Hatching 1, 511

Viktor_Von_Mortis : flying up above the land where he had transported with Tress. Weather she was capable of viewing with him or not. His wraith form looked over the small island. That looked to be untouched at all by anything even civilization. Though the floes of geography was showing that the volcanic core of the island was definately active. Though the short squat feel of the island showed that it had to be a fissure rather then a main point of volcanic activity. The view of the much much larger volcano likely a main part of the chain that created the Islands out this way. It seems new but there was the stink of old death here of great tragedy long burried under the fiery ash and soot of ancient times long ago. Survaying the land committing its size and direction from the volcanic pits. There would be plenty of time to look around more thorroughly on the land it self. Discending down with his view and speculations in tact returning to the Eagle platform and area. “It looks as though this place here was a centralized sacrificcial pit to likely some god of flame or something or other. Should be interesting enough to figure out in time.” Returning to his fleshed form as he spoke and examined the eagle heads carving. -d-

Tressgahr_Derr : would be able to fly along with him as soon as her wings came out of hiding from her back of crimson flesh. She too would observe the lands and wildlife there but came to the same conclusions that Vik came to. “A pity really that they are still not around to tell us of their origins and such. Oh well.. so is the way of the mortal lands.. I suppose.” She landed just after he did and watched him go over to the edge of the platform to look upon the carving of the head. it would be with no flaws, like chisel working or of such but a very very faintness of spells energies. You would have thought that with so many ages gone by that the residuals would have been gone but they were still there as was the blackened spot of where the sacrifices were performed so close and near to the head of the eagle.~

Viktor_Von_Mortis : the risidual magical energies gave him a tingle, as to what it was he did not know, but to find out would not be hard. Touching with only a whisper of arcane words, the detection and identification would be revealed in no time. “Have you ever heard the saying. *Dead men tell no tales.*? Well when dealing with a being such as I, not even the dead can keep their lips sealed.” After identifying what of the magic that had been used here. he hopedto have some insight as to what exactly was sacrificed here and for what reason, or to whome the sacrifice was made. Looking out over the pit from where the blood stains remained even through the rise and fall of massive lava rifts. Standing there he could feel the ancient death. The thousands of souls having departed their bodies here. “Perhaps we can have a view through time.” Standing back from the sacrificial area. ‘In veritas et vitae Mortalis.” The spell would be that of viewing into the past it self. To watch a sacrifice of the ancient civilization to whatever reasons they had seen fit. -d-

Storyteller : The area suddenly became as pitch darkness while the skies were that of clear evening skies and so many, many stars. Over the huge pit would be that of what looked to have been a bird of prey but not a pheonix… no an elemental of flames and lava itself. There before it was a male standing with a dagger dripping with blood and a heart in his hand and a body of another male laid out on his back while a licking of flames left from the eagle of fire towards the heart to take it within itself. as soon as that was done a screeching of pain would be issued forth and the body of the dead burnt into ashes that would be picked up by a thermal wind and slid off to fall into the depth of the hole towards the lava lake below. With a disappointed look on the male’s face he would lower his head and the bird of prey disappated as well but not before leaving another burnt marking upon the man’s bared shoulders on his back. he had several of them already and it was as if the very stars were burnt on his back. With a falling to his knees in a silence of agony from the burnt marking he would then be approached by two fair maidens who would put a bit of crystal clear salve upon the new burn only to see it heal up swiftly. Then to put a silken white robe upon the nearly naked male and bring him down from the platform… down the long path way that let off to the lights of what looked to be a small city.. these were humans… no mixed breeds or even that of the were cougars… just humans but the one that had been marked seemed to have something about him that was very powerful indeed.~

Viktor_Von_Mortis : Watching the ordeal with interest. It appeared as though the priest failed in his sacrifice, as it was not good enough for the entity to accept something worth a sacrifice to it. Looking to Tress since she was of fire and brimstone her self. “What of the eagle of flame, what do you know of such an entity if there is anything to know about it. he watched the humans meander about with their duties of the sacrifice pondering if he should enact another spell that was much more dangerous then simply viewing into the past. One that would put him there for a brief moment in time to ask a question or two but for now he would not. Meddeling in a time strain can have much a diffrence in the outcome of historical events. -d-

