Hatching 18, 511

Kron : Bloodtide docked at Vallunar harbor after the lovely encounter with the female dragoness and head of the guards here. Kron’s men kept to the ship tending to repairs and to Vallunar it’s self. Leave time as Kron called it, as they were all given the opertunity to do as they wished for as long as he would be on land. His men weren’t some run of the mill rable, they all had skills in one are or another, and they all looked to help the city as much as they could. Kron on the other hand..had picked up a scent he had not sampled in ages. An old friend, if he was remembered or not, well…that was to be determined by the old head of the Darkblade family meeting the other, old head of the Darkblade family who retired just a bit earlier than he. Jesse Darkblade, being called by another name now if he was out and about would find Kron in his home upon his return, the old warrior in warrior and sea faring swash buckler clothes and only two weapons of note on his person. A familiar feeling emerald dagger strapped across his lower back, and a odd large shark tooth and glass radiating with a transforming and perserving magic upon his left hip. Kron would be found seated infront of the man’s hearth in a chair pulled from dinning room, not wanting to touch the plush comfortable chairs in the sitting room for what ever reason at the moment. And here, he would wait till the owner of the home returned.

Vaelve had been out and about with his lover and his daughter down by the sea side for most of the day and was now only returning to thier home when he felt something tingling around his personage. His eyes narrowed for why would such a feeling be coming from his home? he would hand Shar over to Solan and tell them to wait there. Gliding into the shadows that were closest to himself and with a dagger of blackened blade in his left hand. ~I do not recall letting any others than family come into my…~ the thought stopped as soon as he saw who it was and his eyes widened with disbelief. he had not realized that he would ever see any of the ole clan and especially here. He was definately not the drow he used to be but a male looking individual with no aura at all… or none to be sensed. His eyes of pitch blackened orbs and none reflective to any light around. main of just as pitched black as his eyes but with slight streakings of a dark purple. No Tatts to be seen with what he was wearing at this time. A loose fitting tunic and breeches of beige coloring while his feet were laced into black soft leathery boots. he was at least 6’10 and weighed a good, solid marking of 286 lbs. Nope he definately had changed and been changed since the last time Kron would have seen him.~

Kron : “Are you going to stay in the dark or come out and say hello?” Kron’s voice as gruff as ever, his deep blue eyes gazing into the shadows Vaelve assumed protected him from sight but a knowing grin from Kron reminded the ‘changed man’ that things do not always change about others. “I see physical differences, no longer taking the dark persona of a drow, good I guess but still with the eyes, always a deep purple or a black. Nice of you to hide your presence in which ever manner you are able but you do forget one simple detail about us, well me anyway.” Kron would finally stand, turning as he did to face where Vaelve was and pushed the chair he was sitting in slightly away, just in case. “Family, cannot hide from family. No matter how far we try to remove our selves from that simple fact.” His arms folded a cross his chest, still toned and built to his 7’11” form. “No visits, no attempts to even find me, I was starting to wonder if you had forgotten who your brother even was Jesse…or is it Vaelve now?”

Vaelve : He growled slightly and then putting the blade away or actually letting it disappate out of his hand did he step out of the shadows while the front door would open up and show his lover and daughter of only five years of age. “Kron… it has been too long. I thought it best to not try and get a hold of anyone left behind for anyone to follow me here and try to finish off what they had started in the other lands. Sorry for that brother…” He then nodded towards the other two and smiled lightly with a gleaming of love in his blackened orbs… “This is my lover, Solan and my daughter Peshar… from a mate I had lost about a year ago.” He glanced to Kron then over to Solan and his daughter once more. “Take her up for her nap please, Solan. I wish to speak with Kron… a long lost brother of mine.” Solan nodded towards Kron in a hello while Shar just looked to the male with no indifference at all. Solan took Shar out and upstairs to be bathed and then put to lay down for a nap. Vaelve then went up to Kron and with a hand out he would see if he was still welcomed as a brother or… something else.~

Kron : He would wait for the two to move off and up stairs, letting their steps fade before his gaze fell back on Vaelve where the man in question would find Kron’s gaze..not happy. “You steal my wife, take my family turn it into a clan, and from rather unlordly actions a brothel, and now I come to find you had dropped her from your desires to now sleep with a male?!” Oh there were going to be quite a few sore subjects. His right hand clasped Vaelve’s but the grip he would experiance would shatter any orc’s hand, though a second of that treatment subsided with Kron releasing Vaelve’s hand and spoke in a..calmer tone. “You have some explaining to do, after that I’ll be the judge of things being mended or not. I have spent years trying to find and make my family again, recovering from Shira and the loss of my first son… Only to lose my second wife and daughter to her up and vanishing without a word, not stolen away but left me because she wanted a normal life… Family is a very sore subject so use that term and reference, as though you would use the deitie’s names them selves.”

