Category Insidious Darkness

Hatching 19, 511

Væłvé*Ðåŕҝßåņé : He had not told a single thing about his time in a different place so long ago… Even before he came back to be with his so called father Ilharn for a bit. Sighing softly he hoped that Solan had not minded he and that of Kron had spoken in the wee hours of the morning over things that needed to be discussed. Clan of Darkblade for them had been disbanned and would continue to be such. A few things would have to be done but that would be for later times. He had at least two of his ole clan family still around and the rest… he was not sure he even wanted to see them again or not...

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Hatching 18, 511

Kron : Bloodtide docked at Vallunar harbor after the lovely encounter with the female dragoness and head of the guards here. Kron’s men kept to the ship tending to repairs and to Vallunar it’s self. Leave time as Kron called it, as they were all given the opertunity to do as they wished for as long as he would be on land. His men weren’t some run of the mill rable, they all had skills in one are or another, and they all looked to help the city as much as they could. Kron on the other hand..had picked up a scent he had not sampled in ages. An old friend, if he was remembered or not, well…that was to be determined by the old head of the Darkblade family meeting the other, old head of the Darkblade family who retired just a bit earlier than he...

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Hatching 1, 511

Viktor_Von_Mortis : flying up above the land where he had transported with Tress. Weather she was capable of viewing with him or not. His wraith form looked over the small island. That looked to be untouched at all by anything even civilization. Though the floes of geography was showing that the volcanic core of the island was definately active. Though the short squat feel of the island showed that it had to be a fissure rather then a main point of volcanic activity. The view of the much much larger volcano likely a main part of the chain that created the Islands out this way. It seems new but there was the stink of old death here of great tragedy long burried under the fiery ash and soot of ancient times long ago...

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