Tressgahr_Derr : The images disappated and though she had not seen it she thought about his question and tilted her head while biting her lower lip. “Most times the flaming bird is a messenger to it’s master in the hells… it could have been the demonic essence itself but it is hard to say and so long ago. It would have to have been maybe the very diety of fire or something silimar to that. It may have stopped due to the sacrifices not being up to par and the energies starting to disappate with the results that the less and less energy given to the sacrifice would not allow the demonic’s messenger or essence to come forth any more.” She shrugged slightly while putting her leathery wings around her small shoulders.~

Viktor_Von_Mortis : Flaming bird as a messenger to the hells themselves. Now why would there be such a messanger. Were the people corrupt? or had they been tricked. He did not have all the answers as of yet. “what would a messenger of the hells be doing with such people? Are the devils of hell now kin to corrupting entire peoples. Or is there something here that allows them through.” The entity of death within him logically stated that he should sacrifice her to the hells to find out what exactly had happned. But the man in him denied such thoughts, for to valueable of a creature would be wasted. “let us see then if we can give rise to the creature who would be such a messanger unto hell.” Reaching up to his chest he plunged his own boned hand into his chest tearing from it the beating heart of blood that would be his life sustaining essence as a half mortal being. ‘By the blood of death, I summon thee beast of fire and brimstone, Make thy self known unto death that death may take your account into his scroll.” By his own blood and the will of death did he call forth this messenger of flame. To Tress this would be untold of a single wizard/sorcerer of some type would dare to command a messanger of hell. Not even a powerful wizard with a cohort of cabalist would dare such a feat. Unless the fear of death was naught for death was on Viktors side. With such a powerful invocation Viktors body would be transforming of sorts unto her. In the vision of a frail boney man hunched upon his staff that had materialized an energy blade of noxious green and black. Around his waste was that of a true scicle of rusted black iron. Through all of his own powerful auras, this one aura here upon this item it self. it was darker then dark blacker then the pits of hell she had been raised in, even older then she could even conspire to contrive its relativity to time. Here he stood the man she had only met not very long ago a quibling fleshromancer to her eyes working the flesh feebly compaired to her. And now he summoned a messenger of hell or that of a diety. -d-

Tressgahr_Derr : only shrugged her small shoulders once more but as soon as Viktor started to summon the very messenger or the essence of the demonic form to himself she suddenly buckled at the knees for she was starting to feel something familiar and yet so alien to herself. She would gasp out while her ebony mane fell down and around her lowered head only for her to become that bird of prey with a screeching out of pain and elation as well. Her very form was nothing but flames that went and licked along the platform to the very head of the eagle while another form started to come forth as well.

Orcus The Demon Prince… it was in essence though as he looked over to the flaming bird with a narrowing of gaze.~

Viktor_Von_Mortis : looked on and watched as he saw Tress her self become that very flaming bird. Unknowing as to what was really going on here, untill he saw him. “Orcus….” Said with such venom and dare I say emotion of hate for the demon prince of the undead. A being who stole from death that which was rightfully his. “Defiler of souls unbeknownst to the great wheel. You who slander your own chaotic flesh with the trapings of death.” Viktor had an inkling feeling as to why he had been awoken here. Yet the revalation of such a being was not expected. Though the demon prince was not here physically the physicality of tress however was much diffrent. He was quite amazed at the turn of events that had transpired before him. She was the bird the messenger of the abyss, not Hell. For Orcus commanded the presence for his lingering essence was all he needed to tell. That things were by far more complicated as he stayed here longer in time. “What are you exactly? Curious as to what had become of her. -d-

Orcus only hissed under his breath after looking to the bird of flames and then back to Viktor once more. “She disappeared after one of the sacrifices had not turned out to be good enough for her to return to me. I have lost her up till now and I am surprised she is with… you. I am surprised your.. .thing had not told you exactly from where she had come from. Her very essence would have shown you and that thing you worship… definately would have known. Tress in her new form just hovered there next to Orcus but made no attempt to move or to even try and speak. “I am surprised indeed for I even feel her talents have been used upon… through your very flesh and yet… hahahahaha oh by the flames… this is rich indeed. Now that I know where she ended up… I shall be taking her back home. Summon her or me again and I shall not be so… polite.”~