Vaelve : Narrowed his gaze and hissed under his breath… “I never stole your wife.. she left you for I was the head of the house.. the hungry grabbing bitch and THEN had the gaul to keep telling.. NOT asking but TELLING me I should not be there at the head. She always ran away from me… NEVER telling me what was wrong and NEVER allowing me to get close to her and whatever she was trying to fix unless she wanted to be in my fucking bed! I left her.. .I was done with that skank! And if that is too sore for you to hear… too fucking bad, Brother!” Running his left hand through his blackest of black manes while watching Kron ever so closely now. “After awhile it was becoming apparent that I and the clan were not welcomed in those lands and especially myself and I have a feeling it had to do with whatever Shira was saying about me to others. I can not be certain of her tretchery but after I finally rejected her from not only my bed but from the clan as well… things started to go down hill from there. I thought my leaving would have been for the best. By the way you speak of my leaving though… I am sorry Kron. I should have taken the rest of you with me and never looked back.”~

Kron : “You should have given me warning, taking me with you would have been a different can of worms. As for Shira I know what she turned out to be, she and one of our other brothers became lovers for all I was willing to watch and finally lost desire to keep tabs. If she still lives is unknown, not that it matters.” His tone had calmed, yep it was still ole Kron, when he wanted to get pissed it happened quickly, when he wanted to be calm, there was hardly anything that could be said that would stir his flame. “What are your dealings with the Darkrose clan? Are they what the Darkblades became or is this a whole different breed of people I need not worry my self with?” His eyes regained the calm he was notorious for. Not emotionless for there was still some hint of discust in his gaze but as to what it was directed Vaelve would have to be able to read his mind, and that attempt could rightly be dangerous. “As for us, repairs can be done as I get what I want done around this island or the other islands near by. Getting very sick and tired of women up and leaving me for what ever purpose, the last one, one you don’t know a shape shifter up and left much like Scarlet did but thankfully there was no child in her belly or born yet to do much harm.” He rolled his shoulders and head to allow a few pops to be heard. “I guess that’s why you turned to enjoying the company of boys then instead of women, tired of the drama huh?”

Vaelve : he watched Kron for he was notorious for his mood swings and at times he had been the brunt of them as well. He smirked and folded his huge arms over his broad chest only to shake his head slightly… “I have always been with either or, brother. I am bi sexual after all. As for the Darkroses… just drop it. They are different from what the Darkblades were… though they run in similiar circles they are not the family we had built so long ago. I am now a Darkbane and if you wish to take that up as a clan name… go ahead though I think you best know who the Darkbane belongs to… besides myself. Malice Darkbane a god of sorts and one that is caged due to his whiles on the prime material plane instead of being a good god and staying out of other’s business or creating it so that he could take it over.” smirking ~

Kron : “Well, not quite sure I want to run in a clan with a deity heading it. They tend to become too pompous and often times don’t want anything done except for exactly like they want it to be done. For now, I will simply be your brother without a clan name. But if you need to ask for me when I am out and a bout, just look for a gallion of red and gold, she is the Bloodtide, as my name sake is. My stop here was simply to..tell you I was in town. Looking to settle in one spot again and hopefully have a few friends and some old family to help out and be helped by give or take the need.” His eyes went up to the ceiling, if Vaelve did not sence his ‘lover’ he would not know where Kron’s gaze was aimed at in coordination with his next set of words. “Do treat him well, seems like a good kid. And that girl, I could smell your blood in her veins. Don’t do anything that will put either of them in danger and I won’t have to come back and beat your ass for doing something stupid..again.” His gaze fell back to Vaelve and with a wink, he seemed to just dissapear. No use of shadows but the sense of a sudden spike in power hinted that Kron still dabled in both the arcane and sorcerous magics. Where did he go? Well..Vaelve wouldn’t be able to pick up a trail, only know that he was still on the island, somewhere.

