the sands to be washed away from the beaches?” Shaking his head, he reached for Vael’s hands, catching them up and turning them over, cupping the larger mits in his own smaller ones, “You fear losing too much, Vaelve, you grasp to things, people, as if they are the very source of everything you are, when you do not see yourself as worthy.” Lifting his eyes to his lover’s sinful gaze, “You are much like the Matron, which has been the constant of my thoughts. The Clan of Darkrose and the fall of it and her need for Nicki but her inability to trust him which has driven this kingdom to the breaking point.” Holding Vael’s gaze, “You need not hold me so tightly that I die from the crushing vice of your love, Vael. Nor do I wish to feel smothered and over protected. I will stay with you, until I am called to leave. I told you this, take me at my word for I have nothing else to offer you.” The young man stated, unlike Vael, his own heart was not his to give away, he cared for the man, he cared for his sister, and so he chose to stay with them. It was enough for him, he had told Vael this very thing at the start of their relationship. Lowering his gaze to Vael’s heart, “If you open your hands, you find that people wish to stay with you, because you are secure in the knowledge that they wish to stay with you because you are secure in knowing what they offer to you in return is all you need.” Mismatched eyes flickered back up, hidden under the thickness of his dark hair and the fringe of soot colored lashes, “It is a lesson of trust. I trust you to stay with me because you care about me and desire for me to be here with you. I trust you not to leave me for another. And should you decide that someone else is more worthy than I, I do believe, have faith and utter trust that you would speak to me of it and tell me so I do not find out for myself.” <>

Væłvé*Ðåŕҝßåņé : sighs and nods… “I know what we had discussed at the beginning of our relationship, Solan but at times I had hoped that I could help you with your… visiosn. Learn to understand them better so that I can help Shar with hers as well. it is not me wanting to smother you and I do trust you. But I am definately NOT like the Matron in that I hover over you and keep you from leaving my side for any length of time. I know you can take care of yourself and even my daughter. If I did not I would not leave her with you while I am out doing other things for the council. As for the Darkrose clan… thier inner disputes at this time have disrupted a great deal of others and things that had been needed to get done with a much swifter time frame but it would seem that now with Braul off the island and a few after Braul… I do believe things will go back to the way they should be. Demetri is back in the dungeon cells for the stupid Crosis has been dealt with as well. With Demetri safe and sound… Braul on the run I am hoping farms can be built up even faster now instead of the builders having to be put on alert that they were to be attacked… now they have the Orgillians watching over them as well and the farm houses and lands are being put back on track. The newer port city Haven is also being put back on track for building it up like this one. I am stable in my knowing that things are finally going as they should and now only wish to keep you and Shar safe. So… forgive me if I had over stepped. it was not my intentions to do such…” He smiled lightly and leaning down slightly did he kiss Solan’s lips once more .~

ȿό₤ǻɳ : nodded, “It seems that someone has finally taken lead and set the course…” Nodding his head, slightly shocked to hear the changes now that Drizztren was not … well… she was not in the way, but her heart kept pulling her away from her people. She was… distracted by Nicki and now… “I worry about them, though… if they can not find a common ground that was not their son. Shaking his head a little, Solan rolled his shoulders and smiled at Vael, “My visions confuse you and they confuse me more, because I am the one that needs to make sense of them and sometimes, it is not what I see… If I tell you, do not step on the bug and you jump back looking for it, you knock into something else and set off a chain of events that leave a bigger mess… see… there isn’t much you can do, it is just learning how to see my way through them, what I see and how one looks at it… for the future, Vael, is not a certain thing. All that is certain is the past and still, people can see it in many different colors. In their own way…” Rolling his shoulders, he smiled a little and shrugged it all off, it didn’t mean it didn’t worry him because he had seen the pain and knew how it rippled through the people, through their son. Kissing Vael back, Solan moved back as the kettle started to whistle.<>

Væłvé*Ðåŕҝßåņé : goes to bring down a cup only to stop half way there and yawns hugely… shaking his head and sighing softly. He knew that his little one would be up soon enough but there was also no way he was going to be able to stay up. “I am not sure what we can do about Dominick and Drizztren, my lovely Solan. Do you believe that if they do split up that other things will get worse for the island or will it even affect us at all… or actually affect the Clan even more.” brushing a hand along his face as if that would help him with his tiredness. “I still beleeeeeeve ~yawns again~ damn it… sorry love. I believe that two pairs of eyes and brains can help out more than just one but I shall leave it to you. How has Shar been doing with her own visions or have they even started up yet?” He asked lightly while leaning over the counter where he WAS going to go and get a cup ~

ȿό₤ǻɳ : Pulling the heated water off the fire, Solan filled another pot with the steaming, bubbling liquid as he spoke in a low tone, “I can not see for the Clan… if they stay together it is dark and if they break it is dark. For them. For the clan. For their son. They need something to fix them but it is not in my power to grant them their …. desire…. Nicki is broken and so, he has began to break Drizztren in return… They are much like rocks banging off of each other in the churning tides. Either can release the other until there is nothing left… it is how it is…” Shaking his head, he set some of the tea leaves into the heated water to steep before going to get a cup. “As for Shar, Shar is coping well with what visions she has been having… I have been showing her how to draw them out and what signs to see in them. I know you think two are better then one, and I keep telling you that one too many cooks ruin the soup. Trust me on this… Will you? you have taken my warnings thus far and you have done well by them… will you not continue on as we have been?”<>

Væłvé*Ðåŕҝßåņé : He listened to Solan’s words and nodded his head with another yawning which would have proved a bit difficult for Solan to grasp onto a cup for Vael was still in the way and leaning against the counter. He looked over to Solan and grimaced slightly… “I told you that I trusted you and as for your… too many cooks in the kitchen… heheh… I think right now there is definately too many in the kitchen. I need to go down for a couple of hours before I fall on my face, my lover. Kiss me and I shall leave you to think upon what it is for that couple.” He leans over just after finally grasping up for a cup for Solan to use and then to get his kiss before he passes out and hopefully not on his ass.~

ȿό₤ǻɳ : “Alright… off with you…” leaning up to kiss Vael goodnight, or was it good morning? Either way, he gave a shooing pat to his ass and sent up off to bed so he could have some tea, clean the house and set Shar up with more lessons.<>

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