Viktor_Von_Mortis : Drawing power from the sicle at his side, with out even the need to touch it. The hand of death reached forth its spectral trappings seeking to temporarily bind the presence of Orcus here under his will. As a show of power yes but more for information. “Death does not caudle Daemon, Death does not feed, Death reaps as all else are but seed sewn to their fate. Yes even you daemon of chaos even you fear death for if not by his hand by the angles or devils of baator. You are of little consiquince in the cosmic reality of existance. Now tell me… what is it you wish for here, what is this woman to you?” Demanding answers was one thing, to let the demon know he was meaning business. that chilling grip of death would sear even unto the physical essence of the demon. -d-

Orcus did indeed feel the gripping upon his very soul but he was much more powerful than this puny thing that would only be channeling Death’s power to try and keep him there in place. He tilted his head and smiled slightly that would reveal a few fangs as he would then see that some how… Tress had been indeed able to hide her true nature for she too had not known who or where she came from. Smirking slightly he would just think about an answer to give to this puny thing of a human… “She is my offspring and as I have said… I had lost her quite a few years ago when one of the sacrifices that she was supposed to bring to me had not been adequate for her to return fully back to my side. Now… IF you will excuse me… Huuuumaaaan… I shall return her and myself back to where we belong.”

Tressgahr_Derr : Still Tress just hovered there but gaining a bit of power while being next to Orcus. She watched and listened to the words being spoken between Viktor and that of… of… her father?~

Viktor_Von_Mortis : there would be a frown of sorts as it appeared the presence of deaths might was lacking in his new found awakening. There was always the fallback trust he always had. Magic was always simply that. With a wry smirk he asked of Tress. “Do you trust Death?” A simple question but with her request of him earlier it was prudent to know as that trust would soon be tested in his next move. Though preparation of that move was now. Though he was a favored of death, he was first and formost a wizard, though specilizing in necromancy was what made him privy to this very unique spell. Within his boned hand a peculiar gemstone was produced from the neather pocket. A black soul gem not like any other black diamond but particularly prepaired for the acceptance of a soul transferance. Having already attuned it to her by their previous greeting, residual flesh touched by her magic sufficed enough. In his other hand came the the death scyth. A weapon gifted only to deaths Reaper of Reapers. A true Maestro of Death. All was preapired and awaiting her answer. Orcus would not be able to leave of his own will being held here by the hold monster spell cast by the Death shroud chains. -d-

Orcus glared towards this… thing of death and looked over to his daughter who was looking… very surprised at all that had just been said. She really did not remember him in the least. Just by the look on her face. He growled and shook his head while then speaking a few words… “You take that step towards death, Tress and I shall not be able to save you from what he does to you. I had been looking for you and now that I found you… I do not wish to let you go so easily.” He struggled against the invisible chains he was being held by and they were straining a great deal against this one demonic entity.

Tressgahr_Derr : was not sure what to do but then looked over to Viktor and the pact they had made about keeping her top side… no matter what. the bird of flames squawked out and looked as if she may actually try and attack towards Viktor ~Take me now as I try to strike you… NOW!~ went to his thoughts but Orcus was looking pleased and thought it was an actual attack onto the death giver to help free Orcus from being trapped.~