Vaelve : ~So.. Lucifer after my girl would not fall into that… category of doing something… stupid… now.. would it?~ smirking as he knew exactly where Kron was looking and even had a slight jealous twinge but then remembered that his brother did not cross that way. Chuckling he then went to go and see how his lover and daugher were doing in getting her ready for a nap.~

Raeli : She had been on the ship for what felt like days and it had only been when they had nearly reached the shores of this Island Kytaf that she had been finally able to get out of her bindings. The slavers had not realized that she was a changling but due to her lack of strength she had not been able to slip into any form long enough to actually slip her shackles till now. When she did she went around undoing the others as well only to be caught by one of the guards in the under sections of the vessel they were on. He brought her up on deck where the slaver would see that she had been released and instead of being angered at her for some odd resoning… she wont mention why… the slaver Cpt. lunged over at the one that brougth her up on deck. with that she then started to dash in between legs of over grown males and nearly got to the railing side of the ship only to be snagged by her dirty black mane. She screeched out with pain with almost a banshee tone and this had the others on board holding onto thier ears and not her as she dashed the last few steps to plunge herself over board and into the waves of the seas.~

Kron : The coast always seemed to sooth Kron’s nerves. His mind going from having seen his brother from the old clan and all the bad memories surfacing only to push them aside and bring back the fact that he was here for a new start. Not to relive pain and wounds that had long since healed, or should have atleast. A scream however brought his attention out of calm of his mind and to a ship just within sight. A small individual blunged overboard and for the longest of moments he waited to see a head bob back up out of the water. A slave vecel or just one that had prisoners on board from a skrimish elsewhere? It didn’t matter, not to Kron. The slave that dove into the water found a sudden flash of light before her from beneath the waves, and then the firm grip of a large hand on her shoulder before being pulled into what felt like a current that deposited them from that light, back onto the beach. He kept a firm but not painful grip upon the girl, or what he had in his hand. Changelings tended to keep in one or another form when trying to flee so, with catching her scent and the sence of her..he knew what she was, not that she was a slave. “Calm down, you’re safe now.”

Raeli : She had gulped down a lot of water when he took her under and not to resurface till they got to the shoreline of a beach. coughing and sputtering up waters from her lungs while hearing another male’s voice. which indeed did panick her but she was too weakened to fight for long. Her small chest heaving swiftly and her heart pounding against her rib cage while she looked around herself and up to the one that was still holding her. She could not even muster up enough strength to try and gain her freedome… it had taken nearly all she had just to get off of the slaver’s ship. She lay there on the beach as she looked up then swiftly back down from Kron’s face. She had the collor of a slave girl around her small neck and her clothing… smelt of more than just sea waters but one that had been left in her own… feces as well.~

Kron : A frown formed on his face, his gaze going back up to the ship only to come back down to the girl. He would let her eyes remain down but his right hand raised. A words of an ancient and nearly dead tongue hissed to life only to then have the ship’s sails be set ablaze. That should keep the slavers busy. “Tell me your name, girl.” He physicaly hefted her up, cradling her in his arms as his draconic visage remained the only thing in her sight should she look up. He would not let her look to the ship, knowing well enough the horror one might find in seeing the ship they just escaped burning into the ocean with her fellow slaves onboard. If they were going to be continued treated as she had been, they were better off dead anyway rather than playing for their master’s pleasure. “Tell me your name and I will get you a meal, and a bath. No respectable changeling goes without a bath for too long now do they?”

Raeli : The ship went up in flames swiftly enough and the slaver cpt. cursed the young girl that had just escaped his ship with words that started out as a spell only to have one of the masts come down onto his body.. which not only started to burn him alive but the curse he was going to place upon her was interrupted and not able to be sent. The ship went down swiftly with only a very, very few survivors. The water dragon’s had been alerted to that area as soon as the flames started to hit the waters and the oceanic life began to accumulate into that area. Those that were of the crew were left to be fed upon by other predators while those with chains and such were rescued as best they could. Meanwhile she shuddered in his arms and slowly licking her lips she looked up only so much to speak softly … “This one has been named, Raeli… Sir.” the one carrying her did not say that he would be her new Master but she knew to show respect towards him.~

