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Bahamut 7, 517 6:17 PM

Verve – Scampered through the city a masterful thief of feline persuasion. wonderous sleek and amazing fur, such a handsome creature was he. oh yes he was supposed to do something … what had that been… something something something oh shiny ! … he pranced off down an alley to collect the shiny thing he had spotted. Yis Yis it was deliciously good these things –

Јαζειη she had been within the forests and keeping to the roads that led into the city or away from… which ever a caravan was going. She would be at it’s side to make sure it got through… her mind still heavily ladened with the loss of her two hatchlings and the want for Oth’s head on a silver platter but she would do this first and then go kill Oth...

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The Flight 26, 517 5:10 PM

Chiror : He had been out in the gardens most of the morning as he wondered how Blazeth was doing with the rebels along his roads. He was still thinking of castrating the dumb ass for now he would have to try and find a way to free his son. His legacy… his heir. Growling undereneath his breath while taking in the sun’s light upon his flesh even though he

Chiror : was in human form. He actually kinda liked the elven form but well he was not all that picky… not really. he was dressed in a white open robe and underneath that would be black pants with a golden tunic of silken make. he was out pruning as this was something to keep him…. calmed. He should not have gone half cocked on Blazeth yesterday as he

Chiror : knew he was being watched but he was pretty pissed.~

TamerlynStar : The...

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The Flight 26, 517 4:00 PM

Kїtşunέ¥Blądέşíngέя : -= Given the nature of its orders it had switched into weapon mode, discarding its sense of self or humanity. It had come across several pockets of life that it had registered as being hostile, in several cases it had noted them and moved on. Its current state was resting along a road waiting it had spread out the sensory field and was currently

Kїtşunέ¥Blądέşíngέя : tracking a merchant train moving towards its location. With this in place it would wait and see if anything would hit the wagons. Statistical barring the arrival of a full wing of riders it would be able to operate at barest power levels, in order to effect a proper defense of the wagon train. Should a Wing arrive to assist it would have to

Kїtşunέ¥Blądέşíngέя : increase its of...

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The Flight 20, 517 8:00 PM

✠λnĭsἕᴌ✠ : – He smiled as he found a suitable building oh yes … this would do nicely… he stepped passed the thresh hold of the house. thinking for a moment fire ignited into a sphere over his shoulder before he closed the door, empty but suitable he would have suitable furniture brought in soon enough the door was closed as he lifted a finger up a claw shifting from the finger tip as he traced a single etching upon the door. Some places should have privacy from intrusions. It was not his fault that it was a suitable binding to prevent certain things from entering into his home. He snapped his fingers triggering the silver flames to ignite around it. Time to get to work … –

✠λnĭsἕᴌ✠ : – he moved around the house for a time before he was completely satisfied with the wards that we...

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The Flight 21, 517 10:00 AM

Ģøvęŗņøŗ¤Ćøļŗąŧħ : at the balcony, Colrath quietly waited, still in the lizard type form, the sahdows around him almost seemed alive. Chiror was late… as usual, but he woudlnt dare keep him waiting too long. He knew full well this was Chiror’s way of rebelling, and Col would allow that, provided he towed the line with everything else.-d-

Chiror : yeah eventually he would show up… his crimson robes with the golden runics all over them, flapping a bit as he was in a so called rush to get to the Govenor. A bit of heavy breathing as he had reaped the rewards over the years of being the only one in the councilors positioning… well till the damned Shadows came that is. He was now the ONLY councilor that remained...

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The Flight 21, 517 8:00 AM

Ģøvęŗņøŗ¤Ćøļŗąŧħ sits back as his tail sways, enjoying the attention given to him as he looked to this creature.. this Anisel who dared to come to his castle and ask questions of the current situation in Drecanis. He had answered mostly truthfully, but was running out of patience. “Now.. care to tell me why you asked all these questions? or shall I call the guards to get such answers from you”

✠λnĭsἕᴌ✠ : – he lifted a brow slightly tapping a finger against his side as he considered ~I prefer to know who is sitting on my grandfathers throne and what the situation is before I return to my families home land… Obviously this would be common sense to any creature~ he spoke in such a manner that the words hit the mind about the same time as if he had truly spoken them ...

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