Viktor_Von_Mortis : With murmured prayre of the language of the necrophage. Blessings given unto death that her crossing may be made with haste and ease. may deaths hand take her gently into that good nights embrace. Opening his arms as if to simply accept his fate. Appearing to Orcus that he was unwilling to strike her down. His very own soul reached out griping that black scicle Tearing into her birdlike chest. Though not into her flesh but into her soul. Riping her essence from all material reality. Into the realm of the dead. For what is in reality a brief moment. Yet to her all would go black and she would wake next into a lightly forrested hilly terraine. It was night with a half moon on a white moon. A quarter moon on a blood red moon further away then the white. And an even closer moon shining at its full was the black moon. Its pale black shadow cast over the realm made the shadows of the leaf bare tree limbs longer and seem to wiggle in the corners of ones eye. * Allow Me to finish with Viktor and then we can get to what she is going to go through.* The aftermath of the attack would have him smoldering in burned flesh leaving him mutalated in the ungodly burns left by the physical presence of her fiery bird form. Yet there he was kneeling sizzling still allive. Holding cradled in his hands a thing so precious all of the underworld would know. A soul, yet not any soul an immortal demon soul bound into a Black Soul gem by the hand of Death. There now not likely could be any more valuable an artefact in all the land here at this moment. There cradled in the boney hands of viktors charred body. Looking up to the bound now likely distraught Orcus. “I curse thee Orcus false prince of undead. Pretender to the throne of death. Above all failure at Grand Maestro as Lord Deaths Right hand.* A symbol of such made known by the iron crown that was now seared from under his hood bonded to his very skeletal structure now from the firey collision. Eyes even melted away though sight given by the neon green soul eyes peering at this Daemon of undeath. * I Viktor Hand of Death Curse Thee Orcus 1000 year banishment from materia due again upon the sacrifice of 666 virgins. Let it be written amongst Carrons lists that Orcus soul shall wander the river stix eternal, be set as punishment upon forced violation. Let it be known across eternia Orcus, pretender was unwitted by yet such a mere human.” With his curse set in place. The chains produced even more chains with hooks to drag the daemons essence back unto the abyss where it belonged. Never again to set foot on the material plane for a 1000 years. Again upon the anniversary of 1000 years from now 666 virgins will have to be sacrificed in particular to keep the curse in place and keep Orcus bound in his realm of chaos. The daemon to be thrown back to its domain and sealed away.l Viktors fleshy body would collapse, as the final act of the soul gems requirements. Would be that He give up his own soul into the gem. His flesh crumpled and withered away as his soul would too enter that realm of eternal night with Tress though he would not be directly within sight of each other. -d-

Orcus gleamed with pride for his daughter while seeing that the mage of death was going to take his own fate but when the sickle came down to dig into the very chest of the flaming bird did he gasp and the chains strained even more as he tried to stop his daughter’s attack upon Viktor. It was too late and he roared out with such anger and anguish at seeing his very flesh and blood being taken by a mere mortal of a man… a HUMAN! He had struggled against the chains so much that a couple of them actually had started to pull their links appart but with the sudden curse set upon him by Viktor did he let out another roar of such hatred that another bout of flames arose into the night skies so very, very high over the island.

Tressgahr_Derr : on the other hand let out a squawling squawk when she had been hit by the scythe only for the bird of flames to disappate as the very soul of her demonic essence was put into the gem of souls. Glancing around with a shuddering once she was in the gem and looking at her surroundings she looked… puzzled… “Am… I dead?” She softly asked herself~

Viktor_Von_Mortis : It was as if the night had answered her question with the whisper on the wind. “Yyyhheeessssssssss…” That bone chilling fact would set in and there would be the feel of a cold boney fingertip lingering up her spine.Yet turning around no one would be there. “And No.” came another voice in the night as Viktor who had been here and done this kind of spell often times before. There before Tress she would see his truest form. His form as a true man before any dealings with death would have been made. It was his own soul so what he was was bared to her. Pale of skin black of hair shoulder length, tall and leith not unlike the body he had when they were of flesh. She her self should she take a look at her self would be bared as her truest form at the core of her being. *(Enter your core being here what ever your true soul nature is here.) “Trust in death and death shall reward the faithful. Death does not feed, but he does give succulance upon those who prove worth through dilligant work. Welcome Tresseghar Welcome to the under world. Welcome to what I call my true home.” Mean while the minions of viktor Namely Haarhus and the obsidion knights he commanded were mooving upon the soul gems location on the island to keep it in safe guard for the rest of their masters plan to play out. Haarhus had orders in a particular place for him to place the gem stone and for him to pile up the gathered bodies in eight points around the mouth of the eagle pit. *These bodies were those that had been gathered from the silver coins left by Ragix. All the bandits and slavers on his murdering spree lol* -d-

Tressgahr_Derr : her very essence was that of a succubus… crimson flesh, almost ruby in coloring and in actual make. Her mane of silken abysal down to her ankles, her eyes that of the blackest of black sins she had devoured in her short years she had been alive. Here though as soon as that touch was upon her very spine and she would turn around to see nothing there, a tail of at least 3/4 her hieght, long while wings of that same crimson coloring and draconic like would unflur from her back as she went to her knees in a gasping and tormented intake of breath. Her memories of her being the flaming bird was swiftly coming back to her but it was so overwhelming. Her mouth opening as if she may growl outwards towards that very darkness of a moon while showing her sharpness of fangs in her mouth. Rolling onto her back while hearing Viktor’s words she would put out a hand towards him as if asking for help.~