Kron : “Do not speak as though you are an item. You live and breath, and bleed unless you’re one of those strange alchemy experiments a homonculis, then you don’t bleed but regardless, you are still you. You still feel. Do not see your self as a slave but until I find a better use for you or a blace to actually settle down count your self as my pet. I won’t hurt you, abuse you, or force anything upon you that you do not feel comfortable with. But as my pet it is my responsibility to take care of you until a time is so desired that I release you on your own.” His form was already walking up into the forestry, he knew well enough Vallunar did not take kindly to those who had slaves or pets so he would have to..improvise a home for a while. Atleast until he could get to his ship and form a harbor of his own for his men. “What would you like first, the bath, or the meal Raeli?”

Raeli : she blinked and lowered her gaze for she thought for sure with his speech of what she should be and what she was not may end up in her becoming more physically disciplined by him. She was surprised on the latter questions though and slowly started to look up towards him but still never directly in the eyes… “Th… I mean… I would like a bath, Sir… If I could? You just show me where it is and I can do the rest, Sir…” her words slipping away into nothing only for her to shiver again while she asked. “What is the difference between a slave and a pet, Sir?” licking her lips nervously.~

Kron : “Privilages, a bath it is then.” He wandered a bit further inland, being quick footed most of the way so he could find a lake or pond with a reclusive alcove somewhere he could set her in. “It would not hurt your feelings if I removed that collar from your neck would it? As…pretty….as it might be.” His very light sarcasm on the look of the collar, hinted that he was not going to be the one who would beat her for any one simple thing. It would take quite a bit to..raise his temper. It would take some time, but eventually he found what he was looking for, a little closer to the volcano of the island but with hotsprings nearby the underground magma chambers would prove well enough a heat source to warm a pond’s waters to be at the least comfortable for Raeli to bathe in. “As a pet you can ask me for things, tell me wants and desires and not fear being struck for speaking out. As I said before, I will not harm you, or starve, or neglect you in any manner. Unlike the slavers before, I don’t…enjoy seeing others suffer.” He set her down at the pond’s edge, letting her either state or do as she wanted. But he would not leave the pond edge, not with her so weak and fragile at the moment.

Raeli : she would instantly kneel down by the pond and slowly taking the smock of such dirt and filth be almost… scraped off of her too lean and thin like frame. She had not mind in the least that the collar was taken off and was thankful for the fact that the slavers had been too stupid with her to know what she was and it had only been due to the cuffs around her ankles and wrists that had prevented her from escaping sooner than now. She counted her lucky stars that she had been rescued the rest of the way by the one with her now. Biting her lower lip she slipped slowly or as slowly as her weakened body could.. into the heated pond and almost started to purr. She dipped underneath the water’s surface and came up with abit of sand to help cleans and exfoliate her slightly paled flesh.~

Kron watched, with her nude form in the water it didn’t much matter. She was thin, weak. Some attraction could be given yes but right now she needed cared for, not..bred. His hands came up slowly as he watched her, letting her mind her own business and when she was not directly looking at him, he cupped either hand close to his lips with a few whispers to muster what little healing magic he knew to restore a body to it’s rightful cared for self at the cost of, yes a bit of his own dragon’s blood. His right hand cripped his left from the hand over hand cupping, index and middle finger claws cut into his flesh as the spell was woven by whispers only to come to furition with a throwing like motion and the chant ending silently. The throw was at Raeli and should it be as succesful as he hoped, she would feel…better. Quite better than she had in a long time. Like she had been running through the forests of her home just hours before now. Given she would probably still be hungry, but her body would fill out to it’s rightful looks and feeling, no longer too thin and frail from being locked up on that ship or by slavers. Even the…violation that may have taken place onboard seemed to have been cleaned from her. A hanckerchif was drawn from his pockent to wrap around his now clawed left hand, making sure the wound didn’t bleed more than it needed to for her sake. He sat down at the beach of the pond, keeping watch.

Raeli : she shuddered and mewed out in wonderment at the reasoning on why she was filling out to being her normal self. she blinked and looked directly towards Kron with her deep grey blues wide with wonderment for she knew where it was coming from… the spell and wondered why. She then shuddered again and heard her tummy growling out loudly… she was a five foot five inched woman of about nineteen years of age. But due to her being a changling her body had no actual sexual preference at this time other than a small pinkish grey and fleshed out chest while in between her legs was her womanly sex with no hair at all. Only her head held the black mane still. she did not even have nails upon the ends of her toes and fingers. She then smiled lightly over to Kron and conintued to wash herself up but she would still be weakened in her changling abilities for that she would need nutrients in her body in order to perform such things. She stepped out slowly with her head down slightly but she would not even go near the cloth that had been covering her up… she had not even touched it after she slipped it from her frailed frame.~ “I… am done now… Sir.” She spoke softly but did not even cover herself up as if not afraid at all of her body to be seen by his gaze.~

Kron : “Lets get you some food then, something tells me being what you are, you’d rather change into a different form, than wear clothes. Or just those rags you discarded are not what you would like on your body at the moment?” Take it as she would, he would offer her his hand, and kneel as though to carry her once more. Her scent however would hit him…hard from her youth. She could see a sudden change in his eyes, the deep sky blue held a new orange tinge around his pupils only for Kron to blink and the color was mixed in well enough to not be noticed too well if she was looking at his eyes now or not. “What do you like to eat Raeli?”

Raeli : she blushed a bit but took his huge hand and smiled lightly… “The rags are filled with lice and such and I would only wish for it to be burnt before it comes alive.” giggling softly for she felt so at ease with this male. There was something about him that she was.. liking.. a lot. “So.. do you wish for me to call you Sir or do you wish me to call you by your name, Sir?” she asked lightly and sort of hesitantly as well for though she had not been riprimanded and he seemed to hold a lot of patience with her… he was still new to her and she wanted to be sure not to step on any toes. “I usually prefer fruits and vegetables, Sir.” Her tummy growling yet again while he moved with her through the forests once more.~

Kron : “Call me Kron, when I am angry you may use Sir… You will know when I’m angry if you decide to stay with me long enough.” He lifted her up to sit on his shoulder now, not too worried with any one seeing him since the only one on the island who would know who he was, was Vaelve, and maybe that dragon female guard. They remained in the forest, following a sense of direction and smell to locate a few tasty morsals for Raeli. A fruit tree would be easy enough to find, her form raised high enough to reach the lower branches and pluch fruit from them to nibble on or devour entirely at her desire. It had been quite a while since the last time Kron had been around a young, ripe female let alone a beautiful changeling since she was filled out to her healthy self. It was surprising the reminder of how much control one needed when keeping your self in check instead of giving in to…instinct. Unlike most civilized dragons and his brother, he never gave up the beast inside..it’s what got him through the wars, the fewds…his losses. But often times that beast came back to remind him that it too had a mind of it’s own. Still his, but much more base, much more molevolent at times…and surprisingly…creative with the thoughts that passed through his head now. Pushing them back for now he kept still for Raeli to aquire her fruits, even offering her a hand up to get into the tree’s branches for a more thourogh harvest.

Raeli : she actually gave a small smile to him and when they came to a few fruit trees she would step up onto his shoulders with her dainty feet and start to pluck a few here and there. She grimaced though when she had nothing to put them into only to giggle softly and formed a basket out of one of her hands to put the fruit into. They looked like huge green avocadoes, apples, oranges and even dates. Then again this was a semi tropical island and it would seem that nearly everything grew here. The apples were a bit too soft for her liking but she would still pick a few of the younger fruits from the tree. Once she was sure that she had enough she would sit back down onto Kron’s shoulders and start to munch away on the bounty as well as see if Kron wished a bit of dates, and such as well.~

Kron : When she offered him fruit he gave a subtle smile and opened his maw, letting her have a play at throwing something in for him to enjoy. His rows of sharp teeth, one row on his bottom jaw and, oddly enough she could spot two rows at the top, it was evident what he naturally was. A carnivor, and beastly one at that. Once given a fruit of some sort to munch on he would enjoy it, as much as he could for one who did not particularly like foods that did not have legs and ran until killed and cooked…or not cooked. His scent took a different tinge, though subtle it would not have much of an affect, if any affect on Raeli. Should she be attuned to the more natural, almost animalistic things, the scent would act as a catalist to slowly bring out a heat in a female. Not controled by Kron though with him catching the change in his self he would do what he could to, alter a few things. Redirecting his mind and focusing on finding a place to break camp. “Do you want to camp, or find a village with a tavern?”