Viktor_Von_Mortis :Of course aid was rendered by hand meeting with hers to pull her up. “And for you my dear Tress, you are rewarded with freedom at a cost. To ensure that Orcus cannot get hold of you. A number of virgins will need to be sacrificed to death. Willing souls must be given in acceptance of their fate. They must be sacrificed here at this pit of flame. It matters not when they are completed. As long as 666 virgin souls are sacrificed. by the 1000 year end” Letting the information weigh in upon her. Such was she a succubi taking virgins should be her specialty. “And for such loyalty given My promise to you, to keep you amongst the material plane shall be granted. As we speak my minions move us at specified orders. And we shall be Reborn. It will take some time however atleast for us here.” Leading her along through the forrestry. It seemed that with him the forrest rather moved around them more so then they moving through it. Eventually they came upon a black spire that stood out even blacker then the moon and open night sky behind it. Over hanging a cliff side the tower reached up as if to touch the very closeness of that black moon. “While we are here we will have time to get to know each other and share upon each others knowlages of magic and arcane lore.” The studious nerd in his true nature showing here. “Oh and lets not forget the flesh weaving there will be much of that.” Giving her a wink as he lead her to the tower. -d-

Tressgahr_Derr : was feeling a bit weakened with what she had just gone through as if a bit of or a part of her had been left behind in the flaming bird and in her father’s very being but she would eventually start to feel stronger and instead of leaning against Viktor’s frame she would start to move on her own. The lands that she saw around them were that of a forest that seemed to move along with them or actually push thier bodies through… almost as if it did not even wish them to be there but it was also a gentle touch like a mother guiding her child through the thickness of the trees. By the time they would start to see the tower more clearly she was able to walk with no stumblings at all and on her own. Blackest of black sinful orbs gazed over to the other with a light smile upon her ruby lips. “That will be easy enough to do Viktor. Learning… that is what I wish to do. Learn as much and more than I have ever learned before… Before coming to the surface.” Her words were filled with enthusiasm and her situation of being… ah kinda dead did not seem to upset her in the least.~

Ĉŗöšïş : A drop in the ocean really…that’s all it was. The swirling mass of colors seemed to blast around him like some violent caldera of hell fire. The sky was at once every color known to humanity and then in the next the brightest yet dullest of hues that ran from description and the human race’s woefully underpowered and decrepit system of language. To come to this place was the worst breed of madness, as though asking for someone to pull the trigger with the iron pressed to your forehead while you giggled. This drop in the ocean… He was kneeling over a precipice, a vial squeezed tightly in one hand as he inked out every last drop of the bright crimson vitae of Ovan Sunain. Despite his would-be victory, he wasn’t smiling. There was not a laugh in his chest, or a grin on his cheshire cat lips. As the last drop rolled down boiling away instantly as it mixes with the endless swirling ocean that permeated of every emotion known to material kind. Great whorls of rage, shallow lazy tides of sloth, great wakes of depression, and gigantic waves of elation. It was hard to describe where he was exactly, for even in the realm of the Empyrean there was an oasis here or there, an anchored solidity in the endless wakes of the unreal and neverborn. Each of the great five intelligences had their own worlds, entire planets dedicated to their worship and ways, with countless fortresses and focal points across what was commonly known as The Warp. “You know I don’t actually hate him. As a matter of fact…” A crack of a smile splits his mouth revealing twin rows of razor teeth, “You might say he completes me.”

Malal : Behind him, a swirl of raw energy, anarchistic might made manifest spoke with a low and impervious tone, iron wrought. “You took your time, what took you? And who is this Ovan to you?”

Ĉŗöšïş just giggled, “Tell me, Lord Malal. Have you ever had a really bad day?”

Malal : The entity seemed to pause, though it was mostly ephemeral and it’s major features shaded away in a swirl of white and black energies, “What do you mean by that?”