Raeli : She would giggle lightly as if she were playing with him as he caught the foods into his mouth… she tried to be sure no pits were in the fruits with her other hand becoming a scoop of sharpness on one side but even these small changling things she did was making her drowsy and with the bath’s heat still within her sore stiffened joints and now the food. she was slowly slowing down into a few yawnings. Blinking her deep grey eyes she looked around and then down to Kron… “camp.. I would think for I am not sure how they would react to a naked female entering into their towns or cities. I would not think they would like it in the least… lest they were a sla… ver’s city.” she shivered and licked her lips nervously and from the juices that were still on her lips.~

Kron : “As you wish, don’t exert your self too much, you may need energy for later should something come up.” He stated as calmly as he could without the worry of maybe having some one of any of the surviving slavers come for them. He doubted that fully but at the same time he was running the risk of..well other things. She atleast needed a chance to run and escape should he get out of hand. Or if she was tricky enough maybe subdue Kron should he become too ‘friendly’ for her liking. His hand raised and tapped her rump lightly once. “I doubt there are slaver cities or towns on this island. Most camps of theirs have been decimated by some roaving mad man, or lawman which ever his call is. So, as you wish we will camp until we get you some coverings, aye?” His words came as he walked, moving through the forest till he came upon a right nice hill with a burrow in it’s side. Setting Raeli down by kneeling and offering her a leg off, his scent was…quite strong now that they were still but that was of no matter, atleast to him. He set to work putting together atleast a lean-to shanty home to cover the small cave that he furtherly…expanded with a little magic cheating. By the time he was finished, the small cave was large enough to house, well be a house underground. A hobbit hole one could say though without the fernishings.

Raeli : she smiled as it would seem that he was trying to keep her calmed but with their sudden stop she would realize that she was starting to get a bit… heady with a scent she had not known before and with a glance around she would end up her gaze back to Kron for where the scent was coming from. Tilting her head as she then looked a bit confused and thought of only one answer for it… “Uhm if there is a stream nearby.. perhaps you should go and bath yourself, Kron. I will get the rest of the fruits cut up and ready for us to munch on again… and maybe a bit of small game… I could probably cook it for you if you wish.” she smiled lightly with almost a child like smile.~

Kron : Well that was calming, she wasn’t feral enough to tell, or be affected by what his scent held. He would however go with her statement and smile with a nod. “I probably should have bathed in the pond as well, though some one had to keep watch now didn’t they? Sorry if I bothered you with that smell.. Must have swet a little more than I thought.” The sound of a creek not too far from here was ideal enough to go visit. A cold dip might keep things from excalating any further or at the least slow it down to not happen tonight. When he popped out of their new little den, he would poke his head in to ask, if she was inside, if she wasn’t he would just ask. “Is there anything you would like me to collect on my trip back?”

Raeli : she blushed slightly while she thought of his words and it was probably due to the fact that she was still so tired, that she did not really register the scent for what it was but it did make her feel sort of… drunk and not herself. She looked over to him and shook her head slightly as she began to get things ready for when he returned. She left with him as well but to gather wood to make a fire for if he wanted to cook something he may catch… or just to keep the small little den warm for the evening. “If you see clothing… maybe that would help me with the way I still feel.” she shrugged her greyish pink small shoulders. She would not go too far from the new den for she did not know this area in the least and did not wish to get lost from her new friend.~

Kron : She would see Kron’s left hand raise in kind to her words, saying yes he would take clothes if he saw any just laying round. Doubtful out in the middle of the woods unless some young couple was out…fooling around and ripping their clothes off along the way to their love spot. Oh how he would hate to run into that. His path to the creek was slow, attempting to better focus his mind but his mind focused on..the wrong thing. That little voice in the back of everyone’s head, the voice you never need to listen too but it is so tantalizing to think on the ideas it gives. The creek was not too far from the den, his scent with some aid of being washed, would be covered up by a mixture of some hearbs he gathered about the creek, using their natural scent to try and mask what he was giving off. Given it may not affect her now, but over time it had proven…potent with others that were not attuned to any feral side. Like an aphrodesiac for a lack of better terms. And right now, he doubted Raeli needed that on her mind from the stress she had been put through. Now if she peaked in on him, well that was her fault for seeing him fully exposed. He held no shame, nor any hurry in cleaning himself for everything came in the time he gave. And regardless of being armed, armored, or nude, he could still kill nearly everything this forest had to throw at him with but the swing of a claw or snap of a cursed whisper.

Raeli : As he had gone out to get himself…. cooled off she was starting to feel a bit less.. .drunken with his scent. She even started to hum softly while gathering the wood for the fire, rocks to go around the fire and such. So that by the time he would arrive she was laid out on a nice bed of leaves, grasses and a fire lit while a flat stone had the cut fruits on it. ~

Kron had returned to the make shift housing he made for Raeli and his self for their current predicament. She would find Kron walking back holding his clothes and rather…nude if she was indeed outside. But if she was in, she would see him croutching to enter their little hut and setting the only set of clothes he had on spits to dry by the fire. His ‘scent’ was masked but still quite present to cause what seemed to be that slight drunkeness sensation to the little female but with this being her second exposure..the drunk sensation was quite narrowed, but more…base wants became a bit more prominant to the mind. Nothing urgent like a were creature in heat. But that want just edging at her senses and gaining slowly in strength. At the point though Kron moved to where the air current through their temporary home would have the breeze taking his scent out as much as possible instead of staying inside to further haunt the little changeling. He remained quiet for abit, just enjoying the heat to dry, letting the female do as she pleased.*

Raeli was still on the bedding that she made for the two of them… it would be about three inches high with grasses and leaves and the moss growing from the trees as well as a bit of weaving that she was still workingon with what would look to be dried cat tail leaves. This she would put over top of what she had laid out already for thier bedding. The headyness or… drunkeness she would feel was a lot less then it had been but to see Kron in nothing but the buff.. or at least his crouched backside had her licking her lips a bit only to blush and look away swiftly. She even squirmed a bit on the bedding while trying to keep woring on her weavings. “There is still some more fruits if you wish a bit more to eat, Kron.” She spoke lightly but was sure he heard her voice.~

Kron : “Thank you, I’ve already had my fill at the creek, plenty of fish for a grizzly and cubs.” He stated plainly, his tail swaying slightly to move one side close to the fire to dry off and then the other, taking turns so one side didn’t cool off for too long. While looking at his back she would see two long scars ending near the bottom of his shoulder blades where two thick yet clean cut scars rested. Some of his history told in that, of his wings being taken from him rather..violently at one point. He turned, his gaze going over his shoulder before he turned slightly so his bare chest was a bit visible, his left leg lowering just enough to…hide the greater portion of his parts along with his tail raising a bit to keep the rest out of direct sight since seeing her blush. “How are you now Raeli? As compared to being on the ship to now anyway.”

Raeli : She nodded and did indeed see the scars upon his back… she winced as she could only imagine how that must have felt for him. Shivering she looked away again for a bit only to look back and shrugged her small shoulders slightly… “I am much better, thank you Sir. I hope your… feeling better as well?” she blinked a bit but she was trying very hard to keep her gaze shoulders and upwards instead of the lower parts of his body. Shivering once more and threading the leaves together in a nice and unique weave.~

Kron : His tail moved and so did his leg to give him a more comfortable sitting position. Either he noticed her…squirming, and revealed himself for that, or he simply did not care one way or the other if she saw him or not fully in the nude. She after all, was entirely naked almost the whole time she was with him. Everything about him fit to his form to say in the least discriptive manner. All things considered he seemed..not fully hard but not exactly flacid either. With his back to the fire now, he folded his stretched out his legs slightly and leaned back, letting his arms prop him up as his head then leaned back. Toned, ripped abdomen, chest, arms, his body all around lean and almost perfect save for a few maring scars here and there, most quite light so quite old. His eyes closed, enjoying the bare feeling of the heat on his back. She could see him fully, open to her and unmoving save for the slight sway of his tail. With his closed eyes it was easy to see his guard was down at last to simply enjoy something. The longer she stayed near him, the stronger the affects of his scent, well, the pheramones in it anyway.