Ĉŗöšïş turned around sitting flat now hands stretched behind him to hold him up. “You of all people should know, there’s nothing so cruel as Memory….the pointy biting little thunderbolts unwanted party crashers SCREAMERS in your very synapses! Inescapable. Unrelenting…not at ALL friendly.” He let out one of his signature high pitched cackles as he stood up now motioning around him twirling about once like some great dramatic dancer, “You can’t even escape into MADNESS!” He sighs…music begins to play, from where none know but it was some classic concerto and as the strings and brass begin to ebb in he dances about what has become a field of flowers shifting endlessly, it seemed this place was psychoactive to Crosis himself. “And then you meet someone who changes your life…” He sounded almost in love, in a daze, “And you feel you don’t know who you are anymore! Isn’t it funny how one little encounter can cleave off little pieces of your past, DEFORM your memories and persona until you rethink your WHOLE identity!? and as much as you realize how foolish it is – your LAUGHTER…” His tone suddenly grew docile, almost low as a murmur, “Your laughter reverberates off the walls of your own emptiness, your own loneliness.”

Malal : The apparition seemed unhappy with this and pressed, “This was your fate, to come here, to be this…”

Ĉŗöšïş : The area suddenly melted away to a raw unending and deafening black, and slowly peeled back bit by bit to reveal a memory, behind Crosis’ lithe form that was faced wholly towards Malal was a memory of him…as a damned HUMAN BEING! Walking along a stone path lit only by torches. ” You want to know something funny? I used to think of Fate as EVIL, predetermined, not by some higher power mind you but by the very rules of nature.” He was proceeding and it was clear that around the past version of him something was wrong, darkness ebbed away from him only as long as he kept to the torchlight, but it seemed not to notice. “But now…that’s alllllllll changed…” He brought his pale hands together as he turned around watching the memory, seeing himself suddenly beset in the fore front by a man in the trappings of some brigand. one that lunged himself at Crosis and they began to wrestle around…a holy symbol dropping off of his coat. “Have you ever had the feeling your WHOLE life has been building towards this one moment?” A second joined in, delivering a punishing kick to the past Crosis’ knee, breaking it in on the wrong angle. “I realize now that all the…the bad days the BRUTALITIES!” A dog suddenly came with a third person and the three men began to kick the living crap out of the young Crosis. He seemed..unmoved by the scene before him. “It was the hand of FATE at work!” They tunred the poor boy on his back and the dog went after him a few times tearing his clothes and coat drawing a few scores of blood. “Now I understand. There are no chance encounters you know, It was all meant to be, leading right up to this very moment!” They called the dog off and took a few more kicks before removing their masks, revealing themselves to be clerics of the same faith as the young Crosis. His eyes widen in abject fear and horror, the unspoken question of why on his agape lips. “It’s so lonely to wade through all the wretch and filth of this world on your own, this horrible world that we are forced to live in. And even in a crowd of screwballs like myself, I can kick and scream claw and yell at the top of my lungs… and no one…” His eyes were not shifting for now, it almost looked like…like it was the very truest of beings of Crosis left beneath the exterior of the raw psychopath coming through in just the smallest of ways. “No one cares. It’s like you don’t even exist…I feel…” He paused as the memory took a brutal turn and the three men fell upon him with knives of serrated cruelty tearing and rending him apart till his blood began to pool around his frail and broken form. Then slowly…they draw a cross bow bolt, armed with the sigils of a holy man, and the golden broad arrowhead meant for killing the unholy, with a near silent shunk noise, it buries in the forehead of the young version of himself, and a pale clawed hand moves up to feel the mishealed scar in the same spot. THe memory suddenly sinks away and the scene becomes one of his body being hurled into a large body of dark murky water. “I feel adrift!” He continued with more enthusiasm. “Floating! Like someone’s pulled the stopper on my reality and all that I am I’m sucked down the drain into something new…it’s all very exciting really…” He laughed with the most cruel edge to it as the memory began to slowly fade to nothing.

Malal began to let himself dissipate,

Ĉŗöšïş : “Oh no no…” Crosis giggled out with a fiendish grin on his face, “You don’t get to leave just like that…you see, I think I’ve figured it allllllll out, but I need to know for sure before I take the one way trip in either direction…so stand still, and this won’t hurt much…” He leapt forwards with the feral savagery he was most renowned for…

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