Raeli : she shivered and bit her lower lip lightly for though she was kinda a free individual now she was still in the mindset that she was a slave girl as well. She would not go up to him and actually indicate that she wanted to be.. with him due to what the scent from him was doing to her and her body. She whimpered softly and kept her gaze to the flames and the weaving she was doing at this time~

Kron : Her whimper would warrent some warning to Kron, he peaked open his eyes and eased his head back forward to almost rest on his own chest to look back at her with a priked brow. Her attention being on the weave Raeli was working on, she might not notice his tail inching around to brush along her leg in such a soft, and concequently tantalizing manner for Kron to gain her attention. His voice was soft, strong still and somewhat gruff as usual but it was…gentle compared to the regular tone. “What is the matter Raeli?” The touch of his tail and his scent worked with one another to highten how sensitive she might be. And how…’exciting’ some attention could be with such a light touch roaving up her leg just barely up to the middle of her thigh before simply resting there. He knew with such a blatent touch that she would either push the limb off not wanting to be touched because of her time on the boat, or she would be gentle in turning his touch away… Or he might have been surprised. Who knew?

Raeli : she would look up swiftly with a blushing of her cheeks and her own scent of arousal suddenly to come forth while she tried to move her legs away from his tail. biting her lower lip nervously while trying to keep herself .. she was not sure what she was supposed to do and she was looking … confused and yet her body was… heightened as well. Shivering she then tried to speak in that soft calm tone of hers… “Does… Kron… wish to.. ah… have this o… I mean me.. to be with him this.. evening?” speaking so timidly~

Kron : Well his scent was affecting her..interesting. His tail wrapped around her leg and pulled her close, his form not breaking posture from leaning back. His body still quite exposed to her while also becoming more…Open to the idea she spoke of. His member was raising with each pulse of blood.. The answer without speaking more or less. His voice remained at a low tone, keeping equal in sound as hers so as to not sound dominant to sway her answer to his question. “Do you want me, Raeli? If we partake of this…I will have to keep you with me.. You under stand that right?” The inclination that if they shared that sort of time together tonight, one, or a few things might happen. What he was familiar with was…she was his pet. Not in the possessive sense but if he did mate with her..he had a high chance of breeding her in the process as well. Give or take a few…many tries at the act. He leaned up finally, releaving his arms of the burden of supporting his body, but he leaned forward to level his eyes with her own…waiting for her answer.

Raeli : she gasped when he started to bring her more towards him with his tail wrapped around her small leg and then for him to lean more towards herself would have her biting her lower lip even more with the nervousness she was feeling at this time. “I… I am here for you if that.. is your wish, Sir Kron. I… feel… drawn to you and I… now know why… you are obviously in… rut right now… yes?” She asked so meekly that it was almost a whisper while her steely grey eyes wondered from his face to the hugeness he was… becoming.~

Kron : It was almost as though something snapped when she showed the meak attention to his member. His muzzle brushed along her cheek in his desire as his chest almost billowed her over from his sudden move forward to nearly be on top if not above her now. He had become so used to dealing with others feeling and acting equal to him…it was nearly refreshing how Raeli responded to him as both a male and the metaphorical master. She could see him catching his self before…well what could be assumed as pinning her and having his way. His left hand had raised, his palm almost touching her right shoulder only for his breath to be heard now in the silence of his stillness. “I want..” He growled and eased his muzzle from her neck some to show it was not a hostile show against her but one of self frustration. “I want you, but do not want to force this on you Raeli… If I do this…you will be mine. Do you understand?”

Raeli : she eeps out softly as she is nearly bowled over and slightly backwards while looking up into his face while listening to his words. Her own body shivering with delight as her thoughts were trying to override what her body was feeling. Her heart rate increasing and she nodded her head slowly when suddenly her body started to shift just slightly. She was sleeker and looking that of a greyish brown while her flesh became similiar to his own and her size of body was elongating just slightly so that she was only about a foot underneath of his own size. Her eyes going into draconic slits and her body shook once more. “If that is your wish and it would seem it is… my body would not have responded to your… rutting if it were not right for me. So… yes I understand fully what this will mean after you have… taken me as your own.” she then slowly raised her head up to nuzzle her cheek against his own~

Storyteller : ((Fade to Black))

Kron : His body finally shivered from the experiance, his arms wrapping around Raeli to keep her from falling to one side or another, and to carry her to their bed where he would lay down with her on him to…comfortably let the exctasy of their time radiate through their forms as he now dripped with his own sweat, and Raeli’s.

Raeli : her head would suddenly flop to the side of his left shuolder while she passed out. he took her so far that her body and mind could take no more. she was still locked onto him but she was like a rag doll in his huge arms and then on his huge upper frame.~

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